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May 5th 2019: Updates Complete

We're all set for a while.

Have Fun!


May 2nd 2019: Downtime for System Updates

I'll be applying a BIOS update and some other security and OS updates to the systems Sunday the 5th. Probably around noon (EST) or so. Might be down for an hour or two in total.

Have Fun!


April 24th 2019: Site changes and stuff

So the Forum code hooks into all the games further than I expected. It's NOT horrible code or anything, many pieces are well written. It's simply old and has had a lot of growth over the years with plenty of bits and pieces added here and there over the years.
I'll bring them over eventually, but don't want to commit to a date right now. Doing these forums are a good step toward bringing over the WS&IM beta code (which uses the new forum code for messages.)

In the meantime, I'm messing around with the statistics a little bit. Trying to make them more meaningful. Check the forums (old ones :/ ) for a discussion about how to come up with a simple player rating.

Look for changes when you see them, and as always,

Have Fun!


April 17th 2019: New forum testing this weekend

Update: It doesn't look like we'll get the new forums up this weekend. There are a lot of hooks throughout the code to the forums. I actually did have them up for a bit, but noticed in game chat wasn't working. Lots of details to work out and look at this week.


My plans are to try putting the new forums in place. This means that they might look a little screwy for a while as I insert the code, update the database structure, then convert over the old messages. Even if you see the new forums up, look for the all clear here before you try to post anything on them or there is a good chance your posts will be lost.

I'll let you all know if and when I'm successful or not. In the meantime...

Have Fun!


March 20th 2019: 100% Up

I think we're good now.

It's been a hectic ride so far but at this point I don't know of any issues that didn't exist before I took over. I definitely want to say Thanks Dusty! for all your help and patience in moving everything over smoothly.

Again, please be sure you all let me know about any issues. You can post in the forum, but emailing gamemaster@youplay.it is fastest. I'll look at them as soon as I can.

I also want to take this time to thank _tak_tak_tak_ for our first Donation!

I think the next thing will be a new Forum. Then I can start gathering input of bugs and suggestions. I do want to bring the WS&IM Beta to the live site, but be warned now, I don't see any way to do that without erasing all the current games and statistics. (Speaking of which, there is a quick fix I want to make to the statistics pages. Players shouldn't be counted there until they've played more than a certain amount of games. 25 or so.)

Nothing is going to happen overnight, but I'm in this for the long haul, so look for things every few months or so. I wish I knew the right 6 numbers, then I could mess around here full time.

In the meantime...

Have Fun!


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