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Apr 18 - Yankee Doodle Comes to Town - 4 players

WAR! The USA enter the conflict, and the USAS enter western skies.
Planes in this scenario: two Nieuport 28 Vs. two Albatros D.Va.

Albatros D.Va

Albatros D.Va

Nieuport 28

Nieuport 28
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784471 Matt_76, pavepilot, chef62, Lidtsentude23' 58"
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So, if you see ... it's time to move!
785270 Alessio77, Always76, Rosencraft, Lacrover1day 1h
778882 Jasmyne, newstew, cloudybear, kevswrd137days 20h
778198 Barolf, Asmodeus, Vildarin, Gladiatore168days 15h
778095 blan86, pavepilot, Asmodeus, misterfrisko170days
777652 phlictid, mjk1964, markrendl, chef62191days
777257 pavepilot, bkbb214, Wittman, Leatherneck203days 7h
773251 Spankh0us3, Azzarc, rolive1, BaronVonJ231days 20h
771984 blan86, rel0094, Scratch2002, Ajusul324days 21h
770673 pavepilot, Dodo1, Crixus, Acronim358days 21h
769649 spaceghostx9, wiggervoss, catoblepa, morgh1year 11days
768718 catoblepa, bkbb214, Tophans, RoyBrown1year 49days
766569 California_Kid, erpiratapeloso, MessereSmith, Satchu691year 109days
764916 CraigMeister, spaceghostx9, 14bis, Viridovix1year 164days
762153 Exaltofulgor, MessereSmith, chef62, aces_high1year 240days
762034 cjcafiero, teramaze, aces_high, fachtofer1year 242days
761807 cjcafiero, spaceghostx9, MessereSmith, krumal1year 255days
760879 blan86, MessereSmith, scotireb, vonhilter1year 281days
759245 MessereSmith, marcus-arilus, [brown], Lonehawk1year 289days
757046 maxvale76, huscarl127, Balthain, cybrt542years 4days
756794 blan86, knrodgers, vonhilter, MajorTom2years 7days
756407 Dodo1, cannonfodder, GregK, markrendl2years 8days
756288 Lonehawk, mjk1964, Frusinak, RoyBrown2years 20days
755684 spaceghostx9, jammed, DogmaOne, Viridovix2years 35days
753747 blan86, VonTotenFlieger, spaceghostx9, MessereSmith2years 82days
752427 javibal, OttoVB, golfguy1978, mjk19642years 92days
748421  dyeeles, clarence, edwardlaneuk, newstew2years 165days
748435  clarence, Pandolo, RedPaps, edwardlaneuk2years 167days
748437  RedPaps, newstew, BlackJoke, clarence2years 168days
748420  newstew, RedPaps, edwardlaneuk, dyeeles2years 169days
748428  RedPaps, clarence, Pandolo, newstew2years 172days
748433  Pandolo, edwardlaneuk, RedPaps, BlackJoke2years 172days
748415  edwardlaneuk, clarence, dcr66, RedPaps2years 173days
748413  clarence, RedPaps, dcr66, dyeeles2years 174days
748412  dyeeles, newstew, dcr66, clarence2years 174days
748427  RedPaps, edwardlaneuk, newstew, dcr662years 175days
748423  Pandolo, dyeeles, edwardlaneuk, clarence2years 176days
748418  Pandolo, dcr66, clarence, RedPaps2years 176days
748424  Pandolo, BlackJoke, newstew, edwardlaneuk2years 176days
748414  newstew, clarence, BlackJoke, Pandolo2years 177days
748426  BlackJoke, edwardlaneuk, dyeeles, clarence2years 177days
748439  dcr66, RedPaps, BlackJoke, newstew2years 179days
748434  dcr66, Pandolo, newstew, dyeeles2years 180days
748436  clarence, dyeeles, BlackJoke, RedPaps2years 180days
748430  clarence, newstew, edwardlaneuk, dcr662years 181days
748416  edwardlaneuk, Pandolo, dyeeles, dcr662years 181days
748431  BlackJoke, newstew, Pandolo, dyeeles2years 181days
748438  dyeeles, RedPaps, Pandolo, edwardlaneuk2years 181days
748441  BlackJoke, Pandolo, clarence, dcr662years 181days
748432  BlackJoke, dcr66, RedPaps, Pandolo2years 182days
748260 blan86, Jason82, chef62, markrendl2years 182days
748419  newstew, dcr66, dyeeles, BlackJoke2years 185days
748417  dcr66, BlackJoke, dyeeles, edwardlaneuk2years 185days
748422  RedPaps, dyeeles, dcr66, BlackJoke2years 185days
748425  edwardlaneuk, dcr66, newstew, Pandolo2years 185days
748411  dyeeles, BlackJoke, clarence, Pandolo2years 185days
748442  edwardlaneuk, BlackJoke, RedPaps, newstew2years 186days
748440  dcr66, edwardlaneuk, clarence, BlackJoke2years 186days
748429  newstew, dyeeles, Pandolo, RedPaps2years 186days
745523 Jason82, blan86, Lohengrin, Grollash2years 240days
739124 Aumbob, alexandervitch, chef62, tlamb672years 326days
737937 spaceghostx9, ginormousbones, [onur373], redwom2years 326days
738747 Gyrene251, 94th OVI, Jason82, cybrt542years 329days
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