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High noon (D.XII revenge) - SPAD version

I wanted to fly a Pfalz D. XII without being "the fool of the village", so I made a few scenarios about it...
Planes in this scenario: 2 Spad XIII, 2 Pfalz D. XII.



Pfalz D. XII

Pfalz D. XII
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782958 blan86, vonhilter, Mordermi, Blackronin82days 1h
781542 ReneFonk27, Nipotrapaul, sdelcia, kevswrd112days 6h
779914 ReneFonk27, SpunkyNuts, Johntheboring, dcr66143days 1h
772681 blan86, spaceghostx9, Conan, scotireb341days 5h
758051 GregK, MessereSmith, cybrt54, Smurfacus2years 26days
751055 shermanguy, Gabriel Guerin, templarenero, VonFrank2years 140days
749897 Fulsere, Mastropergusa, Giovasbwip, SuperPippo2years 196days
748607 gcallari, ecz67, Fulsere, Giovasbwip2years 219days
747619 ecz67, Cesc0101, Giovasbwip, SuperPippo2years 240days
745640 ecz67, Cesc0101, Fulsere, gcallari2years 263days
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