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Aug 17 - Runner Vs. Dancer - 4 players

Zif wrote in the Forum: is impossible to play a Spad XIII against a Fokker DrI (it should be viceversa)
This is a statement that needs verification! So here you are...
Planes in this scenario: 2 Spad XIII Vs. 2 Fokker Dr. I.



Fokker Dr. I

Fokker Dr. I
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796902  higheagle, brewk001, krukmal, newstew3days 11h
796892  newstew, krukmal, higheagle, pokerguy2days 8h
796876  brewk001, redpanda, pokerguy, higheagle20h 29'
796875  krukmal, mvrichthofen, higheagle, Sabelkatten2days 11h
796874  krukmal, higheagle, mvrichthofen, pokerguy2days 9h
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Your name is always listed in Red. Bold is for players that have to move, Strike is for eliminated players, Italic is for retired players. [Bracketed] names are for players automoved by the site engine.
So, if you see ... it's time to move!
796873  higheagle, redpanda, mvrichthofen, brewk0011h 43'
796899  brewk001, higheagle, Sabelkatten, pokerguy1day 14h
796883  newstew, pokerguy, mvrichthofen, higheagle2days 8h
796888  mvrichthofen, higheagle, brewk001, newstew2days 11h
796897  Sabelkatten, newstew, higheagle, redpanda2days 20h
796898  brewk001, Sabelkatten, higheagle, mvrichthofen3days
796903  higheagle, krukmal, brewk001, redpanda4days 13h
796877  krukmal, Sabelkatten, newstew, higheagle5days 9h
796885  newstew, higheagle, redpanda, mvrichthofen9days 13h
796884  krukmal, brewk001, Sabelkatten, mvrichthofen11days 17h
796889  pokerguy, krukmal, Sabelkatten, newstew12days 9h
796901  brewk001, pokerguy, krukmal, Sabelkatten12days 9h
797392 Nipotrapaul, mjk1964, mark41974, chef6213days 11h
796904  Sabelkatten, pokerguy, newstew, brewk00114days 23h
796879  mvrichthofen, newstew, krukmal, brewk00115days 4h
796880  higheagle, Sabelkatten, redpanda, krukmal15days 20h
796895  Sabelkatten, brewk001, redpanda, newstew16days 8h
796896  pokerguy, mvrichthofen, krukmal, redpanda17days 12h
796893  redpanda, mvrichthofen, brewk001, pokerguy18days 4h
796890  redpanda, pokerguy, Sabelkatten, higheagle18days 15h
796881  mvrichthofen, brewk001, pokerguy, krukmal19days 4h
796886  pokerguy, newstew, redpanda, brewk00119days 5h
796882  newstew, mvrichthofen, pokerguy, Sabelkatten22days 3h
796900  redpanda, newstew, mvrichthofen, Sabelkatten23days 19h
796894  Sabelkatten, redpanda, brewk001, krukmal24days 5h
796891  redpanda, Sabelkatten, pokerguy, mvrichthofen25days 4h
796887  pokerguy, redpanda, newstew, krukmal27days 8h
796878  mvrichthofen, krukmal, newstew, redpanda29days 18h
794835 blan86, rshivy, jpernas, Leatherneck78days 11h
794531 overmapped, gpricesr, spaceghostx9, cybrt5497days 7h
794386 blan86, jpernas, cybrt54, vonhilter105days 20h
785528 newstew, sdelcia, cybrt54, wiggervoss342days 1h
781543 ReneFonk27, Nipotrapaul, sdelcia, kevswrd1year 74days
777892 RoyBrown, vonhilter, VonBose, Barolf1year 189days
776658 rvguegn, TCArknight, mjk1964, MessereSmith1year 216days
776384 mjk1964, giovannisignore, spaceghostx9, TXWard1year 223days
773879 bthanse, catoblepa, DirtyFocker1, TwoTi1year 277days
772582 vonhilter, Crixus, misterfrisko, chef621year 313days
771059 stanzukowski, jfmays, mudEguy, tdonaldson1year 354days
770957 jfmays, tdonaldson, mudEguy, stanzukowski1year 356days
770959 mudEguy, stanzukowski, jfmays, tdonaldson1year 357days
770958 stanzukowski, tdonaldson, mudEguy, jfmays1year 357days
769647 catoblepa, wiggervoss, spaceghostx9, bkbb2142years 11days
766317 albertross, Leatherneck, spaceghostx9, DirtyFocker12years 113days
764547 Olaf the Viking, Pensfan, [dariovarese], rshivy2years 142days
764978 blan86, JustGary, spaceghostx9, chef622years 157days
764546 dariovarese, rshivy, Olaf the Viking, Jordas2years 166days
761470 HopSing, JackSparrow, mjk1964, scotireb2years 251days
761471 mjk1964, scotireb, HopSing, chef622years 255days
759043 tasdevil, wiggervoss, MessereSmith, RogerDodger2years 305days
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