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Jun 17 - New Models - 4 players

Right out of the drawing board, here comes the new Albatros and Royal Aircraft Factory models! Ta daah!
Planes in this scenario: two Albatros D.Va Vs. two S.E.5a.



Albatros D.Va

Albatros D.Va
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778884 RoyBrown, vonhilter, BartowWing, chef6295days 11h
776324  vonhilter, Spinal-Tap, CaptVimes, ElCaiman157days 9h
776309  Mad_Bomber, newstew, ElCaiman, CaptVimes159days 18h
776325  vonhilter, CaptVimes, Spinal-Tap, newstew164days 2h
776314  ElCaiman, CaptVimes, vonhilter, Mad_Bomber164days 10h
776303  deadline, Spinal-Tap, Mad_Bomber, CaptVimes164days 15h
776321  Spinal-Tap, vonhilter, redpanda, Mad_Bomber165days 3h
776318  Mad_Bomber, deadline, CaptVimes, newstew165days 12h
776306  CaptVimes, Spinal-Tap, redpanda, deadline168days 5h
776334  vonhilter, redpanda, newstew, CaptVimes168days 8h
776331  CaptVimes, redpanda, ElCaiman, vonhilter168days 10h
776311  Mad_Bomber, CaptVimes, redpanda, ElCaiman168days 12h
776326  redpanda, Mad_Bomber, ElCaiman, Spinal-Tap171days 2h
776310  deadline, vonhilter, Spinal-Tap, ElCaiman171days 2h
776313  newstew, redpanda, Mad_Bomber, deadline171days 2h
776312  newstew, Mad_Bomber, redpanda, vonhilter171days 2h
776329  CaptVimes, deadline, vonhilter, redpanda171days 10h
776308  Mad_Bomber, ElCaiman, newstew, Spinal-Tap171days 20h
776322  newstew, ElCaiman, deadline, redpanda171days 23h
776332  deadline, CaptVimes, ElCaiman, newstew172days 1h
776317  redpanda, Spinal-Tap, newstew, ElCaiman172days 1h
776328  CaptVimes, vonhilter, deadline, Mad_Bomber172days 2h
776304  ElCaiman, deadline, Mad_Bomber, redpanda172days 19h
776307  ElCaiman, vonhilter, newstew, deadline173days 23h
776323  Spinal-Tap, Mad_Bomber, CaptVimes, redpanda174days 9h
776333  deadline, ElCaiman, CaptVimes, Spinal-Tap174days 13h
776319  redpanda, ElCaiman, vonhilter, newstew177days 1h
776315  newstew, deadline, Spinal-Tap, Mad_Bomber179days 4h
776320  Spinal-Tap, redpanda, vonhilter, deadline179days 4h
776330  Spinal-Tap, newstew, Mad_Bomber, vonhilter179days 21h
776305  ElCaiman, Mad_Bomber, deadline, vonhilter180days 8h
776316  redpanda, newstew, Spinal-Tap, CaptVimes181days 3h
776327  vonhilter, newstew, deadline, Spinal-Tap184days 22h
772258 [taurusdeth], Dodo1, MessereSmith, Asmodeus259days 5h
764585 erpiratapeloso, Hollander, chef62, tomaslema1year 105days
762973 Frusinak, Wertzz, Mordermi, scotireb1year 156days
758409 GregK, Michidisperso, spaceghostx9, mjk19641year 283days
755435 AndyG, vonhilter, [leonardo91], MessereSmith1year 339days
755434 vonhilter, [neelorath], AndyG, leonardo911year 341days
748012 nachemi, scotireb, DarknessEternal, Jason822years 125days
746406 pozze17, OttoVB, Jason82, VonTotenFlieger2years 156days
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