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WWI campaign (part 4)

Planes in this scenario: Bristol F.2B, S.E.5a, Halberstadt CL Iia, Albatros D.Va,

Bristol F.2B

Albatros D.Va

Halberstadt CL Iia

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787621 VonBose, Electro, chef62, wiggervoss249days 18h
784755 Seahawker, Dodo1, sdelcia, TnT362days 23h
778000 vonhilter, scotireb, Barolf, chef621year 184days
773250 Spankh0us3, Azzarc, rolive1, BaronVonJ1year 286days
772739 [taurusdeth], mjk1964, Mordermi, chef621year 292days
771379  Nasone, mjk1964, brewk001, S7EVEN1year 317days
771382  mjk1964, Nasone, brewk001, wetty111year 317days
771391  scotireb, S7EVEN, Nasone, brewk0011year 318days
771387  S7EVEN, newstew, mjk1964, wetty111year 318days
771385  S7EVEN, mjk1964, scotireb, newstew1year 319days
771389  scotireb, Nasone, wetty11, S7EVEN1year 320days
771376  Nasone, scotireb, mjk1964, newstew1year 320days
771398  scotireb, wetty11, newstew, Nasone1year 321days
771377  Nasone, brewk001, newstew, mjk19641year 321days
771394  S7EVEN, scotireb, Nasone, mjk19641year 321days
771381  newstew, Freeman83, S7EVEN, Nasone1year 322days
771392  wetty11, mjk1964, scotireb, brewk0011year 323days
771399  brewk001, wetty11, S7EVEN, mjk19641year 323days
771380  newstew, wetty11, Nasone, S7EVEN1year 323days
771373  mjk1964, wetty11, Nasone, Freeman831year 324days
771396  brewk001, Nasone, wetty11, Freeman831year 324days
771383  newstew, Nasone, Freeman83, scotireb1year 327days
771371  Freeman83, brewk001, scotireb, Nasone1year 328days
771401  Freeman83, scotireb, mjk1964, brewk0011year 328days
771395  wetty11, scotireb, newstew, Freeman831year 328days
771378  Freeman83, mjk1964, wetty11, scotireb1year 330days
771386  Nasone, newstew, Freeman83, brewk0011year 331days
771402  wetty11, brewk001, S7EVEN, newstew1year 332days
771393  wetty11, newstew, brewk001, scotireb1year 335days
771400  Freeman83, newstew, brewk001, mjk19641year 335days
771390  newstew, S7EVEN, mjk1964, Freeman831year 335days
771372  mjk1964, S7EVEN, Freeman83, Nasone1year 336days
771375  mjk1964, Freeman83, wetty11, newstew1year 336days
771374  brewk001, Freeman83, scotireb, S7EVEN1year 340days
771388  scotireb, Freeman83, S7EVEN, wetty111year 342days
771397  brewk001, S7EVEN, Freeman83, wetty111year 346days
771384  S7EVEN, brewk001, newstew, scotireb1year 346days
763409 Spankh0us3, Azzarc, [BaronVonJ], rolive12years 127days
759646 phlictid, krumal, tasdevil, Keithandor2years 271days
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