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Richtofen brothers - 4 players

The original idea, by Zif, was to restage Richtofen death, with a Dr.1 (him) and two Camel (Brown and May).
I thought the Dr.1 would not stand a chance, so started thinking of some help for Richtofen.
Why not his brother? ^__^
So here is the cast:
May on a Sopwith Camel,
Brown on the other Sopwith Camel (the one with the red V on wings),
The Baron himself on his famous Fokker Dr. I "le petit rouge",
and his little brother Lothar on his red and yellow Albatros D.Va!

Sopwith Camel

Sopwith Camel

Fokker Dr. I

Albatros D.Va
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777618 wiggervoss, rshivy, Ricthof, MessereSmith165days 13h
776147  S7EVEN, mjk1964, CaptVimes, scotireb185days 15h
776134  Rammstein, S7EVEN, mjk1964, _tak_tak_tak_186days 3h
776146  wetty11, Zapalniczka, scotireb, Rammstein188days 21h
776143  Rammstein, CaptVimes, _tak_tak_tak_, S7EVEN188days 21h
776148  wetty11, Rammstein, _tak_tak_tak_, scotireb189days 2h
776155  wetty11, S7EVEN, Rammstein, Zapalniczka189days 21h
776132  mjk1964, Zapalniczka, S7EVEN, CaptVimes192days 10h
776140  S7EVEN, CaptVimes, wetty11, Rammstein192days 23h
776130  mjk1964, Rammstein, CaptVimes, Zapalniczka193days 3h
776133  Rammstein, mjk1964, S7EVEN, wetty11194days 15h
776138  S7EVEN, scotireb, Rammstein, CaptVimes195days 9h
776149  Zapalniczka, wetty11, _tak_tak_tak_, mjk1964196days
776139  mjk1964, _tak_tak_tak_, Zapalniczka, Rammstein196days 4h
776128  CaptVimes, wetty11, Rammstein, _tak_tak_tak_196days 10h
776129  mjk1964, CaptVimes, Rammstein, scotireb196days 17h
776158  CaptVimes, mjk1964, _tak_tak_tak_, wetty11198days 2h
776135  CaptVimes, Zapalniczka, wetty11, mjk1964199days 8h
776152  Zapalniczka, S7EVEN, CaptVimes, wetty11199days 8h
776159  Zapalniczka, scotireb, S7EVEN, _tak_tak_tak_199days 17h
774801 MessereSmith, [John_Clark], [KarlArnold], cybrt54199days 23h
776136  Rammstein, _tak_tak_tak_, scotireb, mjk1964200days 15h
776145  wetty11, scotireb, Zapalniczka, CaptVimes201days 2h
776137  S7EVEN, Rammstein, scotireb, Zapalniczka201days 4h
776142  scotireb, wetty11, S7EVEN, mjk1964203days 9h
776151  scotireb, Rammstein, mjk1964, wetty11205days 11h
776141  scotireb, S7EVEN, wetty11, _tak_tak_tak_206days 16h
776150  Zapalniczka, _tak_tak_tak_, wetty11, S7EVEN206days 22h
776144  scotireb, mjk1964, Zapalniczka, S7EVEN207days 17h
776156  _tak_tak_tak_, scotireb, mjk1964, Zapalniczka207days 21h
776153  _tak_tak_tak_, Zapalniczka, CaptVimes, Rammstein208days 2h
776131  _tak_tak_tak_, wetty11, scotireb, CaptVimes208days 10h
776154  _tak_tak_tak_, CaptVimes, Zapalniczka, scotireb213days 8h
776157  CaptVimes, _tak_tak_tak_, mjk1964, S7EVEN213days 22h
767516 Ajusul, bkbb214, catoblepa, chef621year 55days
767134 Ol Sol, bkbb214, Embis, chef621year 66days
766570 erpiratapeloso, Ol Sol, California_Kid, MessereSmith1year 91days
766026 Jordas, alanfarmer, bkbb214, MessereSmith1year 110days
764981 Jordas, SopwithGabri, spaceghostx9, chef621year 142days
763875  Gladiatore, sidatleu, Sgancio, mjk19641year 154days
763889  sidatleu, Sgancio, Capt-Tuttle, mjk19641year 158days
763896  Capt-Tuttle, scotireb, mjk1964, sidatleu1year 161days
763894  Capt-Tuttle, Gladiatore, sidatleu, scotireb1year 163days
763879  mjk1964, Capt-Tuttle, sidatleu, newstew1year 163days
763873  newstew, mjk1964, paciodv1, Sgancio1year 163days
763870  mjk1964, newstew, Gladiatore, sidatleu1year 164days
763886  Sgancio, sidatleu, scotireb, newstew1year 164days
763883  newstew, Gladiatore, Capt-Tuttle, paciodv11year 165days
763877  paciodv1, newstew, scotireb, sidatleu1year 165days
763893  Capt-Tuttle, sidatleu, Gladiatore, newstew1year 165days
763872  mjk1964, sidatleu, paciodv1, Gladiatore1year 166days
763869  mjk1964, Gladiatore, newstew, scotireb1year 166days
763897  Gladiatore, Capt-Tuttle, mjk1964, paciodv11year 166days
763871  Capt-Tuttle, Sgancio, scotireb, Gladiatore1year 166days
763898  Gladiatore, mjk1964, Capt-Tuttle, Sgancio1year 167days
763892  sidatleu, paciodv1, Gladiatore, Sgancio1year 168days
763890  sidatleu, Capt-Tuttle, Sgancio, paciodv11year 169days
763895  Sgancio, paciodv1, newstew, sidatleu1year 169days
763891  scotireb, newstew, mjk1964, Sgancio1year 171days
763881  scotireb, paciodv1, Sgancio, Capt-Tuttle1year 171days
763884  scotireb, mjk1964, sidatleu, paciodv11year 172days
763874  newstew, paciodv1, mjk1964, Capt-Tuttle1year 172days
763885  Sgancio, scotireb, sidatleu, Gladiatore1year 172days
763888  Sgancio, newstew, Capt-Tuttle, scotireb1year 173days
763876  newstew, Capt-Tuttle, scotireb, mjk19641year 173days
763880  paciodv1, Gladiatore, Sgancio, newstew1year 173days
763899  sidatleu, scotireb, paciodv1, Capt-Tuttle1year 173days
763868  Gladiatore, Sgancio, newstew, Capt-Tuttle1year 174days
763882  scotireb, Sgancio, paciodv1, mjk19641year 176days
763887  paciodv1, mjk1964, Gladiatore, scotireb1year 178days
763878  paciodv1, scotireb, newstew, Gladiatore1year 180days
760103 wiggervoss, blan86, Panzerpod, MessereSmith1year 265days
759087 MessereSmith, TaomanTom, GregK, Smurfacus1year 301days
750649 ecz67, Mastropergusa, Fulsere, SuperPippo2years 115days
749894 SuperPippo, ecz67, gcallari, Mastropergusa2years 130days
748604 ecz67, Giovasbwip, Mastropergusa, Fulsere2years 162days
746654 Giovasbwip, Jason82, Mastropergusa, gcallari2years 190days
745638 Cesc0101, gcallari, ecz67, Mastropergusa2years 207days
744781 ecz67, gcallari, Mastropergusa, Cesc01012years 226days
742990 Jason82, Osgard, Jolly_Roger, chef622years 245days
743761 Fulsere, SuperPippo, Giovasbwip, ecz672years 246days
738417 VonTotenFlieger, Morrigan31, bages40, Jason822years 309days
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