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USAS first fight - 4 players

Directly from "les Ailes de la Gloire" :-)
Planes in this scenario: two Nieuport 28 vs a Albatros D.Va and a Pfalz D. IIIa.

Albatros D.Va

Pfalz D. IIIa

Nieuport 28

Nieuport 28
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773744 cybrt54, galadang, spiller63, catoblepa50days 12h
772889 TwoTi, Leatherneck, MessereSmith, Dodo164days 20h
772054 Leatherneck, cybrt54, taurusdeth, scotireb96days 18h
769398  Sgancio, higheagle, Doorstop, toniu106days 11h
769391  Lidtsentude, brewk001, Doorstop, Sgancio122days 20h
769392  Lidtsentude, Potatokk, higheagle, Doorstop124days 14h
769408  toniu, Doorstop, Sgancio, Potatokk125days 13h
769395  paciodv1, Doorstop, higheagle, toniu127days
769405  paciodv1, higheagle, Potatokk, Sgancio129days 7h
769396  paciodv1, Sgancio, Lidtsentude, higheagle130days 4h
769397  higheagle, brewk001, Lidtsentude, paciodv1131days 14h
769410  Doorstop, Potatokk, paciodv1, higheagle137days 15h
769401  Lidtsentude, Doorstop, paciodv1, Potatokk138days 12h
769421  brewk001, Sgancio, Doorstop, higheagle138days 16h
769418  Lidtsentude, toniu, Sgancio, paciodv1138days 21h
769414  higheagle, Sgancio, Potatokk, Lidtsentude139days 3h
769399  Potatokk, higheagle, Lidtsentude, brewk001139days 12h
770564 S7EVEN, pavepilot, arktos, Bluestone28139days 17h
769403  Sgancio, Lidtsentude, paciodv1, Doorstop140days 1h
769393  Doorstop, toniu, higheagle, Lidtsentude140days 5h
769411  brewk001, Potatokk, Sgancio, Lidtsentude142days 21h
769400  Potatokk, toniu, paciodv1, Lidtsentude143days 16h
769420  higheagle, paciodv1, Doorstop, brewk001145days 2h
769419  higheagle, toniu, brewk001, Potatokk150days 14h
769416  Doorstop, Lidtsentude, brewk001, toniu152days 11h
769406  brewk001, paciodv1, Lidtsentude, Doorstop153days 12h
769407  toniu, paciodv1, Potatokk, higheagle153days 18h
769415  Doorstop, Sgancio, toniu, paciodv1154days 10h
769402  toniu, Lidtsentude, higheagle, brewk001159days 8h
769417  toniu, Potatokk, brewk001, Doorstop160days 15h
769394  Potatokk, Doorstop, brewk001, Sgancio162days 3h
769409  Potatokk, Lidtsentude, Sgancio, toniu162days 20h
769413  Sgancio, paciodv1, toniu, brewk001164days 12h
769404  Sgancio, brewk001, Potatokk, paciodv1165days 13h
769422  paciodv1, brewk001, toniu, Potatokk166days 16h
769412  brewk001, higheagle, toniu, Sgancio168days 10h
768825 Tophans, wiggervoss, erpiratapeloso, catoblepa181days 11h
767876 deadline, vonhilter, Leatherneck, scotireb201days 10h
764079 IvanGrozny, lighthoof2, Xaramis, ElCaiman331days 13h
760028 wiggervoss, spaceghostx9, GregK, dwg1year 73days
758603 Hollander, Galen, Farmboy, Aredel1year 91days
759696 Sam123456, Neutrino123, Schlen, rob1231year 93days
758604 Farmboy, Galen, Hollander, Aredel1year 95days
753671 California_Kid, TopoGun, MessereSmith, spaceghostx91year 219days
751379 keelhaul23, rsimcox, neelorath, cybrt541year 247days
751997 TopoGun, gilloudelambesc, RogerDodger, chef621year 247days
734330 spaceghostx9, paciodv1, Jason82, chef622years 172days
728785 Cuelebre, spaceghostx9, Sarmata, chef622years 256days
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