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High Noon (DVII)

Planes in this scenario: Spad XIII, Fokker D. VII,


Fokker D. VII
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793703 catoblepa, pozze1724days 19h
788734 [bigbros], VonBose38days 13h
791354 diplomacydave, Mordrig87days 13h
790030 diplomacydave, Mordrig123days 4h
789373 diplomacydave, Mordrig143days 12h
789184 VonBose, vonhilter146days 9h
789185 VonBose, vonhilter146days 16h
789183 VonBose, DarthVader147days 1h
789064 Albatrotro, VonBose150days 14h
788777 vonhilter, VonBose155days 6h
788817 VonBose, Albatrotro155days 7h
788541 RoyFokker, VonBose158days 13h
787819 diplomacydave, Mordrig175days 15h
786935 diplomacydave, Mordrig195days 14h
786551 diplomacydave, Mordrig209days 12h
786273 diplomacydave, Mordrig217days 15h
786094 diplomacydave, Mordrig225days 2h
785720 diplomacydave, Mordrig233days 4h
785725 diplomacydave, Mordrig233days 15h
785599 diplomacydave, Mordrig240days 6h
785060 diplomacydave, Mordrig253days 9h
784783 diplomacydave, Mordrig259days 4h
784390 CesareBorgia, galadang270days 15h
784153 galadang, Blackronin275days 12h
784110 diplomacydave, Mordrig276days 2h
783601 diplomacydave, Mordrig281days 4h
782217 wiggervoss, galadang282days 4h
783070 galadang, Dodo1303days 10h
779066 ReneFonk27, rshivy1year 41days
779065 ReneFonk27, atomzero1year 47days
778514 vonhilter, VonBose1year 62days
778074 JohnG60, VonBose1year 64days
778087 galadang, SgaBello1year 77days
777991 Barolf, VonBose1year 77days
777129 Raevsky, Mattias Jabs1year 106days
765899  markrendl, Pensfan1year 353days
765876  captecoli, markrendl1year 358days
765881  catoblepa, captecoli2years
765912  Pensfan, markrendl2years
765874  captecoli, catoblepa2years 1day
765895  markrendl, captecoli2years 2days
765902  mvrichthofen, captecoli2years 8days
765896  markrendl, catoblepa2years 9days
765878  captecoli, Pensfan2years 9days
765900  markrendl, pozze172years 10days
765910  Pensfan, catoblepa2years 11days
765919  pozze17, markrendl2years 11days
765916  pozze17, captecoli2years 14days
765885  catoblepa, Pensfan2years 14days
765879  captecoli, pozze172years 15days
765866  Capt-Tuttle, captecoli2years 16days
765905  mvrichthofen, markrendl2years 16days
765890  dcr66, [markrendl]2years 17days
765894  [markrendl], Capt-Tuttle2years 17days
765914  Pensfan, pozze172years 18days
765909  Pensfan, captecoli2years 20days
765872  Capt-Tuttle, pozze172years 20days
765915  pozze17, Capt-Tuttle2years 21days
765920  pozze17, mvrichthofen2years 21days
765871  Capt-Tuttle, Pensfan2years 22days
765906  mvrichthofen, Pensfan2years 22days
765908  Pensfan, Capt-Tuttle2years 22days
765877  captecoli, mvrichthofen2years 22days
765901  mvrichthofen, Capt-Tuttle2years 23days
765913  Pensfan, mvrichthofen2years 23days
765870  Capt-Tuttle, mvrichthofen2years 23days
765898  markrendl, mvrichthofen2years 24days
765907  mvrichthofen, pozze172years 24days
765884  catoblepa, mvrichthofen2years 24days
765904  mvrichthofen, dcr662years 24days
765897  markrendl, dcr662years 24days
765891  dcr66, mvrichthofen2years 25days
765889  dcr66, catoblepa2years 25days
765903  mvrichthofen, catoblepa2years 25days
765883  catoblepa, markrendl2years 26days
765888  dcr66, captecoli2years 26days
765921  pozze17, Pensfan2years 26days
765918  pozze17, dcr662years 26days
765867  Capt-Tuttle, catoblepa2years 26days
765880  catoblepa, Capt-Tuttle2years 26days
765887  dcr66, Capt-Tuttle2years 27days
765873  captecoli, Capt-Tuttle2years 27days
765911  Pensfan, dcr662years 28days
765892  dcr66, Pensfan2years 28days
765893  dcr66, pozze172years 28days
765869  Capt-Tuttle, markrendl2years 28days
765882  catoblepa, dcr662years 28days
765875  captecoli, dcr662years 29days
765868  Capt-Tuttle, dcr662years 29days
765917  pozze17, catoblepa2years 29days
765886  catoblepa, pozze172years 29days
763704 Slademoonwalker, Nitric432years 99days
762127 Dodo1, [Smurfacus]2years 127days
762128 [Smurfacus], Dodo12years 127days
759586 spaceghostx9, phlictid2years 204days
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