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Aug 17 - 3^4 - 4 players

Historically, this scenario is quite streched out. It is unlikely, although not impossible, that triplanes ever met. But I think is a wonderful one, so...
Planes in this scenario: two Sopwith Triplane Vs. two Fokker Dr. I.

Sopwith Triplane

Sopwith Triplane

Fokker Dr. I

Fokker Dr. I
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786278 cybrt54, wiggervoss, doloso, kevswrd2days 15h
786468 DavidKeres, rshivy, Wittman, mjk19648days 22h
786466 doloso, Electro, mjk1964, ivanhawk19days 12h
785421 sdelcia, cybrt54, Wittman, wiggervoss45days 22h
780077  atomzero, newstew, Johntheboring, dcr66185days 11h
780104  dcr66, ERTYWERT, atomzero, newstew185days 22h
780093  Jasmyne, ERTYWERT, dcr66, Johntheboring187days
780083  Jasmyne, JackSparrow, Johntheboring, pokerguy187days 14h
780101  newstew, Jasmyne, JackSparrow, pokerguy187days 17h
780092  newstew, pokerguy, Johntheboring, JackSparrow187days 19h
780086  Jasmyne, dcr66, newstew, JackSparrow188days 16h
780100  atomzero, dcr66, pokerguy, Johntheboring188days 16h
780088  Johntheboring, newstew, Jasmyne, ERTYWERT189days 14h
780098  pokerguy, Jasmyne, dcr66, newstew189days 23h
780087  Johntheboring, Jasmyne, newstew, atomzero190days 3h
780096  pokerguy, atomzero, newstew, Jasmyne191days 6h
780099  atomzero, pokerguy, dcr66, JackSparrow191days 7h
780091  newstew, Johntheboring, pokerguy, dcr66191days 7h
780081  dcr66, pokerguy, newstew, ERTYWERT191days 7h
780075  ERTYWERT, dcr66, JackSparrow, Johntheboring192days 4h
780102  atomzero, Johntheboring, ERTYWERT, pokerguy192days 4h
780084  Jasmyne, Johntheboring, JackSparrow, dcr66192days 4h
780079  JackSparrow, ERTYWERT, Jasmyne, newstew192days 13h
780103  dcr66, atomzero, ERTYWERT, Jasmyne192days 19h
780090  Johntheboring, ERTYWERT, pokerguy, Jasmyne192days 20h
780095  pokerguy, newstew, atomzero, ERTYWERT192days 20h
780076  ERTYWERT, JackSparrow, dcr66, pokerguy192days 20h
780078  ERTYWERT, pokerguy, Jasmyne, dcr66192days 22h
780074  dcr66, newstew, JackSparrow, atomzero193days 4h
780089  JackSparrow, dcr66, atomzero, Jasmyne193days 22h
780082  JackSparrow, atomzero, Johntheboring, ERTYWERT194days 2h
780097  Johntheboring, JackSparrow, ERTYWERT, newstew194days 2h
780080  JackSparrow, Jasmyne, ERTYWERT, atomzero195days 6h
780105  pokerguy, Johntheboring, Jasmyne, atomzero195days 17h
780094  newstew, JackSparrow, atomzero, Johntheboring196days
780085  ERTYWERT, atomzero, pokerguy, JackSparrow198days 15h
778202 mjk1964, Scratch2002, Jasmyne, VonBose223days 6h
778290 nikosan, Jasmyne, Cuelebre, chef62227days 14h
778203 Scratch2002, nikosan, Jasmyne, VonBose230days 4h
778204 Scratch2002, nikosan, Jasmyne, VonBose231days 17h
778289 Cuelebre, nikosan, chef62, VonBose242days 6h
777777 rel0094, VonBose, Jasmyne, Dodo1243days 22h
778057 VonBose, nikosan, Jasmyne, Barolf249days 23h
778056 Barolf, SgaBello, Jasmyne, VonBose252days 8h
778058 Barolf, nikosan, Jasmyne, VonBose254days 23h
778055 VonBose, Cuelebre, Jasmyne, Barolf255days 2h
778020 Mastropergusa, Asmodeus, Barolf, scotireb256days 7h
777779 mjk1964, SlotraceDK, VonBose, chef62257days 3h
777588 cybrt54, frkydk, Jasmyne, chef62266days 8h
777170 SpunkyNuts, Gladiatore, Wittman, Dodo1268days 3h
774985 shermanguy, adoldog, Dominion, chef62323days 22h
774743 Asmodeus, barea1813, sven_r, spaceghostx9328days 23h
768258  Lidtsentude, Spinal-Tap, nachemi, higheagle1year 100days
768269  mjk1964, higheagle, Gladiatore, nachemi1year 101days
768280  Gladiatore, higheagle, Spinal-Tap, newstew1year 102days
768273  nachemi, Lidtsentude, higheagle, newstew1year 103days
768279  Gladiatore, Spinal-Tap, higheagle, mjk19641year 103days
768254  higheagle, scotireb, mjk1964, Gladiatore1year 108days
768255  Lidtsentude, higheagle, mjk1964, newstew1year 108days
768257  Gladiatore, scotireb, newstew, higheagle1year 108days
768264  nachemi, newstew, mjk1964, higheagle1year 109days
768284  higheagle, Lidtsentude, Gladiatore, scotireb1year 113days
768283  higheagle, Gladiatore, Lidtsentude, nachemi1year 114days
768282  Gladiatore, newstew, Lidtsentude, Spinal-Tap1year 115days
768271  scotireb, newstew, Spinal-Tap, higheagle1year 116days
768268  newstew, scotireb, nachemi, Lidtsentude1year 120days
768285  Spinal-Tap, newstew, nachemi, Gladiatore1year 121days
768267  newstew, nachemi, scotireb, Gladiatore1year 121days
768275  Spinal-Tap, scotireb, Gladiatore, Lidtsentude1year 121days
768274  scotireb, mjk1964, Gladiatore, newstew1year 122days
768256  Lidtsentude, mjk1964, higheagle, Spinal-Tap1year 122days
768265  Lidtsentude, Gladiatore, Spinal-Tap, mjk19641year 122days
768259  mjk1964, Lidtsentude, nachemi, scotireb1year 123days
768281  scotireb, nachemi, mjk1964, Spinal-Tap1year 124days
768262  mjk1964, Gladiatore, newstew, Lidtsentude1year 127days
768263  nachemi, mjk1964, newstew, Spinal-Tap1year 128days
768266  nachemi, higheagle, scotireb, mjk19641year 128days
768272  scotireb, Spinal-Tap, newstew, mjk19641year 128days
768260  mjk1964, nachemi, Lidtsentude, Gladiatore1year 128days
768276  Spinal-Tap, Gladiatore, scotireb, nachemi1year 128days
768270  newstew, Lidtsentude, Spinal-Tap, nachemi1year 128days
768277  newstew, mjk1964, Lidtsentude, scotireb1year 129days
768278  Spinal-Tap, nachemi, higheagle, scotireb1year 131days
768261  higheagle, Spinal-Tap, scotireb, Lidtsentude1year 132days
765114 SopwithGabri, Jordas, aces_high, MessereSmith1year 214days
762801 Cuelebre, Wolfen, MessereSmith, Exaltofulgor1year 284days
763262 lighthoof2, MessereSmith, Cuelebre, bthanse1year 284days
763263 Cuelebre, JackSparrow, lighthoof2, MessereSmith1year 285days
762521 rob123, Schlen, Sam123456, Neutrino1231year 306days
758484 Michidisperso, Seahawker, spaceghostx9, Aumbob2years 45days
756496 cybrt54, Mordermi, GregK, wiggervoss2years 76days
757326 Sam123456, Neutrino123, Schlen, rob1232years 80days
756053 Neutrino123, rob123, Sam123456, Schlen2years 107days
750939 newstew, Boltneck, chef62, spaceghostx92years 200days
747901 mjk1964, Pandolo, Cayetano666, Jason822years 247days
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