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Aug. 1917 - SPAD vs. Albatros

Planes in this scenario: 2 Spad XIII, 2 Albatros D.Va.



Albatros D.Va

Albatros D.Va
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783030 LordYorkPud, Lonehawk, wiggervoss, bkbb21416days 15h
782839 ghostrider, Soterios, vonhilter, scotireb84days 15h
782259 blan86, Nipotrapaul, spaceghostx9, catoblepa98days 23h
780821 ReneFonk27, sdelcia, chef62, cloudybear132days 22h
780516 ReneFonk27, sdelcia, cybrt54, JackSparrow144days 18h
779913 ReneFonk27, [SpunkyNuts], dcr66, sdelcia147days 12h
779647 ReneFonk27, Nipotrapaul, Gladiatore, mjk1964150days 14h
778447 RoyBrown, Barolf, BartowWing, chef62207days
777580 Asmodeus, cybrt54, Wittman, Dodo1225days 14h
777016 catoblepa, Luft_Stefano, Vildarin, cybrt54230days 6h
774555 cloudybear, [John_Clark], neelorath, cybrt54282days 11h
774962 Tranber, PFrank1990, jyeff, Legueux305days 21h
773457 catoblepa, MessereSmith, Varrogep, RoyBrown333days 3h
772785 pavepilot, Asmodeus, CarloF, cloudybear344days 15h
772625 Wertzz, Ajusul, galadang, RoyBrown346days 14h
770886 Freeman83, bkbb214, LechonDeOro, mjk19641year 20days
770888 MessereSmith, Bluestone28, Freeman83, bkbb2141year 32days
769174 jammed, MessereSmith, RoyBrown, vonhilter1year 63days
765739 Farmboy, Hollander, Galen, Aredel1year 110days
767509 Lufbery, Osgard, scotireb, Mordermi1year 121days
765737 Galen, Aredel, Farmboy, Hollander1year 160days
765738 Farmboy, Hollander, Galen, Aredel1year 167days
765736 Galen, Aredel, Farmboy, Hollander1year 179days
764979 spaceghostx9, blan86, chef62, aces_high1year 192days
763985 SopwithGabri, ploli, Jordas, viking621year 219days
761940 aces_high, dcr66, DogmaOne, MessereSmith1year 292days
758758 MessereSmith, Frusinak, Keithandor, golfguy19781year 349days
758715 blan86, spaceghostx9, Michidisperso, Smurfacus2years 12days
757109 GregK, Aumbob, cybrt54, chef622years 39days
754521 [FBaracca82], Gabriel Guerin, MessereSmith, Myszka2years 56days
756588 GregK, Lobster24, Lonehawk, RoyBrown2years 58days
756025 blan86, spaceghostx9, MessereSmith, Viridovix2years 66days
755228 Farmboy, Galen, Hollander, Aredel2years 71days
755805 blan86, Smurfacus, [chef62], MessereSmith2years 82days
755229 Galen, Aredel, Farmboy, Hollander2years 87days
753948 spaceghostx9, VonTotenFlieger, mommsen, abikapi22years 107days
747975 ologotai, HopSing, scotireb, Jason822years 233days
746655 Zif, vonhilter, manub, DashingProteus2years 247days
746656 manub, vonhilter, Zif, mjk19642years 253days
745481 Farmboy, Aredel, Hollander, Galen2years 253days
745482 Hollander, Galen, Farmboy, Aredel2years 257days
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