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Intercepting 2

Planes in this scenario: Pfalz D. IIIa, Bristol F.2B, S.E.5a, Fokker Dr. I,


Bristol F.2B

Fokker Dr. I

Pfalz D. IIIa
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775135 keelhaul23, rsimcox, MessereSmith, magpie11days 1h
774170 keelhaul23, rsimcox, kevswrd, 1214Souljah40days 8h
767344 Myszka, Mordermi, bkbb214, scotireb217days 12h
767345 scotireb, Mordermi, Myszka, bkbb214218days 12h
767346 scotireb, Mordermi, Myszka, bkbb214221days 11h
767343 Myszka, scotireb, bkbb214, Mordermi223days 20h
763271 Myszka, Cuelebre, MessereSmith, [Exaltofulgor]325days
763273 MessereSmith, lighthoof2, Myszka, Cuelebre337days 20h
763274 Myszka, MessereSmith, lighthoof2, Capt-Tuttle341days 4h
763272 Cuelebre, Exaltofulgor, Myszka, MessereSmith347days 11h
760929 Mordermi, MessereSmith, Myszka, Regis1year 31days
760930 Mordermi, MessereSmith, Myszka, Regis1year 34days
760927 Myszka, Regis, chef62, Mordermi1year 37days
760928 Myszka, Regis, chef62, Mordermi1year 47days
758053 GregK, Mordermi, MessereSmith, Spinal-Tap1year 111days
755688 Grosnounou, TopoGun, Wuffenstein, wiggervoss1year 178days
746865 Pandolo, scotireb, chef62, Gabriel Guerin1year 345days
743627 Myszka, Morrigan31, Viridovix, malek2years 36days
743626 Viridovix, malek, Myszka, Morrigan312years 36days
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