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WWI campaign (part 3)

Planes in this scenario: Siemens-Schuckert D.I, Nieuport 17, Spad VII, Albatros D.III,

Spad VII

Nieuport 17

Albatros D.III

Siemens-Schuckert D.I
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765336 Lorduru, Nasone, Gardensnake, MessereSmith238days 9h
763408 Spankh0us3, Azzarc, BaronVonJ, rolive1271days 18h
763958 lighthoof2, erpiratapeloso, Cuelebre, cybrt54295days 16h
759247 [brown], CptnBuckSavage, neelorath, spaceghostx91year 41days
760058 Smurfacus, MessereSmith, GregK, neelorath1year 43days
760163 Sam123456, Schlen, rob123, Neutrino1231year 50days
758162 bthanse, MessereSmith, spaceghostx9, Aumbob1year 64days
757942 woebie, Redge, Johntheboring, nachemi1year 75days
746371 Spankh0us3, redwom, rolive1, Jrgman331year 260days
747035 Pandolo, Electro, rshivy, Jason821year 305days
742533 SteadyJeff, malek, chef62, Jason822years 23days
739119 malek, Gabriel Guerin, Jason82, chef622years 65days
732407  Putzibram, higheagle, Doorstop, [Vargr1105]2years 77days
732404  [Vargr1105], higheagle, wheelnut, Putzibram2years 96days
732413  dariovarese, wheelnut, Doorstop, Nasone2years 104days
732389  higheagle, Doorstop, Nasone, [Vargr1105]2years 110days
732391  dariovarese, wetty11, [Vargr1105], Doorstop2years 111days
732408  wetty11, Nasone, dariovarese, Vargr11052years 116days
732401  [Vargr1105], Putzibram, wetty11, dariovarese2years 116days
732388  Doorstop, wetty11, Nasone, dariovarese2years 117days
732399  higheagle, dariovarese, wheelnut, Nasone2years 118days
732414  dariovarese, Doorstop, wheelnut, Vargr11052years 121days
732397  Putzibram, Nasone, Vargr1105, wheelnut2years 121days
732392  higheagle, wheelnut, Putzibram, Doorstop2years 124days
732409  wheelnut, wetty11, dariovarese, higheagle2years 124days
732398  Putzibram, [Vargr1105], Nasone, Doorstop2years 124days
732394  Nasone, Putzibram, higheagle, dariovarese2years 124days
732417  Doorstop, dariovarese, higheagle, Putzibram2years 124days
732419  wheelnut, [Vargr1105], Putzibram, dariovarese2years 125days
732390  higheagle, Nasone, Doorstop, wheelnut2years 132days
732400  Putzibram, Doorstop, wetty11, Nasone2years 132days
732393  Nasone, higheagle, Putzibram, wetty112years 132days
732411  Vargr1105, Nasone, higheagle, wetty112years 133days
732410  wheelnut, dariovarese, wetty11, Putzibram2years 133days
732402  Vargr1105, wetty11, Putzibram, higheagle2years 135days
732416  dariovarese, Vargr1105, higheagle, wheelnut2years 136days
732415  wetty11, Putzibram, Nasone, wheelnut2years 137days
732406  wetty11, wheelnut, Vargr1105, Nasone2years 137days
732412  wheelnut, Putzibram, Doorstop, wetty112years 138days
732403  Nasone, Doorstop, dariovarese, Putzibram2years 139days
732418  Doorstop, higheagle, dariovarese, wetty112years 150days
732395  Doorstop, wheelnut, wetty11, higheagle2years 150days
732396  Nasone, dariovarese, Vargr1105, higheagle2years 152days
732405  wetty11, Vargr1105, wheelnut, Doorstop2years 154days
723315  Nasone, M1kel, higheagle, RedPaps2years 244days
723310  RedPaps, spuddy, Nasone, M1kel2years 250days
723320  wetty11, Nasone, higheagle, spuddy2years 255days
725737 bthanse, caveman, misterfrisko, FREEDOM5532years 256days
723325  higheagle, caublbil, M1kel, Nasone2years 260days
723308  Nasone, higheagle, spuddy, mjk19642years 261days
723311  mjk1964, higheagle, caublbil, Nasone2years 263days
723296  higheagle, spuddy, mjk1964, caublbil2years 264days
723327  wetty11, RedPaps, Nasone, caublbil2years 264days
723318  wetty11, caublbil, spuddy, Nasone2years 266days
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