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Escort & Intercept: F.2B & S.E.5a

Inbound bandits! Scramble & intercept! Planes in this scenario:
a Bristol F.2B escorted by an S.E.5a,
a Albatros D.III and an Albatros D.Va.


Bristol F.2B

Albatros D.Va

Albatros D.III
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778281 vonhilter, Seahawker, VonBose, cybrt5439days 5h
775023 galadang, catoblepa, chef62, Luft_Stefano90days 6h
773440 galadang, misterfrisko, 1214Souljah, cybrt54150days 2h
770568 ChimbleySweep, Mordermi, Marslakka, Vimes207days 11h
770080 keelhaul23, rsimcox, Mordermi, neelorath217days 19h
768680 Seahawker, cloudybear, wiggervoss, MessereSmith267days 17h
766353 keelhaul23, rsimcox, MessereSmith, Embis348days 2h
765796 Leatherneck, Lorduru, chef62, aces_high1year 2days
763264 lighthoof2, OttoVB, magpie, MessereSmith1year 77days
757443 GregK, nachemi, chef62, Doogal1211year 230days
753701 spaceghostx9, bthanse, BaronZero, Peternautico1year 305days
750755 Seahawker, nachemi, chef62, [Mordermi]1year 352days
750572 spaceghostx9, keelhaul23, DarknessEternal, rsimcox1year 360days
750571 wiggervoss, Gabriel Guerin, DarknessEternal, markrendl1year 363days
750154 Hollander, Galen, Farmboy, Aredel2years
749720 Seahawker, CaptFreedom76, chef62, Jason822years 9days
750155 Farmboy, Galen, Hollander, Aredel2years 11days
745359 vonhilter, [Bresbomb], CYRANO65, cybrt542years 64days
741198 keelhaul23, rsimcox, mxsmile, mvrichthofen2years 153days
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