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Planes in this scenario: Bristol F.2B, Bristol F.2B, Fokker D. VII, Fokker D. VII, Idea from Maurizio (blame him for everything :-) )

Bristol F.2B

Bristol F.2B

Fokker D. VII

Fokker D. VII
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778307 rshivy, Barolf, VonBose, cybrt5455days 9h
771636 Acronim, Dodo1, Cuelebre, MessereSmith216days 22h
770277 pavepilot, Barkmann, Rahab, Dodo1245days 21h
763638 Wolfen, cloudybear, MessereSmith, lighthoof21year 92days
760361 keelhaul23, rsimcox, Abby_Coraggio, MessereSmith1year 146days
760552 MessereSmith, RedBiscuit, Blune, erpiratapeloso1year 173days
760551 Blune, RedBiscuit, MessereSmith, erpiratapeloso1year 174days
756565 Farmboy, Hollander, Aredel, Galen1year 232days
756566 Hollander, Galen, Farmboy, Aredel1year 237days
757808 GregK, spaceghostx9, scotireb, MessereSmith1year 246days
750644 Fulsere, Cesc0101, Giovasbwip, Mastropergusa2years 20days
749889 Fulsere, SuperPippo, gcallari, Mastropergusa2years 37days
749130 spaceghostx9, pouncer330, Cayetano666, Addolorato2years 53days
748599 Mastropergusa, ecz67, gcallari, SuperPippo2years 64days
746649 ecz67, Fulsere, Mastropergusa, Cesc01012years 99days
745358 vonhilter, woebie, CYRANO65, cybrt542years 104days
745635 ecz67, Fulsere, Giovasbwip, gcallari2years 114days
744485 ecz67, Fulsere, SuperPippo, gcallari2years 134days
743756 Cesc0101, Mastropergusa, Fulsere, Giovasbwip2years 150days
740514 BaronVonJ, rolive1, Azzarc, redwom2years 181days
738556 moonglum01, ginormousbones, keelhaul23, rsimcox2years 224days
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