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Planes in this scenario: 1 Fokker D. VII, 1 Albatros D.Va, 2S.E.5a.

Albatros D.Va

Fokker D. VII


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775080 scotireb, vonhilter, RoyBrown, Cuelebre13h 37'
774119 mjk1964, Dodo1, spiller63, Cuelebre1h 1'
774036 Luft_Stefano, Clostermann, Leatherneck, [Varrogep]11h 14'
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Your name is always listed in Red. Bold is for players that have to move, Strike is for eliminated players, Italic is for retired players. [Bracketed] names are for players automoved by the site engine.
So, if you see ... it's time to move!
774744 galadang, scotireb, 1214Souljah, Leatherneck1day 15h
774107 blan86, catoblepa, RoyBrown, rumpler7days 22h
772290 Ajusul, Asmodeus, [taurusdeth], deadline36days 9h
771946 adoldog, Ajusul, taurusdeth, bkbb21468days 14h
769993  sidatleu, mvrichthofen, newstew, mjk196496days 9h
770011  brewk001, sidatleu, mjk1964, Morrigan31100days 18h
770002  brewk001, Morrigan31, Viridovix, sidatleu100days 18h
770005  mjk1964, sidatleu, Viridovix, newstew101days 21h
769763 MessereSmith, Dodo1, DarknessEternal, Conan102days 9h
769985  newstew, mjk1964, Morrigan31, Viridovix103days 18h
769986  newstew, sidatleu, mvrichthofen, Morrigan31103days 20h
769998  Viridovix, mjk1964, sidatleu, scotireb104days
769981  mvrichthofen, brewk001, mjk1964, sidatleu104days 13h
769990  scotireb, Viridovix, newstew, mvrichthofen104days 17h
769999  scotireb, mvrichthofen, sidatleu, Viridovix104days 18h
769988  sidatleu, Morrigan31, mjk1964, Viridovix104days 20h
770003  sidatleu, newstew, Viridovix, brewk001104days 23h
769984  scotireb, mjk1964, brewk001, sidatleu105days 13h
770001  brewk001, scotireb, sidatleu, mvrichthofen105days 13h
769996  brewk001, newstew, mvrichthofen, mjk1964105days 15h
770010  Morrigan31, newstew, mjk1964, brewk001105days 17h
769987  Morrigan31, brewk001, mvrichthofen, newstew105days 21h
770008  mvrichthofen, Viridovix, sidatleu, newstew106days 11h
769997  Viridovix, newstew, scotireb, Morrigan31106days 15h
769989  scotireb, Morrigan31, mvrichthofen, brewk001108days 8h
770004  Morrigan31, sidatleu, scotireb, mvrichthofen108days 22h
769982  mvrichthofen, scotireb, Morrigan31, mjk1964110days 8h
769991  mvrichthofen, mjk1964, newstew, scotireb110days 8h
769994  sidatleu, brewk001, scotireb, newstew110days 16h
770007  Viridovix, scotireb, brewk001, mjk1964111days 11h
770006  mjk1964, mvrichthofen, brewk001, Viridovix111days 11h
770012  newstew, brewk001, Viridovix, scotireb111days 13h
769992  Viridovix, mvrichthofen, Morrigan31, brewk001111days 15h
769983  mjk1964, Viridovix, Morrigan31, mvrichthofen112days 13h
770223 mjk1964, rshivy, neelorath, vonhilter113days 16h
769765 blan86, spaceghostx9, arktos, [erpiratapeloso]114days 6h
770000  mjk1964, scotireb, newstew, Morrigan31116days 13h
770009  Morrigan31, Viridovix, brewk001, scotireb117days 2h
769995  newstew, Morrigan31, scotireb, sidatleu117days 19h
765571 [magpie], BlackSheep, catoblepa, [ploli]127days 12h
767101  docmortand, _tak_tak_tak_, mjk1964, newstew181days 11h
767100  newstew, Sgancio, mjk1964, docmortand182days 11h
767102  Sgancio, docmortand, dcr66, Spinal-Tap183days 22h
767109  newstew, docmortand, scotireb, Sgancio187days 9h
767111  Spinal-Tap, newstew, scotireb, docmortand188days 12h
767108  Sgancio, _tak_tak_tak_, scotireb, newstew190days 17h
767095  mjk1964, _tak_tak_tak_, dcr66, Sgancio190days 17h
767113  scotireb, mjk1964, Sgancio, Spinal-Tap190days 17h
767097  dcr66, Spinal-Tap, docmortand, mjk1964190days 17h
767103  scotireb, docmortand, mjk1964, _tak_tak_tak_191days 7h
767106  Spinal-Tap, mjk1964, docmortand, _tak_tak_tak_191days 16h
767107  Sgancio, mjk1964, newstew, dcr66192days 13h
767123  docmortand, Spinal-Tap, _tak_tak_tak_, scotireb193days 9h
767116  _tak_tak_tak_, docmortand, Spinal-Tap, Sgancio193days 11h
767114  dcr66, scotireb, newstew, docmortand193days 11h
767122  mjk1964, Spinal-Tap, Sgancio, newstew194days
767099  newstew, dcr66, docmortand, Spinal-Tap194days 11h
767118  docmortand, Sgancio, scotireb, mjk1964194days 17h
767112  Spinal-Tap, dcr66, Sgancio, scotireb195days 11h
767115  _tak_tak_tak_, scotireb, Sgancio, mjk1964195days 15h
767124  docmortand, newstew, dcr66, _tak_tak_tak_195days 18h
767117  Sgancio, newstew, Spinal-Tap, _tak_tak_tak_195days 22h
767105  mjk1964, dcr66, newstew, scotireb196days 17h
767096  mjk1964, scotireb, docmortand, dcr66197days 7h
767120  dcr66, mjk1964, _tak_tak_tak_, Spinal-Tap198days 12h
767119  dcr66, Sgancio, Spinal-Tap, newstew200days 15h
767110  _tak_tak_tak_, newstew, mjk1964, dcr66200days 21h
767098  scotireb, dcr66, _tak_tak_tak_, Sgancio202days 13h
767104  scotireb, Spinal-Tap, newstew, mjk1964203days 9h
767121  Spinal-Tap, scotireb, _tak_tak_tak_, dcr66203days 11h
767125  _tak_tak_tak_, Sgancio, dcr66, docmortand203days 22h
767126  newstew, _tak_tak_tak_, Spinal-Tap, scotireb207days 15h
766049 blan86, Redge, alanfarmer, wiggervoss232days 19h
766046 Lorduru, spaceghostx9, bkbb214, rel0094235days 17h
765735 krumal, MessereSmith, bkbb214, cybrt54241days 15h
764626 RoyBrown, MessereSmith, scotireb, mjk1964267days
764500  docmortand, mvrichthofen, mjk1964, Lone Wolf269days 1h
764491  markrendl, docmortand, mjk1964, mvrichthofen269days 1h
764485  mjk1964, docmortand, Lone Wolf, brewk001271days 2h
764493  scotireb, markrendl, mjk1964, docmortand273days 4h
764496  dcr66, mjk1964, markrendl, docmortand273days 4h
764759 CraigMeister, Dodo1, MessereSmith, scotireb273days 11h
764483  docmortand, brewk001, Lone Wolf, markrendl274days
764488  scotireb, Lone Wolf, docmortand, brewk001274days 19h
764479  dcr66, scotireb, docmortand, Lone Wolf274days 21h
764504  Lone Wolf, scotireb, mvrichthofen, markrendl276days 1h
764625 mjk1964, scotireb, RoyBrown, MessereSmith276days 9h
764917 14bis, Viridovix, CraigMeister, spaceghostx9276days 11h
764484  mvrichthofen, docmortand, dcr66, scotireb277days 7h
764489  mvrichthofen, Lone Wolf, markrendl, dcr66279days 6h
764507  brewk001, mvrichthofen, dcr66, docmortand279days 7h
764487  Lone Wolf, dcr66, markrendl, mjk1964279days 8h
764482  markrendl, mvrichthofen, Lone Wolf, docmortand279days 13h
764490  mvrichthofen, brewk001, mjk1964, markrendl279days 15h
764498  brewk001, docmortand, scotireb, mvrichthofen279days 21h
764492  brewk001, markrendl, Lone Wolf, dcr66279days 23h
764624 14bis, scotireb, RoyBrown, MessereSmith279days 23h
764481  markrendl, dcr66, docmortand, scotireb280days 2h
764499  mvrichthofen, markrendl, scotireb, brewk001280days 3h
764495  mjk1964, Lone Wolf, mvrichthofen, scotireb281days 8h
764494  scotireb, dcr66, mvrichthofen, mjk1964281days 10h
764486  mjk1964, scotireb, markrendl, Lone Wolf281days 20h
764478  Lone Wolf, mjk1964, docmortand, dcr66282days 13h
764503  scotireb, mjk1964, brewk001, dcr66283days 14h
764505  docmortand, scotireb, brewk001, mjk1964283days 15h
764506  docmortand, markrendl, dcr66, brewk001284days 1h
764497  brewk001, mjk1964, mvrichthofen, Lone Wolf285days 10h
764508  markrendl, brewk001, scotireb, mjk1964285days 10h
764502  dcr66, Lone Wolf, brewk001, scotireb286days
764480  mjk1964, dcr66, brewk001, mvrichthofen286days 13h
764477  Lone Wolf, brewk001, dcr66, mvrichthofen287days 13h
764501  dcr66, mvrichthofen, scotireb, markrendl291days 3h
762964 aces_high, Olaf the Viking, Ajusul, OttoVB323days
762963 Olaf the Viking, Dodo1, aces_high, Ajusul327days 21h
761929 SlotraceDK, scotireb, sbadranga, Regis348days 23h
761928 spaceghostx9, SlotraceDK, sbadranga, Regis354days 23h
761931 sbadranga, Regis, chef62, SlotraceDK355days 15h
761930 sbadranga, Regis, spaceghostx9, SlotraceDK357days 23h
761057 Neutrino123, Schlen, Sam123456, rob1231year 24days
760015 Seahawker, Smurfacus, RedBiscuit, chef621year 27days
759457 [Napo1769], vonhilter, LtRodneySwann, [Aumbob]1year 34days
759644 MessereSmith, Frusinak, tasdevil, Keithandor1year 39days
759820 spaceghostx9, MessereSmith, Panzerpod, slade462622651year 54days
758395 markrendl, DerKaiser, Michidisperso, cybrt541year 63days
758544 marcus-arilus, Regis, Michidisperso, MessereSmith1year 80days
758025 spaceghostx9, scotireb, cybrt54, mjk19641year 90days
757796 Smurfacus, spaceghostx9, woebie, MessereSmith1year 106days
756920 huscarl127, markrendl, mjk1964, cybrt541year 110days
756919 Lobster24, spaceghostx9, huscarl127, caublbil1year 118days
756918 mjk1964, cybrt54, huscarl127, Lobster241year 123days
757067 Neutrino123, rob123, Sam123456, Schlen1year 126days
755877 _tak_tak_tak_, VonTotenFlieger, Smurfacus, Lonehawk1year 131days
756271 cybrt54, TopoGun, GregK, Smurfacus1year 131days
755876 VonTotenFlieger, Frusinak, Smurfacus, _tak_tak_tak_1year 132days
755879 Smurfacus, ctjoreilly, _tak_tak_tak_, VonTotenFlieger1year 134days
755402  Kapstan, brewk001, mjk1964, newstew1year 135days
755419  Kapstan, scotireb, Pumba71, mjk19641year 138days
755401  newstew, scotireb, mjk1964, Kapstan1year 140days
755878 Smurfacus, _tak_tak_tak_, ctjoreilly, VonTotenFlieger1year 142days
755407  wetty11, mjk1964, Kapstan, brewk0011year 143days
755398  dcr66, wetty11, Kapstan, mjk19641year 143days
753358  scotireb, mjk1964, Nasone, [Cayetano666]1year 143days
755404  Pumba71, Kapstan, mjk1964, brewk0011year 143days
753361  brewk001, Nasone, mjk1964, [Cayetano666]1year 145days
755405  Pumba71, wetty11, newstew, mjk19641year 146days
755424  Kapstan, wetty11, brewk001, Pumba711year 146days
755425  Kapstan, newstew, dcr66, brewk0011year 146days
755411  brewk001, newstew, mjk1964, dcr661year 146days
753350  Nasone, Cayetano666, M1kel, Viridovix1year 146days
755415  dcr66, Pumba71, newstew, Kapstan1year 147days
755421  dcr66, mjk1964, brewk001, wetty111year 147days
755416  brewk001, Pumba71, scotireb, mjk19641year 147days
755418  scotireb, newstew, wetty11, brewk0011year 147days
755397  mjk1964, Pumba71, Kapstan, dcr661year 147days
755423  mjk1964, wetty11, scotireb, newstew1year 149days
753373  mjk1964, Viridovix, scotireb, Nasone1year 149days
755414  Pumba71, mjk1964, scotireb, wetty111year 150days
755420  dcr66, scotireb, wetty11, newstew1year 150days
755410  newstew, Kapstan, Pumba71, scotireb1year 150days
755413  wetty11, dcr66, scotireb, Pumba711year 150days
753365  Cayetano666, RoyBrown, Nasone, M1kel1year 151days
755427  newstew, brewk001, wetty11, Pumba711year 151days
755409  scotireb, brewk001, Pumba71, newstew1year 151days
755408  scotireb, mjk1964, newstew, dcr661year 151days
755396  mjk1964, brewk001, dcr66, scotireb1year 151days
755399  Pumba71, dcr66, brewk001, scotireb1year 152days
755422  wetty11, Pumba71, brewk001, dcr661year 152days
755406  mjk1964, dcr66, newstew, Pumba711year 152days
755403  scotireb, Kapstan, dcr66, wetty111year 154days
755400  newstew, dcr66, Kapstan, wetty111year 154days
755412  wetty11, newstew, Pumba71, Kapstan1year 154days
753375  M1kel, Nasone, Cayetano666, brewk0011year 155days
755417  brewk001, Kapstan, wetty11, scotireb1year 156days
753376  brewk001, scotireb, [Cayetano666], M1kel1year 158days
753356  mjk1964, [Cayetano666], Nasone, RoyBrown1year 158days
753353  scotireb, M1kel, [Cayetano666], Viridovix1year 160days
755426  brewk001, scotireb, dcr66, Kapstan1year 162days
753348  [Cayetano666], Viridovix, M1kel, mjk19641year 162days
753346  mjk1964, brewk001, [Cayetano666], scotireb1year 163days
753355  RoyBrown, Viridovix, Nasone, mjk19641year 169days
753351  Nasone, scotireb, mjk1964, M1kel1year 169days
753370  Cayetano666, scotireb, Viridovix, Nasone1year 170days
753363  Viridovix, Cayetano666, scotireb, RoyBrown1year 171days
753347  mjk1964, RoyBrown, M1kel, Cayetano6661year 171days
753372  Viridovix, RoyBrown, brewk001, [Cayetano666]1year 172days
752742 Dominion, [nikosan], chef62, cybrt541year 172days
753360  Nasone, M1kel, RoyBrown, scotireb1year 173days
753352  M1kel, brewk001, mjk1964, Nasone1year 174days
753368  scotireb, Nasone, Viridovix, brewk0011year 175days
753377  Nasone, brewk001, Viridovix, RoyBrown1year 179days
753362  Viridovix, Nasone, RoyBrown, M1kel1year 180days
753371  Cayetano666, mjk1964, brewk001, Viridovix1year 180days
753359  scotireb, brewk001, RoyBrown, Nasone1year 181days
752743 cloudybear, Gabriel Guerin, chef62, cybrt541year 182days
753364  RoyBrown, mjk1964, scotireb, Viridovix1year 187days
753349  RoyBrown, Cayetano666, brewk001, scotireb1year 188days
753374  M1kel, Viridovix, brewk001, RoyBrown1year 188days
753369  M1kel, scotireb, RoyBrown, mjk19641year 189days
753357  Viridovix, mjk1964, M1kel, brewk0011year 189days
753354  RoyBrown, M1kel, mjk1964, brewk0011year 189days
753367  brewk001, M1kel, Viridovix, scotireb1year 190days
753655 markrendl, spaceghostx9, BaronZero, BigJack1year 191days
753366  brewk001, RoyBrown, scotireb, mjk19641year 192days
752363 Zagat, remora, Trasno, BLACKREDBARON1year 215days
751826 MessereSmith, halberad, MadDiceWarrior, TopoGun1year 217days
750905 Hollander, Galen, Farmboy, Aredel1year 223days
750765 spaceghostx9, derFritz, VonFrank, nikosan1year 226days
750766 VonFrank, nikosan, spaceghostx9, Boltneck1year 227days
750904 Farmboy, Aredel, Hollander, Galen1year 229days
750710 neelorath, markrendl, cybrt54, halberad1year 229days
750767 VonFrank, nikosan, spaceghostx9, Boltneck1year 231days
751177 blan86, Lonehawk, SgtTodd, Gabriel Guerin1year 232days
750764 spaceghostx9, OttoVB, VonFrank, chef621year 235days
748013 Jason82, spaceghostx9, DarknessEternal, scotireb1year 295days
747372 gippo, Lucky_Luke, Dutch_Schultz, Joe D.1year 310days
745205 Lohengrin, spaceghostx9, mosquete, Navarca1year 321days
745752 blan86, VonTotenFlieger, knrodgers, scotireb1year 338days
742247  scotireb, jadthegrey, Gladiatore, [Conan]2years 7days
742264  Gladiatore, scotireb, [Conan], Rain_ITA2years 8days
742267  mjk1964, [Conan], scotireb, Rain_ITA2years 8days
742239  Rain_ITA, Falconfab, [Conan], Salvalba2years 8days
742251  [Conan], mjk1964, jadthegrey, Falconfab2years 8days
742266  [Conan], Salvalba, Falconfab, Gladiatore2years 9days
742257  [Conan], Gladiatore, scotireb, Salvalba2years 9days
742262  scotireb, Rain_ITA, Conan, Falconfab2years 14days
742242  Gladiatore, Conan, jadthegrey, mjk19642years 16days
742237  jadthegrey, Rain_ITA, Gladiatore, Falconfab2years 17days
742256  Conan, Rain_ITA, Salvalba, jadthegrey2years 17days
742244  Rain_ITA, Gladiatore, jadthegrey, Conan2years 19days
742265  Gladiatore, mjk1964, Falconfab, Conan2years 21days
742259  Gladiatore, Salvalba, Rain_ITA, jadthegrey2years 22days
742249  Salvalba, Conan, Rain_ITA, mjk19642years 23days
742255  Falconfab, Rain_ITA, mjk1964, Gladiatore2years 23days
742250  mjk1964, Gladiatore, Rain_ITA, Salvalba2years 23days
742246  jadthegrey, Falconfab, mjk1964, Rain_ITA2years 23days
742238  Falconfab, scotireb, Gladiatore, jadthegrey2years 25days
742258  Salvalba, mjk1964, scotireb, Conan2years 25days
742243  Salvalba, Gladiatore, Falconfab, scotireb2years 26days
742240  mjk1964, Falconfab, Gladiatore, scotireb2years 27days
742245  Rain_ITA, scotireb, mjk1964, jadthegrey2years 27days
742263  jadthegrey, scotireb, Salvalba, mjk19642years 30days
742241  mjk1964, Salvalba, jadthegrey, Gladiatore2years 31days
742261  Falconfab, jadthegrey, Conan, scotireb2years 31days
742260  Falconfab, Salvalba, scotireb, mjk19642years 31days
742253  scotireb, Falconfab, Salvalba, Rain_ITA2years 31days
742248  Salvalba, jadthegrey, mjk1964, Falconfab2years 31days
742252  scotireb, mjk1964, Rain_ITA, Gladiatore2years 31days
742254  Rain_ITA, jadthegrey, Salvalba, scotireb2years 32days
742236  jadthegrey, Conan, Falconfab, Salvalba2years 33days
739732 Jason82, Rain_ITA, mvrichthofen, Taoceti2years 64days
739736 mxsmile, Taoceti, Rain_ITA, Falconfab2years 67days
738971 malek, frogg, chef62, HarrisTweed2years 73days
736652 RoyBrown, Pooka, chef62, Nasone2years 91days
736651 Pooka, Jason82, RoyBrown, chef622years 112days
735017 Carlson, Spankh0us3, Azzarc, redwom2years 121days
735346 wiggervoss, Jason82, mattox, Killer12years 125days
731636  docmortand, [Pumba71], newstew, higheagle2years 143days
731650  mjk1964, [Pumba71], higheagle, docmortand2years 143days
733645 Pooka, Jason82, mattox, RoyBrown2years 148days
732827 RoyBrown, Osgard, SteadyJeff, litehoof2years 155days
731651  docmortand, Spinal-Tap, higheagle, mjk19642years 159days
731625  Pumba71, higheagle, mjk1964, vuotodaria2years 160days
731643  Spinal-Tap, Pumba71, vuotodaria, docmortand2years 160days
731633  Spinal-Tap, newstew, Pumba71, higheagle2years 160days
731631  newstew, higheagle, Pumba71, scotireb2years 160days
731621  newstew, docmortand, higheagle, Spinal-Tap2years 161days
731624  scotireb, higheagle, docmortand, Spinal-Tap2years 162days
731646  higheagle, newstew, docmortand, vuotodaria2years 162days
731652  Pumba71, docmortand, vuotodaria, scotireb2years 163days
731640  higheagle, scotireb, Pumba71, mjk19642years 163days
731627  mjk1964, docmortand, newstew, Pumba712years 164days
731647  vuotodaria, scotireb, docmortand, higheagle2years 164days
731623  higheagle, vuotodaria, mjk1964, newstew2years 164days
731648  newstew, vuotodaria, Spinal-Tap, Pumba712years 165days
731630  scotireb, vuotodaria, Pumba71, newstew2years 165days
731645  higheagle, Spinal-Tap, vuotodaria, Pumba712years 165days
731637  vuotodaria, Pumba71, scotireb, mjk19642years 167days
731626  Pumba71, Spinal-Tap, newstew, mjk19642years 167days
731622  newstew, scotireb, mjk1964, higheagle2years 167days
731638  vuotodaria, higheagle, Spinal-Tap, scotireb2years 168days
731628  Spinal-Tap, mjk1964, higheagle, vuotodaria2years 168days
731632  vuotodaria, newstew, mjk1964, docmortand2years 169days
731649  mjk1964, vuotodaria, docmortand, scotireb2years 170days
731642  docmortand, mjk1964, vuotodaria, Spinal-Tap2years 171days
731641  docmortand, scotireb, Spinal-Tap, newstew2years 172days
731634  Spinal-Tap, docmortand, scotireb, Pumba712years 172days
731629  scotireb, mjk1964, newstew, docmortand2years 172days
731635  Pumba71, mjk1964, scotireb, Spinal-Tap2years 174days
731644  mjk1964, Spinal-Tap, scotireb, newstew2years 174days
731639  scotireb, newstew, Spinal-Tap, vuotodaria2years 176days
730762 markrendl, cybrt54, RoyBrown, chef622years 184days
728811 Sarmata, Galinette, pozze17, chef622years 198days
729158 blan86, jonfel14, chef62, Sarmata2years 216days
726679 viking62, Wertzz, neelorath, markrendl2years 240days
725962 blan86, frogg, markrendl, FREEDOM5532years 266days
724252 Dominion, adonaiwarrior, vonhilter, kregor772years 268days
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