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June 1918 - A Bloody Summer, 4 players

Four planes with moderate stability: A Nieuport 28 and a Spad XIII vs. an Albatros D.Va and a Pfalz D XII.


Albatros D.Va

Pfalz D. XII

Nieuport 28
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778628 RoyBrown, newstew, Wittman, Barolf335days 18h
760471 RedBiscuit, vonhilter, erpiratapeloso, Blune2years 108days
758410 GregK, spaceghostx9, mjk1964, Michidisperso2years 159days
758922 Sam123456, Neutrino123, Schlen, rob1232years 160days
755433 vonhilter, TopoGun, [leonardo91], MessereSmith2years 232days
751872 TaomanTom, spaceghostx9, paciodv1, Aumbob2years 272days
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