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Planes in this scenario: Halberstadt CL Iia, S.E.5a, S.E.5a, Fokker D. VII,



Fokker D. VII

Halberstadt CL Iia
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770533 Marslakka, Dodo1, Ajusul, Sooap86days 20h
758779 GregK, vonhilter, Michidisperso, Frusinak1year 70days
750949 Boltneck, PastorJK, Gardensnake, cybrt541year 233days
745730 Jason82, Grollash, Vimes, DarknessEternal1year 325days
744024 Myszka, Spandau, bthanse, JackSparrow1year 357days
744025 Spandau, JackSparrow, Myszka, chef621year 360days
742525 Cayetano666, cloudybear, chef62, Spandau2years 24days
740512 rolive1, redwom, Azzarc, BaronVonJ2years 33days
738399 94th OVI, Seahawker, Jason82, chef622years 81days
726668 camsagace, frogg, spaceghostx9, Wuffenstein2years 248days
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