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Camels and Triplanes

Planes in this scenario: 2 Sopwith Camel, 2 Fokker Dr. I.

Sopwith Camel

Sopwith Camel

Fokker Dr. I

Fokker Dr. I
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791971 rvguegn, cybrt54, pokerguy, dasanbrion50days
789295 catoblepa, Albatrotro, ivanhawk, shermanguy131days
783026 LordYorkPud, Lonehawk, wiggervoss, bkbb214229days 5h
784249 Rosencraft, Lacrover, Alessio77, Always76272days 4h
782863 celiorod, LordYorkPud, cybrt54, rshivy276days 6h
781617  mvrichthofen, Morrigan31, newstew, wetty11286days 11h
783610 Rosencraft, Lacrover, Always76, Alessio77289days 1h
783609 Rosencraft, Lacrover, Always76, Alessio77289days 2h
783606 Rosencraft, Lacrover, Alessio77, Always76289days 3h
783425 Rosencraft, Lacrover, Alessio77, Always76293days 2h
783424 Rosencraft, Lacrover, Always76, Alessio77293days 3h
781639  wetty11, newstew, mvrichthofen, clarence301days 13h
781616  Morrigan31, clarence, newstew, higheagle302days 12h
782987 Alessio77, Always76, Rosencraft, Lacrover306days 3h
782986 Alessio77, Always76, Rosencraft, Lacrover306days 3h
782742 catoblepa, Nipotrapaul, mommsen, Dodo1307days 4h
781614  Morrigan31, mvrichthofen, higheagle, clarence308days 3h
781638  dcr66, higheagle, clarence, Nipotrapaul309days 7h
781610  higheagle, Morrigan31, dcr66, wetty11310days 14h
781631  newstew, Morrigan31, higheagle, Nipotrapaul310days 14h
781619  higheagle, clarence, wetty11, Morrigan31310days 15h
781612  higheagle, wetty11, mvrichthofen, dcr66311days
781634  clarence, dcr66, wetty11, newstew311days 23h
781611  clarence, Nipotrapaul, newstew, dcr66311days 23h
782744 Alessio77, Always76, Rosencraft, Lacrover312days 3h
782743 Alessio77, Always76, Lacrover, Rosencraft312days 3h
781622  newstew, Nipotrapaul, mvrichthofen, higheagle312days 5h
781636  clarence, newstew, higheagle, wetty11313days 4h
781624  newstew, higheagle, wetty11, mvrichthofen313days 4h
781628  Nipotrapaul, Morrigan31, clarence, newstew314days 5h
781627  mvrichthofen, higheagle, dcr66, newstew316days
781608  dcr66, Nipotrapaul, Morrigan31, clarence317days 1h
781637  dcr66, clarence, higheagle, mvrichthofen317days 12h
781629  wetty11, Nipotrapaul, clarence, higheagle317days 23h
781609  higheagle, dcr66, Morrigan31, newstew319days 1h
782524 Alessio77, Always76, Rosencraft, Lacrover319days 3h
782523 Always76, Alessio77, Rosencraft, Lacrover319days 4h
781623  Morrigan31, dcr66, clarence, mvrichthofen319days 23h
781626  Nipotrapaul, wetty11, newstew, Morrigan31323days 4h
781635  Nipotrapaul, mvrichthofen, Morrigan31, wetty11324days 9h
781620  mvrichthofen, dcr66, Nipotrapaul, Morrigan31325days 10h
781630  wetty11, clarence, Nipotrapaul, mvrichthofen325days 11h
781632  wetty11, mvrichthofen, dcr66, Nipotrapaul325days 23h
781625  Nipotrapaul, newstew, wetty11, dcr66326days 18h
781618  mvrichthofen, newstew, Morrigan31, dcr66327days 8h
781633  clarence, wetty11, dcr66, Morrigan31327days 11h
781615  dcr66, wetty11, Nipotrapaul, higheagle328days 6h
781613  Morrigan31, [higheagle], mvrichthofen, Nipotrapaul328days 9h
781621  newstew, mvrichthofen, Nipotrapaul, clarence334days 1h
777893 Barolf, rvguegn, VonBose, cloudybear1year 72days
774850 [magpie], M1kel, [KarlArnold], galadang1year 86days
774737 Legueux, RedCastle, jyeff, PFrank19901year 156days
773942 Leatherneck, MessereSmith, misterfrisko, chef621year 162days
772358 cybrt54, spaceghostx9, tomski, Ol Sol1year 202days
772357 tomski, Leatherneck, cybrt54, spaceghostx91year 205days
772166 Gladiatore, MessereSmith, tomski, Bardo8861year 207days
772165 tomski, Bardo886, Gladiatore, MessereSmith1year 214days
771365 Jordas, SopwithGabri, MessereSmith, chef621year 225days
769648 wiggervoss, bkbb214, spaceghostx9, Embis1year 249days
768641  Morrigan31, catoblepa, redpanda, mjk19641year 281days
768653  sidatleu, Morrigan31, catoblepa, redpanda1year 282days
768648  Morrigan31, CurtKline, catoblepa, mvrichthofen1year 282days
768656  redpanda, Morrigan31, mjk1964, sidatleu1year 282days
768659  catoblepa, CurtKline, Viridovix, redpanda1year 283days
768646  redpanda, mvrichthofen, sidatleu, catoblepa1year 284days
768663  CurtKline, mjk1964, catoblepa, sidatleu1year 284days
768649  redpanda, mjk1964, Viridovix, mvrichthofen1year 285days
768643  mvrichthofen, redpanda, Morrigan31, CurtKline1year 285days
768638  Morrigan31, mjk1964, mvrichthofen, sidatleu1year 285days
768645  mvrichthofen, CurtKline, sidatleu, Morrigan311year 286days
768647  redpanda, sidatleu, mvrichthofen, mjk19641year 287days
768642  mvrichthofen, Morrigan31, redpanda, Viridovix1year 288days
768654  Viridovix, sidatleu, catoblepa, mjk19641year 288days
768639  Morrigan31, mvrichthofen, mjk1964, catoblepa1year 288days
768651  sidatleu, Viridovix, redpanda, Morrigan311year 289days
768634  mjk1964, CurtKline, Morrigan31, redpanda1year 291days
768664  Viridovix, redpanda, mvrichthofen, catoblepa1year 292days
768637  mjk1964, Viridovix, mvrichthofen, CurtKline1year 292days
768652  mvrichthofen, mjk1964, CurtKline, redpanda1year 292days
768655  Viridovix, catoblepa, sidatleu, mvrichthofen1year 294days
768661  catoblepa, redpanda, mjk1964, Viridovix1year 295days
768644  mjk1964, catoblepa, Viridovix, Morrigan311year 295days
768636  catoblepa, sidatleu, redpanda, CurtKline1year 295days
768657  Viridovix, mvrichthofen, CurtKline, sidatleu1year 295days
768650  sidatleu, redpanda, Viridovix, CurtKline1year 298days
768662  CurtKline, catoblepa, mjk1964, mvrichthofen1year 298days
768635  mjk1964, Morrigan31, CurtKline, Viridovix1year 300days
768658  catoblepa, Viridovix, CurtKline, Morrigan311year 302days
768660  sidatleu, mvrichthofen, Morrigan31, Viridovix1year 302days
768633  CurtKline, sidatleu, Morrigan31, catoblepa1year 303days
768640  CurtKline, Viridovix, sidatleu, mjk19641year 304days
767517 MessereSmith, Jordas, Embis, Ajusul1year 321days
763838 lighthoof2, scotireb, caspley, Viridovix2years 60days
763986 Jordas, SopwithGabri, Cuelebre, chef622years 76days
760388 erpiratapeloso, scotireb, spaceghostx9, mjk19642years 175days
760302 rshivy, spaceghostx9, Ajusul, MessereSmith2years 176days
759761 Smurfacus, sbrinz, Keithandor, marcus-arilus2years 177days
760126 Lobster24, Seahawker, ivanhawk, MessereSmith2years 180days
759048 wiggervoss, mjk1964, tasdevil, spaceghostx92years 206days
758686 Michidisperso, [magpie], Keithandor, Waffen2years 209days
758305 scotireb, RoyBrown, DerKaiser, MessereSmith2years 229days
757111 huscarl127, Aumbob, GregK, chef622years 251days
756921 huscarl127, cybrt54, mjk1964, shermanguy2years 257days
756922 mjk1964, Dominion, huscarl127, spaceghostx92years 261days
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