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Escort & Intercept: CL.IIa & D.Va

Inbound bandits! Scramble & intercept!
Planes in this scenario:
an Halberstadt CL Iia escorted by an Albatros D.Va,
a Sopwith Camel and an S.E.5a.

Sopwith Camel


Albatros D.Va

Halberstadt CL Iia
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777746 Barolf, Asmodeus, Dodo1, VonBose19days 15h
771351 MessereSmith, Freeman83, Cuelebre, spaceghostx9152days 1h
770567 MessereSmith, Vimes, Marslakka, chef62175days 17h
767396 catoblepa, Ajusul, woebie, mjk1964276days 2h
766571 Jordas, scotireb, California_Kid, MessereSmith303days
764619 MrSmith, MessereSmith, Dodo1, aces_high1year
760363 cloudybear, krumal, Frusinak, DarknessEternal1year 112days
757442 GregK, nachemi, chef62, BigJack1year 192days
756283 Sam123456, Neutrino123, Schlen, rob1231year 226days
755540 Dodo1, [leonardo91], moonglum01, Lidtsentude1year 229days
753931 mjk1964, Regis, councelor, MessereSmith1year 268days
750569 wiggervoss, Gabriel Guerin, DarknessEternal, markrendl1year 307days
750570 wiggervoss, cybrt54, DarknessEternal, brewk0011year 319days
731839 Wertzz, CaptVimes, markrendl, Mordermi2years 256days
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