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Feb 17 - Here comes the Navy - 4 players

Albatrosses nothwithstanding, every now and then Navy pilots, with their Triplanes, can give Germans a nasty shock. The Tripe stability and maneuverability makes for its single gun.
Planes in this scenario: two Albatros D.III Vs. two Sopwith Triplane.

Sopwith Triplane

Sopwith Triplane

Albatros D.III

Albatros D.III
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796642 Seahawker, Dodo1, [kduke], MrWoppit39days 8h
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796597 heresy, DavidKeres, rg257, vonhilter6days 15h
796828 Dodo1, duster, Seahawker, cybrt5429days 12h
796827 Seahawker, sistino66, cybrt54, chef6230days 11h
796758 vonhilter, Sinop, Seahawker, VonStackel34days 19h
796649 JackSparrow, vonhilter, Seahawker, Albatrotro35days 2h
796650 Seahawker, vonhilter, JackSparrow, cybrt5440days 7h
796757 Seahawker, 94th OVI, VonStackel, vonhilter41days 3h
796643 cybrt54, MrWoppit, Seahawker, Dodo149days 11h
794387 Sabelkatten, Ajusul, rshivy, sdelcia96days 6h
791908 mccartrey, vonhilter, chef62, Regis183days 13h
791099 Seahawker, 94th OVI, VonStackel, cybrt54196days 6h
789077  mvrichthofen, Doorstop, Nasone, Nipotrapaul208days 12h
791100 cybrt54, JackSparrow, Seahawker, VonStackel209days 2h
789099  Nipotrapaul, Nasone, mvrichthofen, dasanbrion212days 19h
789081  Nasone, mvrichthofen, neelorath, dasanbrion216days 6h
789078  mvrichthofen, Nasone, Doorstop, dcr66218days 4h
789091  Nasone, Doorstop, deadline, neelorath220days 6h
789095  neelorath, mvrichthofen, Doorstop, Nipotrapaul220days 6h
789084  Nasone, deadline, Nipotrapaul, mvrichthofen224days 5h
789072  deadline, Nipotrapaul, mvrichthofen, dcr66226days 11h
789069  deadline, dcr66, Doorstop, Nasone227days 12h
789096  dasanbrion, Nasone, deadline, Nipotrapaul228days 19h
789088  neelorath, Doorstop, dasanbrion, Nasone230days 10h
789074  Doorstop, mvrichthofen, deadline, dasanbrion230days 10h
789092  Nipotrapaul, mvrichthofen, dcr66, neelorath230days 11h
789086  neelorath, Nipotrapaul, Nasone, Doorstop231days 17h
789082  Nasone, neelorath, mvrichthofen, deadline232days 19h
789071  dasanbrion, neelorath, Nasone, dcr66233days 8h
789090  Nipotrapaul, dasanbrion, neelorath, mvrichthofen235days 11h
789094  dasanbrion, dcr66, Nipotrapaul, Nasone236days 9h
789076  Doorstop, dasanbrion, Nasone, deadline236days 9h
789083  Doorstop, dcr66, dasanbrion, mvrichthofen237days 1h
789075  dcr66, Nipotrapaul, neelorath, deadline237days 7h
789097  dcr66, dasanbrion, deadline, mvrichthofen237days 16h
789073  Doorstop, deadline, mvrichthofen, neelorath237days 22h
789068  dcr66, neelorath, Doorstop, dasanbrion238days 1h
789087  mvrichthofen, deadline, dcr66, Nasone238days 11h
789093  dasanbrion, Nipotrapaul, dcr66, Doorstop239days 7h
789070  deadline, Doorstop, dcr66, Nipotrapaul240days 4h
789079  deadline, dasanbrion, Nipotrapaul, Doorstop240days 13h
789089  Nipotrapaul, neelorath, dasanbrion, deadline240days 15h
789080  mvrichthofen, dcr66, neelorath, Doorstop242days 3h
789098  dcr66, deadline, dasanbrion, neelorath242days 14h
789085  neelorath, Nasone, Nipotrapaul, dcr66243days 12h
786694 mjk1964, wiggervoss, Wittman, doloso296days 6h
784757 sdelcia, wiggervoss, Seahawker, Dodo1360days 21h
784782 cloudybear, sdelcia, Seahawker, cybrt541year
784754 Seahawker, Dodo1, sdelcia, TnT1year 6days
782512 Seahawker, bkbb214, Blackronin, catoblepa1year 48days
782513 Dodo1, derFritz, Seahawker, bkbb2141year 58days
781672 vonhilter, sdelcia, Seahawker, chef621year 58days
778128  TnT, pokerguy, mjk1964, brewk0011year 107days
778111  pokerguy, Rammstein, mjk1964, Doorstop1year 116days
778124  [Rammstein], mjk1964, higheagle, TnT1year 119days
778119  TnT, brewk001, Rammstein, mjk19641year 120days
778113  pokerguy, Doorstop, TnT, mjk19641year 136days
778110  pokerguy, mjk1964, Rammstein, brewk0011year 137days
778107  mjk1964, pokerguy, higheagle, dcr661year 140days
778109  mjk1964, dcr66, Rammstein, higheagle1year 140days
778121  TnT, mjk1964, dcr66, Rammstein1year 143days
778102  higheagle, Doorstop, mjk1964, Rammstein1year 143days
778117  Rammstein, higheagle, brewk001, pokerguy1year 144days
778116  mjk1964, Doorstop, dcr66, pokerguy1year 146days
778097  dcr66, Rammstein, higheagle, brewk0011year 146days
778115  Rammstein, TnT, pokerguy, higheagle1year 146days
778103  higheagle, mjk1964, Doorstop, brewk0011year 148days
778106  mjk1964, higheagle, pokerguy, TnT1year 155days
778112  higheagle, dcr66, brewk001, mjk19641year 155days
778127  dcr66, Doorstop, brewk001, Rammstein1year 157days
778100  brewk001, Rammstein, pokerguy, dcr661year 158days
778120  pokerguy, higheagle, Doorstop, Rammstein1year 161days
778098  Doorstop, dcr66, higheagle, pokerguy1year 162days
778126  dcr66, brewk001, Doorstop, mjk19641year 162days
778105  higheagle, brewk001, pokerguy, Doorstop1year 164days
778108  Doorstop, brewk001, TnT, higheagle1year 167days
778118  TnT, Rammstein, brewk001, Doorstop1year 168days
778122  brewk001, TnT, dcr66, higheagle1year 168days
778099  Doorstop, higheagle, dcr66, TnT1year 170days
778104  dcr66, TnT, Rammstein, Doorstop1year 171days
778114  Rammstein, pokerguy, TnT, dcr661year 171days
778125  brewk001, pokerguy, Doorstop, TnT1year 178days
778101  Doorstop, TnT, mjk1964, dcr661year 179days
778123  brewk001, dcr66, TnT, pokerguy1year 179days
777581 Ol Sol, Jasmyne, Wittman, Lonehawk1year 195days
776487 Mordermi, Ol Sol, Seahawker, rshivy1year 207days
776486 Seahawker, cybrt54, Mordermi, Ol Sol1year 209days
776488 Seahawker, cybrt54, Mordermi, Ol Sol1year 210days
774830  Nasone, higheagle, Doorstop, pokerguy1year 223days
774816  mjk1964, higheagle, Nasone, redpanda1year 223days
774827  pokerguy, higheagle, Ricthof, Nasone1year 226days
774817  mjk1964, Nasone, higheagle, brewk0011year 226days
774840  Doorstop, brewk001, higheagle, Nasone1year 231days
774825  pokerguy, redpanda, Nasone, higheagle1year 231days
774823  Nasone, Doorstop, redpanda, mjk19641year 234days
774821  Nasone, pokerguy, mjk1964, Doorstop1year 234days
774819  mjk1964, brewk001, pokerguy, higheagle1year 234days
774815  higheagle, Ricthof, Nasone, Doorstop1year 235days
774833  Ricthof, brewk001, redpanda, Nasone1year 235days
774838  redpanda, Nasone, mjk1964, Ricthof1year 235days
774820  Nasone, mjk1964, pokerguy, Ricthof1year 237days
774835  Ricthof, Nasone, Doorstop, redpanda1year 239days
774842  Ricthof, pokerguy, Nasone, brewk0011year 243days
774824  pokerguy, Nasone, redpanda, brewk0011year 245days
774834  pokerguy, mjk1964, higheagle, redpanda1year 247days
774812  higheagle, Doorstop, mjk1964, pokerguy1year 247days
774822  higheagle, brewk001, Ricthof, mjk19641year 247days
774813  higheagle, mjk1964, Doorstop, Ricthof1year 250days
774839  brewk001, pokerguy, higheagle, Ricthof1year 250days
774826  mjk1964, Doorstop, brewk001, Nasone1year 250days
774837  brewk001, Doorstop, Ricthof, pokerguy1year 252days
774841  Doorstop, higheagle, brewk001, redpanda1year 253days
774832  Ricthof, redpanda, brewk001, higheagle1year 255days
774814  brewk001, redpanda, pokerguy, Doorstop1year 255days
774818  Doorstop, Ricthof, redpanda, higheagle1year 257days
774829  redpanda, Ricthof, pokerguy, mjk19641year 257days
774836  brewk001, Ricthof, Doorstop, mjk19641year 258days
774811  Doorstop, redpanda, mjk1964, brewk0011year 259days
774831  redpanda, mjk1964, brewk001, pokerguy1year 262days
774828  redpanda, pokerguy, Ricthof, Doorstop1year 263days
773310  paciodv1, deadline, _tak_tak_tak_, newstew1year 292days
773317  paciodv1, higheagle, deadline, redpanda1year 293days
773292  dcr66, deadline, brewk001, redpanda1year 293days
773293  _tak_tak_tak_, paciodv1, newstew, brewk0011year 293days
773291  dcr66, brewk001, deadline, newstew1year 293days
773313  newstew, deadline, dcr66, paciodv11year 293days
773298  deadline, _tak_tak_tak_, newstew, dcr661year 293days
773316  _tak_tak_tak_, brewk001, redpanda, newstew1year 294days
773308  paciodv1, redpanda, newstew, deadline1year 294days
773311  redpanda, paciodv1, _tak_tak_tak_, dcr661year 294days
773320  brewk001, dcr66, _tak_tak_tak_, paciodv11year 294days
773296  deadline, higheagle, dcr66, _tak_tak_tak_1year 295days
773297  brewk001, redpanda, paciodv1, dcr661year 295days
773301  dcr66, _tak_tak_tak_, redpanda, deadline1year 295days
773304  newstew, paciodv1, higheagle, dcr661year 296days
773302  higheagle, brewk001, paciodv1, deadline1year 296days
773314  redpanda, higheagle, brewk001, paciodv11year 296days
773305  deadline, brewk001, _tak_tak_tak_, higheagle1year 296days
773294  dcr66, redpanda, higheagle, brewk0011year 296days
773303  newstew, higheagle, paciodv1, _tak_tak_tak_1year 297days
773318  _tak_tak_tak_, newstew, dcr66, redpanda1year 297days
773312  redpanda, _tak_tak_tak_, paciodv1, higheagle1year 297days
773319  brewk001, _tak_tak_tak_, dcr66, higheagle1year 297days
773295  deadline, dcr66, higheagle, paciodv11year 297days
773306  newstew, dcr66, redpanda, higheagle1year 297days
773309  higheagle, dcr66, brewk001, newstew1year 298days
773307  paciodv1, newstew, redpanda, brewk0011year 298days
773315  _tak_tak_tak_, redpanda, brewk001, deadline1year 298days
773299  higheagle, deadline, newstew, redpanda1year 299days
773290  brewk001, paciodv1, deadline, _tak_tak_tak_1year 300days
773321  redpanda, newstew, higheagle, _tak_tak_tak_1year 300days
773300  higheagle, newstew, deadline, brewk0011year 301days
770536 S7EVEN, ChimbleySweep, tigertank, M1kel1year 355days
767903 wiggervoss, catoblepa, deadline, bkbb2142years 60days
767016 Seahawker, catoblepa, golfguy1978, MessereSmith2years 73days
767024 rel0094, Leatherneck, Seahawker, bkbb2142years 84days
767022 Seahawker, Embis, bkbb214, chef622years 104days
765024 Seahawker, dcr66, 14bis, Pensfan2years 153days
765028 Seahawker, CraigMeister, dcr66, 14bis2years 163days
762518 Seahawker, [kduke], chef62, [Exaltofulgor]2years 194days
762520 Seahawker, [kduke], chef62, Exaltofulgor2years 210days
760880 golfguy1978, erpiratapeloso, MessereSmith, Viridovix2years 257days
757015  brewk001, Mongoose, Lobster24, dariovarese2years 325days
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