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Apr 18 - Yankee Doodle Comes to Town - 4 players

WAR! The USA enter the conflict, and the USAS enter western skies.
Planes in this scenario: two Nieuport 28 Vs. two Albatros D.Va.

Albatros D.Va

Albatros D.Va

Nieuport 28

Nieuport 28
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795600 94th OVI, [AdmiralMathieu], cybrt54, Sinop46days
799213 Lufbery, vonhilter, mark41974, cybrt5474days 23h
799359 California_Kid, Satchu69, Mordermi, mark4197478days 6h
797281 dwg, cybrt54, mark41974, vonhilter135days 7h
797601 94th OVI, Dodo1, mjk1964, chef62145days 12h
797401 mjk1964, overmapped, mark41974, Albatrotro149days 14h
796680 Dodo1, cannonfodder, bkbb214, Minhtraoho167days 14h
794530 spaceghostx9, gpricesr, cybrt54, overmapped232days 18h
790834 94th OVI, yangtze, sdelcia, chef62317days 5h
788099  Friederstorm, wheelnut, SirLindsley, Morrigan31332days
788085  SirLindsley, brewk001, sbadranga, Morrigan31350days 20h
788103  Morrigan31, brewk001, wheelnut, sbadranga358days 15h
788081  sbadranga, wheelnut, Morrigan31, Friederstorm359days 1h
788088  wheelnut, Morrigan31, sbadranga, deadline360days 12h
788076  Morrigan31, dcr66, deadline, wheelnut1year 5days
788091  dcr66, sbadranga, Morrigan31, deadline1year 7days
788087  brewk001, Morrigan31, Friederstorm, dcr661year 8days
788084  SirLindsley, Friederstorm, Morrigan31, dcr661year 9days
788100  deadline, wheelnut, brewk001, sbadranga1year 11days
788077  Morrigan31, SirLindsley, Friederstorm, deadline1year 12days
788086  Morrigan31, deadline, sbadranga, SirLindsley1year 12days
788092  brewk001, sbadranga, SirLindsley, Friederstorm1year 13days
788101  deadline, Morrigan31, dcr66, brewk0011year 14days
788073  Friederstorm, sbadranga, deadline, dcr661year 14days
788095  deadline, SirLindsley, sbadranga, Friederstorm1year 17days
788090  sbadranga, Friederstorm, SirLindsley, wheelnut1year 21days
788082  Friederstorm, dcr66, Morrigan31, sbadranga1year 21days
788075  sbadranga, dcr66, brewk001, SirLindsley1year 22days
788074  dcr66, wheelnut, deadline, Friederstorm1year 22days
788080  sbadranga, deadline, Friederstorm, brewk0011year 24days
788083  wheelnut, Friederstorm, deadline, brewk0011year 28days
788098  wheelnut, sbadranga, brewk001, dcr661year 28days
788096  dcr66, SirLindsley, wheelnut, Morrigan311year 31days
788078  deadline, brewk001, Friederstorm, Morrigan311year 31days
788079  SirLindsley, deadline, dcr66, wheelnut1year 32days
788072  Friederstorm, brewk001, dcr66, SirLindsley1year 33days
788097  dcr66, Friederstorm, brewk001, wheelnut1year 33days
788102  brewk001, SirLindsley, dcr66, deadline1year 34days
788094  SirLindsley, Morrigan31, wheelnut, brewk0011year 36days
788089  wheelnut, dcr66, SirLindsley, sbadranga1year 39days
788093  brewk001, deadline, wheelnut, SirLindsley1year 41days
784471 Matt_76, pavepilot, chef62, Lidtsentude1year 124days
785270 Alessio77, Always76, Rosencraft, Lacrover1year 129days
778882 Jasmyne, newstew, cloudybear, kevswrd1year 266days
778198 Barolf, Asmodeus, Vildarin, Gladiatore1year 297days
778095 blan86, pavepilot, Asmodeus, misterfrisko1year 298days
777652 phlictid, mjk1964, markrendl, chef621year 319days
777257 pavepilot, bkbb214, Wittman, Leatherneck1year 331days
773251 Spankh0us3, Azzarc, rolive1, BaronVonJ1year 360days
771984 blan86, rel0094, Scratch2002, Ajusul2years 88days
770673 pavepilot, Dodo1, Crixus, Acronim2years 122days
769649 spaceghostx9, wiggervoss, catoblepa, morgh2years 139days
768718 catoblepa, bkbb214, Tophans, RoyBrown2years 178days
766569 California_Kid, erpiratapeloso, MessereSmith, Satchu692years 237days
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