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Tuttle's Waltz part I

Planes in this scenario: Sopwith Camel, Sopwith Triplane, Fokker Dr. I, Pfalz D. IIIa, Idea by Captain Tuttle

Sopwith Camel

Sopwith Triplane

Fokker Dr. I

Pfalz D. IIIa
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775929 galadang, M1kel, chef62, cybrt5454days 12h
762450 Exaltofulgor, cybrt54, chef62, MessereSmith1year 61days
762451 mjk1964, Exaltofulgor, chef62, MessereSmith1year 66days
761666 Frusinak, MessereSmith, Regis, wiggervoss1year 72days
759950 Ajusul, mjk1964, GregK, MessereSmith1year 133days
758859 cybrt54, Conan, huscarl127, mjk19641year 157days
758856 huscarl127, neelorath, cybrt54, Panzer1year 159days
758858 cybrt54, JackSparrow, huscarl127, mjk19641year 159days
758857 huscarl127, spaceghostx9, cybrt54, JackSparrow1year 162days
757413 huscarl127, mjk1964, MessereSmith, Nasone1year 179days
757412 huscarl127, Nasone, mjk1964, Frusinak1year 181days
757414 Nasone, newstew, huscarl127, mjk19641year 185days
757415 Nasone, nachemi, huscarl127, MessereSmith1year 192days
756562 Sam123456, Neutrino123, rob123, Schlen1year 224days
754230 BobLittle, golfguy1978, MessereSmith, vonhilter1year 267days
753536 BobLittle, sidatleu, TopoGun, DirtyFocker11year 279days
751862 BobLittle, Lonehawk, TopoGun, dariovarese1year 302days
750650 Mastropergusa, SuperPippo, Cesc0101, Giovasbwip1year 331days
749895 Fulsere, Giovasbwip, gcallari, SuperPippo1year 346days
748605 SuperPippo, Cesc0101, Mastropergusa, ecz672years 10days
748263 BobLittle, spaceghostx9, Jason82, chef622years 12days
747373 BobLittle, bthanse, Jason82, chef622years 24days
747880 BobLittle, ologotai, nachemi, chef622years 25days
747617 Mastropergusa, SuperPippo, ecz67, Giovasbwip2years 32days
746396 BobLittle, rshivy, EatsBox, Jason822years 38days
746044 BobLittle, Seahawker, Grollash, knrodgers2years 51days
745361 BobLittle, Jason82, cybrt54, SlotraceDK2years 60days
744628 BobLittle, mlev276, Jolly_Roger, EatsBox2years 67days
745147 Giovasbwip, Cesc0101, Mastropergusa, Fulsere2years 74days
744782 Fulsere, Cesc0101, Mastropergusa, SuperPippo2years 80days
743762 SuperPippo, ecz67, gcallari, Fulsere2years 96days
740540 BlueDragon, caublbil, Mordermi, scotireb2years 103days
742067 BobLittle, redpanda, EatsBox, Grollash2years 123days
740541 BlueDragon, Mordermi, Vimes, caublbil2years 128days
740535 caublbil, Gabriel Guerin, BlueDragon, mvrichthofen2years 135days
740539 mvrichthofen, Gabriel Guerin, BlueDragon, caublbil2years 136days
740217 BobLittle, mxsmile, Electro, BlueDragon2years 145days
739989 BobLittle, spaceghostx9, mvrichthofen, mxsmile2years 153days
739205 BobLittle, spaceghostx9, Jason82, malek2years 154days
738908 Morrigan31, wiggervoss, Viridovix, RoyBrown2years 156days
737347 BobLittle, TeoBaracca, Jason82, sajami2years 186days
736178 BobLittle, Jason82, cybrt54, spaceghostx92years 198days
735083 BobLittle, [ZNUTAR], Jason82, sajami2years 214days
732352 BobLittle, CaptVimes, Viridovix, litehoof2years 255days
732206 BobLittle, CaptVimes, SteadyJeff, chef622years 258days
731525 BobLittle, Pooka, chef62, scotireb2years 264days
731498 Lemsko, BobLittle, frogg, newstew2years 269days
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