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Your name is always listed in Red. Bold is for players that have to move, Strike is for eliminated players, Italic is for retired players. [Bracketed] names are for players automoved by the site engine.
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791348 galadang, vonhilter2h 5'
791347 rvguegn, galadang1h 31'
791343 Frusinak, rshivy, Electro, andrewpov, Gladiatore, catoblepa, cybrt54, chef622h 23'
791342 rshivy, catoblepa, Vimes, andrewpov, faenyx14, Frusinak, Gladiatore, Waffen1h 50'
791299 Mordermi, Wertzz, rshivy, cybrt54, Frusinak, chef62, catoblepa, Albatrotro, sdelcia1h 24'
791298 Wertzz, catoblepa, Seahawker, Vimes, faenyx14, galadang, Frusinak, Mordermi, chef621h 19'
791297 rshivy, cybrt54, Dodo1, catoblepa, Frusinak, Mordermi, chef621h 24'
791294 Mordermi, rshivy, cybrt54, Frusinak, chef62, golfguy1978, catoblepa17h 7'
791292  wetty11, redpanda, Lidtsentude, brewk0013h 9'
791291  clarence, docmortand, brewk001, TnT10h 34'
791290  clarence, brewk001, docmortand, Lidtsentude4h 11'
791289  brewk001, redpanda, docmortand, wetty113h 7'
791288  TnT, Lidtsentude, Doorstop, wetty1115h 42'
791287  brewk001, clarence, wetty11, redpanda2h 50'
791286  brewk001, wetty11, clarence, Doorstop4h 12'
791285  wetty11, Lidtsentude, clarence, TnT39' 29"
791284  redpanda, Doorstop, docmortand, TnT2h 52'
791283  wetty11, brewk001, TnT, Lidtsentude16h 36'
791282  wetty11, TnT, brewk001, docmortand4h 12'
791281  TnT, Doorstop, brewk001, redpanda2h 54'
791280  Lidtsentude, docmortand, clarence, redpanda2h 59'
791279  TnT, wetty11, redpanda, Doorstop2h 54'
791278  TnT, redpanda, wetty11, clarence2h 49'
791277  redpanda, docmortand, wetty11, Lidtsentude3h 6'
791276  Doorstop, clarence, brewk001, Lidtsentude4h 13'
791275  redpanda, TnT, Lidtsentude, docmortand2h 49'
791274  redpanda, Lidtsentude, TnT, brewk0013h 8'
791273  Lidtsentude, clarence, TnT, Doorstop12h 44'
791272  docmortand, brewk001, wetty11, Doorstop4h 10'
791271  Lidtsentude, redpanda, Doorstop, clarence2h 51'
791270  Lidtsentude, Doorstop, redpanda, wetty112h 52'
791269  Doorstop, brewk001, redpanda, docmortand2h 58'
791268  clarence, wetty11, TnT, docmortand10h 37'
791267  Doorstop, Lidtsentude, docmortand, brewk0014h 11'
791266  Doorstop, docmortand, Lidtsentude, TnT10h 33'
791265  docmortand, wetty11, Lidtsentude, clarence10h 32'
791264  brewk001, TnT, redpanda, clarence3h 7'
791263  docmortand, Doorstop, clarence, wetty1110h 33'
791262  docmortand, clarence, Doorstop, redpanda2h 53'
791261  clarence, TnT, Doorstop, brewk0014h 15'
791260  Nipotrapaul, clarence, Lidtsentude, mjk1964, docmortand, scotireb, TnT, markrendl7h 43'
791259  clarence, mjk1964, Nipotrapaul, scotireb, docmortand, markrendl, Lidtsentude, TnT7h 43'
791258  mjk1964, TnT, docmortand, markrendl, clarence, Nipotrapaul, scotireb, Lidtsentude10h 35'
791257  TnT, markrendl, mjk1964, Nipotrapaul, clarence, Lidtsentude, docmortand, scotireb10h 35'
791256  markrendl, scotireb, clarence, Lidtsentude, TnT, mjk1964, Nipotrapaul, docmortand18' 45"
791255  scotireb, Lidtsentude, markrendl, mjk1964, TnT, docmortand, clarence, Nipotrapaul10h 32'
791254  Lidtsentude, Nipotrapaul, TnT, docmortand, scotireb, markrendl, mjk1964, clarence35' 26"
791253  Nipotrapaul, docmortand, Lidtsentude, markrendl, scotireb, clarence, TnT, mjk196435' 36"
791252  docmortand, mjk1964, scotireb, clarence, Nipotrapaul, Lidtsentude, markrendl, TnT35' 54"
791251  mjk1964, clarence, docmortand, Lidtsentude, Nipotrapaul, TnT, scotireb, markrendl19' 19"
791250  clarence, markrendl, Nipotrapaul, TnT, mjk1964, docmortand, Lidtsentude, scotireb37' 36"
791249  markrendl, TnT, clarence, docmortand, mjk1964, scotireb, Nipotrapaul, Lidtsentude20' 37"
791248  TnT, Lidtsentude, mjk1964, scotireb, markrendl, clarence, docmortand, Nipotrapaul21' 4"
791247  Lidtsentude, scotireb, TnT, clarence, markrendl, Nipotrapaul, mjk1964, docmortand38' 52"
791246  scotireb, docmortand, markrendl, Nipotrapaul, Lidtsentude, TnT, clarence, mjk19648h
791245  docmortand, Nipotrapaul, scotireb, TnT, Lidtsentude, mjk1964, markrendl, clarence39' 13"
791239 keelhaul23, rsimcox, cybrt54, Lidtsentude12h 3'
791237 Almogaver, cybrt54, Mordermi, dasanbrion12h 23'
791236 Almogaver, diplomacydave, cybrt54, dasanbrion12h 22'
791235 diplomacydave, cloudybear, Dodo1, dasanbrion3h 22'
791234 vonhilter, cybrt54, Dodo1, neelorath, chef62, pozze171day 16h
791233 neelorath, cybrt54, Dodo1, vonhilter, chef62, Albatrotro1day 16h
791232 neelorath, Dodo1, DirtyFocker1, Wertzz, diplomacydave, vonhilter, Waffen, chef62, bkbb214, dasanbrion19h 3'
791231 Dodo1, Wertzz, Frusinak, diplomacydave, neelorath, vonhilter, chef62, DirtyFocker11day 16h
791230 vonhilter, cybrt54, neelorath, chef621day 16h
791229 neelorath, cybrt54, vonhilter, chef621day 16h
791202 Nipotrapaul, bkbb214, wiggervoss, cloudybear, Dodo1, DavidKeres, Leatherneck, andrewpov, neelorath, Vimes, chef62, DarknessEternal, scorpiorocks, markrendl, sdelcia, Gardensnake, DirtyFocker1, crazydick1day 20h
791199 Frusinak, dasanbrion, Wertzz, crazydick, Albatrotro, chef62, DirtyFocker1, yangtze39' 27"
791198 Frusinak, minibro73, Dodo1, shermanguy, chef62, cybrt54, dasanbrion, yangtze43' 57"
791196 SlotraceDK, Lidtsentude, TXWard, golfguy1978, DirtyFocker1, cybrt54, chef62, dasanbrion, shermanguy12h 24'
791195 cybrt54, BlackSheep, Lidtsentude, faenyx14, SlotraceDK, DirtyFocker1, crazydick, chef6215h 53'
791180 cybrt54, 94th OVI, golfguy1978, Dodo11day 1h
791179 faenyx14, Lidtsentude, cybrt54, vonhilter4h 23'
791176 vonhilter, pozze1737' 34"
791174  brewk001, mvrichthofen, pokerguy5h 14'
791173  brewk001, Gattolardo, Zapalniczka1h 52'
791171  Zapalniczka, JackSparrow, mvrichthofen3h 23'
791170  Zapalniczka, dasanbrion, scotireb22' 7"
791169  Zapalniczka, Gattolardo, brewk00142' 40"
791168  scotireb, Gattolardo, JackSparrow17' 58"
791166  scotireb, dasanbrion, Zapalniczka24' 37"
791165  pokerguy, dasanbrion, Gattolardo1day 1h
791164  pokerguy, Zapalniczka, mvrichthofen3h 23'
791163  pokerguy, brewk001, scotireb18h 7'
791162  mvrichthofen, brewk001, dasanbrion46' 48"
791161  mvrichthofen, scotireb, JackSparrow21' 16"
791160  mvrichthofen, Zapalniczka, pokerguy23h 14'
791159  JackSparrow, Zapalniczka, brewk00122' 17"
791158  JackSparrow, pokerguy, Gattolardo22h 45'
791156  Gattolardo, scotireb, Zapalniczka23' 24"
791155  Gattolardo, mvrichthofen, dasanbrion45' 30"
791154  Gattolardo, pokerguy, JackSparrow1day 1h
791153  dasanbrion, pokerguy, scotireb22h
791151  dasanbrion, mvrichthofen, Gattolardo46' 17"
791150 94th OVI, cloudybear, cybrt54, neelorath, Gattolardo, gpricesr, vonhilter, imdog, markrendl, sdelcia, dasanbrion4h 38'
791149 imdog, spaceghostx9, neelorath, yangtze, markrendl, sdelcia, cloudybear, dasanbrion, cybrt54, Gattolardo, gpricesr12h 34'
791145 hambagger42, Frusinak, scorpiorocks, DirtyFocker1, 94th OVI, andrewpov, markrendl, bkbb214, Dodo1, sdelcia, cybrt54, dasanbrion2h 24'
791144 spaceghostx9, bkbb214, Dodo1, crazydick, TXWard, hambagger42, Frusinak, Waffen, scorpiorocks, sdelcia, andrewpov, cybrt5416h 31'
791111 Albatrotro, scotireb, blan86, cybrt5418' 10"
791107 loppen, mortenfix, Sorensen79, Flugt73, Fantom, Sorensen7313h
791099 Seahawker, 94th OVI, VonStackel, cybrt541h 33'
791098 Seahawker, Dodo1, cybrt54, scotireb, gpricesr2days 21h
791095 Gattolardo, scotireb27' 37"
791091  markrendl, pokerguy1day 10h
791090  higheagle, pokerguy1day 10h
791088  Gattolardo, pokerguy1day 1h
791085  brewk001, pokerguy18h 7'
791083  higheagle, markrendl1day 6h
791076  markrendl, higheagle1day 6h
791075  Gladiatore, higheagle1h 10'
791074  Gattolardo, higheagle1day 1h
791073  Friederstorm, higheagle22h 4'
791072  dcr66, higheagle11h 34'
791071  brewk001, higheagle1h 27'
791070  pokerguy, Gladiatore1day 5h
791068  higheagle, Gladiatore1h 8'
791066  Friederstorm, Gladiatore41' 14"
791063  pokerguy, Gattolardo1day 1h
791062  markrendl, Gattolardo3h 25'
791061  higheagle, Gattolardo1day 1h
791059  Friederstorm, Gattolardo39' 53"
791058  dcr66, Gattolardo5h 8'
791057  brewk001, Gattolardo42' 31"
791054  higheagle, Friederstorm22h 5'
791042  pokerguy, brewk00118h 8'
791040  higheagle, brewk0011h 26'
791011  Gattolardo, brewk001, dcr66, duke68, darken, markrendl, sbadranga, deadline6h 23'
791010  brewk001, duke68, Gattolardo, markrendl, darken, deadline, dcr66, sbadranga4h 9'
791009  duke68, sbadranga, darken, deadline, brewk001, Gattolardo, markrendl, dcr6618h 4'
791008  sbadranga, deadline, duke68, Gattolardo, brewk001, dcr66, darken, markrendl16h 39'
791007  deadline, markrendl, brewk001, dcr66, sbadranga, duke68, Gattolardo, darken18h 5'
791006  markrendl, dcr66, deadline, duke68, sbadranga, darken, brewk001, Gattolardo18h 1'
791005  dcr66, Gattolardo, sbadranga, darken, markrendl, deadline, duke68, brewk0015h 1'
791004  Gattolardo, darken, dcr66, deadline, markrendl, brewk001, sbadranga, duke6816h 39'
791003  darken, duke68, markrendl, brewk001, Gattolardo, dcr66, deadline, sbadranga18h 16'
791002  duke68, brewk001, darken, dcr66, Gattolardo, sbadranga, markrendl, deadline18h 2'
791001  brewk001, deadline, Gattolardo, sbadranga, duke68, darken, dcr66, markrendl16h 41'
791000  deadline, sbadranga, brewk001, darken, duke68, markrendl, Gattolardo, dcr6620h 12'
790999  sbadranga, dcr66, duke68, markrendl, deadline, brewk001, darken, Gattolardo18h 6'
790998  dcr66, markrendl, sbadranga, brewk001, deadline, Gattolardo, duke68, darken20h 36'
790997  markrendl, darken, deadline, Gattolardo, dcr66, sbadranga, brewk001, duke6818h 5'
790996  darken, Gattolardo, markrendl, sbadranga, dcr66, duke68, deadline, brewk00118h 3'
790993 galadang, Gladiatore1h 51'
790992 galadang, Alcam, spaceghostx914h 52'
790921  markrendl, CaptainBlood, deadline, Gattolardo, darken, sbadranga, TXWard, duke6819h 58'
790920  CaptainBlood, Gattolardo, markrendl, sbadranga, darken, duke68, deadline, TXWard15h 27'
790919  Gattolardo, TXWard, darken, duke68, CaptainBlood, markrendl, sbadranga, deadline15h 29'
790918  TXWard, duke68, Gattolardo, markrendl, CaptainBlood, deadline, darken, sbadranga15h 30'
790917  duke68, sbadranga, CaptainBlood, deadline, TXWard, Gattolardo, markrendl, darken2h 10'
790916  sbadranga, deadline, duke68, Gattolardo, TXWard, darken, CaptainBlood, markrendl15h 30'
790915  deadline, markrendl, TXWard, darken, sbadranga, duke68, Gattolardo, CaptainBlood6h 21'
790914  markrendl, darken, deadline, duke68, sbadranga, CaptainBlood, TXWard, Gattolardo2h 11'
790913  darken, Gattolardo, sbadranga, CaptainBlood, markrendl, deadline, duke68, TXWard1day 5h
790912  Gattolardo, CaptainBlood, darken, deadline, markrendl, TXWard, sbadranga, duke6823h 18'
790911  CaptainBlood, duke68, markrendl, TXWard, Gattolardo, darken, deadline, sbadranga14h 35'
790910  duke68, TXWard, CaptainBlood, darken, Gattolardo, sbadranga, markrendl, deadline20h 10'
790909  TXWard, deadline, Gattolardo, sbadranga, duke68, CaptainBlood, darken, markrendl15h 25'
790908  deadline, sbadranga, TXWard, CaptainBlood, duke68, markrendl, Gattolardo, darken5h 5'
790907  sbadranga, darken, duke68, markrendl, deadline, TXWard, CaptainBlood, Gattolardo15h 26'
790906  darken, markrendl, sbadranga, TXWard, deadline, Gattolardo, duke68, CaptainBlood5h 10'
790897  matteo, BlackSheep, duke68, markrendl, deadline, sbadranga, wetty11, higheagle1h 12'
790896  BlackSheep, markrendl, matteo, sbadranga, deadline, higheagle, duke68, wetty111day 5h
790895  markrendl, wetty11, deadline, higheagle, BlackSheep, matteo, sbadranga, duke681day 5h
790894  wetty11, higheagle, markrendl, matteo, BlackSheep, duke68, deadline, sbadranga1day 4h
790893  higheagle, sbadranga, BlackSheep, duke68, wetty11, markrendl, matteo, deadline1day 5h
790892  sbadranga, duke68, higheagle, markrendl, wetty11, deadline, BlackSheep, matteo6h 24'
790891  duke68, matteo, wetty11, deadline, sbadranga, higheagle, markrendl, BlackSheep50' 54"
790890  matteo, deadline, duke68, higheagle, sbadranga, BlackSheep, wetty11, markrendl56' 54"
790889  deadline, markrendl, sbadranga, BlackSheep, matteo, duke68, higheagle, wetty111day 6h
790888  markrendl, BlackSheep, deadline, duke68, matteo, wetty11, sbadranga, higheagle1day 23h
790887  BlackSheep, higheagle, matteo, wetty11, markrendl, deadline, duke68, sbadranga17h 31'
790886  higheagle, wetty11, BlackSheep, deadline, markrendl, sbadranga, matteo, duke681day 5h
790885  wetty11, duke68, markrendl, sbadranga, higheagle, BlackSheep, deadline, matteo1day 5h
790884  duke68, sbadranga, wetty11, BlackSheep, higheagle, matteo, markrendl, deadline51' 14"
790883  sbadranga, deadline, higheagle, matteo, duke68, wetty11, BlackSheep, markrendl1h 22'
790882  deadline, matteo, sbadranga, wetty11, duke68, markrendl, higheagle, BlackSheep43' 39"
790834 94th OVI, yangtze, sdelcia, chef6246' 50"
790833 hambagger42, Wertzz, vonhilter, rshivy, yangtze, DirtyFocker1, crazydick, cybrt54, Waffen, Dodo1, Frusinak, sdelcia50' 31"
790776 minibro73, Dodo1, bkbb214, Wertzz, Mordermi, Korba, imdog, gpricesr, cybrt54, cloudybear, Waffen, chef62, BlackSheep, Vimes, Gardensnake4days 22h
790773 Nanore, Alcam15h 45'
790767 cybrt54, sdelcia, Albatrotro, andrewpov, crazydick, bkbb214, chef62, Gattolardo2h 44'
790766 Leatherneck, spaceghostx9, crazydick, sdelcia, Gattolardo, hambagger42, cybrt54, bkbb214, otto_06, chef62, Mordermi, jhrobin211h 47'
790765 DirtyFocker1, Nipotrapaul, Viykis, cybrt54, Korba, andrewpov, Gladiatore, chef62, bkbb214, Gattolardo, catoblepa, Leatherneck34' 57"
790757 mjk1964, Nipotrapaul, Gattolardo, Gladiatore5h 6'
790753 TaomanTom, Nipotrapaul, Gladiatore14h 30'
790749 Gladiatore, mjk1964, Gardensnake5h 7'
790748 TaomanTom, Gardensnake, Gladiatore5h 7'
790746 Gladiatore, spaceghostx9, mjk19641day 1h
790742  brewk001, higheagle, mjk19641day 14h
790732  mjk1964, TnT, higheagle1day 16h
790729  higheagle, pokerguy, Gladiatore1h 9'
790636 Zapalniczka, jhrobin2, rshivy, Gardensnake, cloudybear, Scratch2002, shermanguy, Korba, andrewpov, Waffen, Electro, otto_06, Dodo1, bkbb214, sdelcia, DarknessEternal, VonStackel, Vimes11h 46'
790634  TnT, mjk1964, markrendl, darken1day 6h
790633  Gattolardo, higheagle, darken, Spinal-Tap1day 14h
790632  Gattolardo, darken, higheagle, markrendl1day 13h
790631  darken, mjk1964, higheagle, TnT1day 16h
790629  darken, Gattolardo, TnT, mjk19645h 4'
790628  darken, TnT, Gattolardo, IvanGrozny5h 20'
790627  TnT, markrendl, Gattolardo, Spinal-Tap4h 52'
790624  TnT, Spinal-Tap, darken, higheagle1day 16h
790619  mjk1964, higheagle, TnT, markrendl14h 38'
790617  mjk1964, Spinal-Tap, markrendl, higheagle14h 38'
790616  mjk1964, markrendl, Spinal-Tap, darken14h 36'
790614  higheagle, darken, TnT, IvanGrozny1day 5h
790612  markrendl, IvanGrozny, mjk1964, TnT14h 31'
790611  IvanGrozny, darken, mjk1964, higheagle1day 16h
790610  Gattolardo, TnT, Spinal-Tap, higheagle13h 11'
790609  IvanGrozny, markrendl, higheagle, darken1day 5h
790608  IvanGrozny, higheagle, markrendl, Spinal-Tap23h 37'
790607  higheagle, TnT, markrendl, Gattolardo1day 1h
790605  higheagle, IvanGrozny, Gattolardo, TnT1day 8h
790600 rshivy, markrendl, golfguy1978, cybrt54, Waffen, Gattolardo1day 13h
790599 markrendl, Shiraz68, jhrobin2, cybrt54, Waffen, rshivy14h 35'
790598 Gardensnake, Scratch2002, dwg, cybrt54, Waffen, markrendl2days 12h
790550 keelhaul23, rsimcox, Mordermi, doloso8h 3'
790542 Dodo1, Scratch2002, MrSmith, Gardensnake3days
790518  GraysGhost, deadline, Spinal-Tap, Gattolardo4h 46'
790512  Gattolardo, GraysGhost, ElCaiman, dcr665h 7'
790511  Gattolardo, ElCaiman, GraysGhost, Spinal-Tap3h 13'
790501  newstew, higheagle, GraysGhost, clarence3h 20'
790498  clarence, higheagle, Doorstop, newstew12h 50'
790497  Nasone, GraysGhost, Gattolardo, newstew3h 13'
790493  higheagle, Gattolardo, Doorstop, Nasone5h 3'
790492  newstew, clarence, Nasone, GraysGhost3h 23'
790490  Nasone, Gattolardo, clarence, higheagle5h 2'
790489  GraysGhost, Doorstop, dcr66, higheagle3h 20'
790488  Nasone, newstew, higheagle, Gattolardo5h 12'
790487  Nasone, higheagle, newstew, dcr661h 28'
790486  higheagle, Doorstop, newstew, GraysGhost3h 23'
790485  Gattolardo, dcr66, clarence, GraysGhost3h 15'
790484  higheagle, Nasone, GraysGhost, Doorstop3h 20'
790480  GraysGhost, higheagle, Gattolardo, dcr665h 8'
790476  Gattolardo, GraysGhost, Doorstop, clarence3h 21'
790475  Gattolardo, Doorstop, GraysGhost, Nasone3h 17'
790474  Doorstop, newstew, GraysGhost, dcr663h 24'
790472  Doorstop, Gattolardo, dcr66, newstew5h 3'
790471  Doorstop, dcr66, Gattolardo, higheagle5h 5'
790469 Nipotrapaul, faenyx14, andrewpov, Gattolardo, cybrt54, VonStackel43' 7"
790306 spaceghostx9, faenyx14, rvguegn, vonhilter1h 15'
790303  Alcam, Morrigan31, mvrichthofen2days 19h
790289  Morrigan31, scotireb, mvrichthofen1day 23h
790214 cloudybear, vonhilter, rshivy, 94th OVI, rvguegn, DirtyFocker1, Waffen, Korba, chef62, VonStackel, bkbb214, gpricesr1h 33'
790179 Dominion, Albatrotro, Fonck, Mero1979mille1day
790170 Waffen, Gattolardo, cloudybear, bkbb214, sdelcia, Nipotrapaul, Dominion, VonStackel, diplomacydave, DirtyFocker1, ivanhawk, SlotraceDK12h 51'
790169 Gladiatore, cybrt54, redpanda, spaceghostx9, sdelcia, Nipotrapaul, Waffen, Gattolardo, cloudybear, bkbb214, VonStackel, diplomacydave42' 10"
790166 bkbb214, Dodo1, Vimes, Gattolardo, cybrt54, galadang, cloudybear, VonStackel, Scratch2002, sdelcia, DarknessEternal, andrewpov, Korba, Albatrotro1day 14h
789893 DirtyFocker1, Leatherneck, Soterios, Bluestone28, dasanbrion, Mordermi, catoblepa, Albatrotro, bkbb214, cloudybear, rshivy, cybrt5447' 27"
789878  BlackSheep, paciodv1, redpanda, Viridovix, docmortand, markrendl, gugliandalf, Zapalniczka29' 49"
789876  Zapalniczka, markrendl, paciodv1, redpanda, BlackSheep, gugliandalf, docmortand, Viridovix41' 31"
789875  markrendl, Viridovix, BlackSheep, gugliandalf, Zapalniczka, paciodv1, redpanda, docmortand2h 51'
789874  Viridovix, gugliandalf, markrendl, paciodv1, Zapalniczka, docmortand, BlackSheep, redpanda42' 33"
789873  gugliandalf, redpanda, Zapalniczka, docmortand, Viridovix, markrendl, paciodv1, BlackSheep40' 3"
789872  redpanda, docmortand, gugliandalf, markrendl, Viridovix, BlackSheep, Zapalniczka, paciodv13h 25'
789869  BlackSheep, markrendl, redpanda, Zapalniczka, paciodv1, docmortand, gugliandalf, Viridovix38' 56"
789865  Viridovix, docmortand, markrendl, redpanda, gugliandalf, Zapalniczka, BlackSheep, paciodv12h 10'
789864  docmortand, redpanda, Viridovix, Zapalniczka, gugliandalf, paciodv1, markrendl, BlackSheep45' 24"
789858 BlackSheep, bkbb214, Vimes, markrendl, Wertzz, Leatherneck, Albatrotro, DirtyFocker1, jhrobin2, chef62, cybrt54, wiggervoss, sdelcia, otto_06, JackSparrow, ivanhawk, TaomanTom, Soterios7h 53'
789857 BlackSheep, bkbb214, markrendl, Wertzz, JackSparrow, Leatherneck, Albatrotro, Soterios, chef62, cybrt54, wiggervoss, sdelcia, otto_06, ivanhawk, DirtyFocker1, Dominion11h 54'
789855 pavepilot, Vimes, wiggervoss, catoblepa, BlackSheep, chef62, cybrt54, sdelcia3days 17h
789835 markrendl, catoblepa, wiggervoss, gpricesr, chef62, cybrt54, sdelcia, shermanguy2days 5h
789834 markrendl, pavepilot, catoblepa, Morrigan31, chef62, cybrt54, sdelcia, Waffen20h 5'
789833 markrendl, wiggervoss, Wertzz, JackSparrow, chef62, cybrt54, sdelcia, catoblepa16h 33'
789832 cybrt54, catoblepa, wiggervoss, 94th OVI, chef62, sdelcia, markrendl, pavepilot20h 3'
789831 catoblepa, rshivy, Wertzz, Dominion, chef62, cybrt54, Vimes, JackSparrow4h 27'
789830 pavepilot, catoblepa, wiggervoss, spaceghostx9, chef62, cybrt54, sdelcia, Waffen2days 5h
789829 markrendl, wiggervoss, Wertzz, JackSparrow, chef62, cybrt54, sdelcia, catoblepa2days 5h
789828 catoblepa, Wertzz, Korba, crazydick, chef62, cybrt54, sdelcia, wiggervoss1day 14h
789827 cybrt54, pavepilot, catoblepa, Wertzz, chef62, sdelcia, wiggervoss, JackSparrow1h 2'
789826 cybrt54, markrendl, catoblepa, Wertzz, chef62, sdelcia, wiggervoss, JackSparrow2days 5h
789825 markrendl, [sys64738], wiggervoss, gpricesr, chef62, cybrt54, sdelcia, catoblepa17days 8h
789824 neelorath, doloso, catoblepa, chef62, cybrt54, sdelcia1day
789807 Dodo1, catoblepa, minibro73, erpiratapeloso, Frusinak, markrendl, Bluestone28, cybrt541h 7'
789528 [aleksss], [sjarrad], pitbull72, Rando059222days 14h
789465 bkbb214, markrendl, rshivy, Wertzz, Mordermi, galadang, chef62, sdelcia, cloudybear, jshushasn, Alcam, Waffen, gpricesr, Mishima, otto_0614h 53'
789434 catoblepa, golfguy1978, Wertzz, Frusinak, Mordermi, Albatrotro, chef62, sdelcia, cybrt54, ivanhawk, cloudybear, bkbb2142h 18'
789383 Dodo1, golfguy1978, catoblepa, doloso, [bigbros], Fonck, markrendl, cybrt54, chef62, BigJoeDuke13days 15h
788920 dasanbrion, catoblepa, [VonBose], cybrt5420days 2h
788789 Wertzz, Seahawker, markrendl, doloso, Leatherneck, chef62, cybrt54, wiggervoss, sdelcia, bkbb2141h 33'
788788 Wertzz, markrendl, cloudybear, bthanse, levenezu, DirtyFocker1, Vimes, Scratch2002, erpiratapeloso, chef62, bkbb214, minibro73, wiggervoss, Albatrotro, sdelcia, otto_06, dasanbrion, DarthVader10h 18'
788768 rshivy, bkbb214, Wertzz, markrendl, levenezu, dasanbrion, jhrobin2, gpricesr, chef62, sdelcia, Viridovix, Frusinak, Waffen, wiggervoss, otto_06, neelorath3days 17h
788761 cybrt54, Mordermi, Wertzz, wiggervoss, dasanbrion, chef62, sdelcia, rshivy, bkbb214, scorpiorocks4days 1h
788758 rshivy, cybrt54, Wertzz, markrendl, neelorath, SirLindsley, doloso, chef62, sdelcia, Mordermi, bkbb214, wiggervoss, Albatrotro, DarknessEternal3days 1h
788757 Wertzz, wiggervoss, markrendl, Albatrotro, Nipotrapaul, neelorath, vonhilter, Panzerpod, chef62, sdelcia, Viridovix, Frusinak, bkbb214, Waffen, dasanbrion, otto_062days 15h
788754 Wertzz, cloudybear, vonhilter, dasanbrion, 94th OVI, Scratch2002, bthanse, Dodo1, VFCBaxter, chef62, sdelcia, Viridovix, bkbb214, [wiggervoss], markrendl, rshivy, Albatrotro, otto_061day 6h
788734 [bigbros], VonBose20days 4h
788146  mjk1964, Lidtsentude, darken, TnT, wheelnut, sbadranga1day 17h
788099  Friederstorm, wheelnut, SirLindsley, Morrigan312days 21h
787949 wiggervoss, catoblepa, [reddsledd], SirLindsley, bkbb214, VonStackel, golfguy1978, cybrt54, dwg, Albatrotro12h 48'
787916 Waffen, Frusinak, pavepilot, catoblepa, [VonBose], doloso, Mordermi, Vimes18days 4h
787811 sdelcia, Elder_Dragon, markrendl, Seahawker, Scratch2002, Shiraz68, SirLindsley, Lidtsentude, neelorath, Vimes, VonStackel, DirtyFocker1, kanitxus, chef62, bkbb214, scorpiorocks, kevswrd, bthanse15h 1'
787610 bkbb214, markrendl, Waffen, Wertzz, doloso, kanitxus, chef62, sdelcia, wiggervoss, rshivy, Frusinak, BigJoeDuke, VonBose, jimdove, dasanbrion2h 20'
786685 sdelcia, wheelnut, neelorath, Wertzz, DirtyFocker1, MauserFokker, wiggervoss, SlotraceDK, Poetmate, chef62, Soterios, [bigbros], bkbb214, pitbull72, Albatrotro, Frusinak, Dominion, erpiratapeloso15days 8h
785699 cloudybear, Wertzz, markrendl, cybrt54, sdelcia, wiggervoss, DirtyFocker1, bkbb214, Conan, chef62, Soterios, otto_0611h 54'
708394 Sarmata, Noxiol_redpig4years 167days
597915 mjk1964, chef62, John_Clark, Mahouman7years 114days
568046 [Ciccio], scotireb7years 292days
Last 100 ended games
IDPlayers ListEnd game
elapsed time
Your name is always listed in Red. Bold is for players that have to move, Strike is for eliminated players, Italic is for retired players. [Bracketed] names are for players automoved by the site engine.
So, if you see ... it's time to move!
791052  Gattolardo, Friederstorm41' 34"
790994 galadang, Gattolardo2h 44'
790522  IvanGrozny, ElCaiman, clarence, GraysGhost3h 24'
790481  Doorstop, clarence, newstew, Gattolardo5h 2'
791038  Gattolardo, brewk0015h 5'
791060  Gladiatore, Gattolardo5h 9'
791094 scotireb, Friederstorm9h 49'
790756 spaceghostx9, cloudybear, faenyx14, Gladiatore10h 17'
790515  GraysGhost, Gattolardo, IvanGrozny, clarence12h 55'
791080  Friederstorm, markrendl14h 11'
790294  mvrichthofen, brewk001, clarence16h 41'
791064  brewk001, Gladiatore18h 5'
791069  markrendl, Gladiatore23h 26'
790622  markrendl, higheagle, Gattolardo, mjk19641day 1h
790618  IvanGrozny, Gattolardo, darken, markrendl1day 5h
788766 Mordermi, Frusinak, Wertzz, Seahawker, chef62, sdelcia, cybrt54, pavepilot, bkbb214, wiggervoss1day 11h
790491  newstew, Nasone, clarence, Doorstop1day 13h
790524  Spinal-Tap, clarence, IvanGrozny, Gattolardo1day 14h
790626  mjk1964, IvanGrozny, higheagle, Spinal-Tap1day 16h
791189 diplomacydave, Mordrig1day 18h
790499  dcr66, clarence, Doorstop, GraysGhost1day 19h
791065  dcr66, Gladiatore1day 20h
789879  redpanda, BlackSheep, gugliandalf, paciodv1, docmortand, Viridovix, Zapalniczka, markrendl1day 21h
789700 Dodo1, vonhilter, bthanse, cybrt54, pavepilot, catoblepa1day 21h
791041  markrendl, brewk0011day 23h
790625  TnT, darken, Spinal-Tap, markrendl1day 23h
791192 diplomacydave, Mordrig2days
790602 samler, Alcam, Nanore2days
790743 Gladiatore, TaomanTom, diplomacydave2days 5h
791190 diplomacydave, Mordrig2days 11h
790567 Waffen, Nipotrapaul, jhrobin2, Electro, cybrt54, Gardensnake, cloudybear, scorpiorocks2days 11h
791186 diplomacydave, Mordrig2days 14h
791081  Gattolardo, markrendl2days 14h
791184 diplomacydave, Mordrig2days 16h
791050  brewk001, Friederstorm2days 18h
790280  brewk001, Morrigan31, clarence2days 21h
791087  Friederstorm, pokerguy2days 22h
791056  pokerguy, Friederstorm2days 22h
791045  Gattolardo, dcr662days 22h
790284  clarence, Morrigan31, brewk0012days 22h
791096 scotireb, Gattolardo2days 22h
790737  TnT, Gattolardo, brewk0013days 4h
791067  Gattolardo, Gladiatore3days 4h
790995 Nipotrapaul, galadang3days 9h
791097 mjk1964, scotireb3days 10h
791182 diplomacydave, Mordrig3days 10h
791187 diplomacydave, Mordrig3days 11h
791181 diplomacydave, Mordrig3days 11h
791137 diplomacydave, Mordrig3days 13h
791193 diplomacydave, Mordrig3days 14h
791167  scotireb, brewk001, pokerguy3days 18h
790483  higheagle, GraysGhost, Nasone, clarence3days 21h
791044  Friederstorm, dcr663days 23h
789856 BlackSheep, spaceghostx9, catoblepa, Wertzz, chef62, cybrt54, Vimes, JackSparrow4days 2h
790687  GraysGhost, mjk19644days 5h
790470  dcr66, Nasone, Gattolardo, clarence4days 5h
791185 diplomacydave, Mordrig4days 7h
791188 diplomacydave, Mordrig4days 7h
791183 diplomacydave, Mordrig4days 7h
790478  Gattolardo, clarence, higheagle, Doorstop4days 9h
791078  brewk001, markrendl4days 14h
791036  dcr66, brewk0014days 16h
791191 diplomacydave, Mordrig4days 17h
790330  brewk001, matteo, mvrichthofen4days 18h
790613  markrendl, mjk1964, IvanGrozny, Gattolardo4days 18h
788756 Frusinak, bkbb214, Wertzz, markrendl, Nipotrapaul, neelorath, SirLindsley, levenezu, dasanbrion, chef62, sdelcia, rshivy, Viridovix, Albatrotro, wiggervoss, paciodv14days 22h
791089  Gladiatore, pokerguy5days
791037  Friederstorm, brewk0015days
790752 mjk1964, scotireb, Gladiatore5days 1h
791093 scotireb, mjk19645days 1h
789710  mjk1964, wetty11, Viridovix, mvrichthofen5days 1h
791039  Gladiatore, brewk0015days 5h
791046  Gladiatore, dcr665days 5h
790740  brewk001, Gladiatore, ChandlerB5days 5h
790521  Gattolardo, deadline, dcr66, GraysGhost5days 5h
790623  Spinal-Tap, IvanGrozny, darken, mjk19645days 6h
791086  dcr66, pokerguy5days 10h
790566 cloudybear, andrewpov, golfguy1978, Gattolardo, Waffen, cybrt54, Gardensnake, scorpiorocks5days 10h
790621  Spinal-Tap, TnT, mjk1964, IvanGrozny5days 12h
790922 sdelcia, cybrt54, Friederstorm, Albatrotro5days 13h
789554  TXWard, mvrichthofen, deadline, dcr66, Doorstop, Gladiatore5days 13h
789877  paciodv1, Zapalniczka, docmortand, markrendl, BlackSheep, redpanda, Viridovix, gugliandalf5days 13h
791157  JackSparrow, scotireb, mvrichthofen5days 14h
791135 diplomacydave, Mordrig5days 17h
790720  ChandlerB, Gladiatore, brewk0015days 18h
790290  Morrigan31, samler, JackSparrow5days 18h
790516  GraysGhost, IvanGrozny, Gattolardo, deadline5days 21h
790525  GraysGhost, ElCaiman, deadline, IvanGrozny5days 21h
790751 Gladiatore, pokerguy, scotireb5days 22h
789077  mvrichthofen, Doorstop, Nasone, Nipotrapaul5days 23h
790479  GraysGhost, Gattolardo, higheagle, newstew6days
790686  GraysGhost, Gattolardo6days
789867  Zapalniczka, gugliandalf, paciodv1, Viridovix, markrendl, BlackSheep, docmortand, redpanda6days
788759 cybrt54, Frusinak, Wertzz, Seahawker, minibro73, markrendl, Viykis, chef62, sdelcia, rshivy, bkbb214, wiggervoss, Albatrotro, SirLindsley6days 1h
790682  Gattolardo, pokerguy6days 1h
789431 catoblepa, Dodo1, gpricesr, golfguy1978, Wertzz, DarthVader, chef62, sdelcia, rshivy, cybrt54, bkbb214, Vimes6days 1h
791152  dasanbrion, JackSparrow, brewk0016days 2h
791053  Gladiatore, Friederstorm6days 5h
791079  dcr66, markrendl6days 8h
791048  markrendl, dcr666days 10h
791100 cybrt54, JackSparrow, Seahawker, VonStackel6days 13h
789871  docmortand, paciodv1, Viridovix, BlackSheep, redpanda, gugliandalf, markrendl, Zapalniczka6days 14h
790630  Spinal-Tap, markrendl, IvanGrozny, TnT6days 14h
791051  dcr66, Friederstorm6days 14h
790620  Spinal-Tap, mjk1964, TnT, Gattolardo6days 16h
789456 Dodo1, doloso, Frusinak, diplomacydave, chef62, bkbb214, cybrt54, sdelcia6days 16h
791142 diplomacydave, Mordrig6days 17h
791140 diplomacydave, Mordrig6days 17h
791134 diplomacydave, Mordrig6days 17h
791141 diplomacydave, Mordrig6days 19h
791139 diplomacydave, Mordrig6days 19h
790520  IvanGrozny, Spinal-Tap, GraysGhost, ElCaiman6days 19h
790293  mvrichthofen, scotireb, Morrigan316days 20h
790020 cybrt54, Leatherneck, newstew, Gattolardo, Bluestone28, chef626days 20h
790597 diplomacydave, Gardensnake, Shiraz68, Leatherneck6days 20h
791172  brewk001, JackSparrow, dasanbrion6days 21h
790496  clarence, dcr66, newstew, higheagle6days 21h
788760 rshivy, bkbb214, Albatrotro, Wertzz, Seahawker, chef62, sdelcia, cybrt54, Mordermi, wiggervoss6days 21h
791136 diplomacydave, Mordrig6days 23h
791143 diplomacydave, Mordrig7days 1h
790473  clarence, Nasone, higheagle, dcr667days 2h
788785 Wertzz, Seahawker, markrendl, sdelcia, chef62, wiggervoss, bkbb214, doloso, Leatherneck, Albatrotro7days 4h
789868  markrendl, Zapalniczka, BlackSheep, docmortand, paciodv1, Viridovix, redpanda, gugliandalf7days 7h
790739  TnT, Gladiatore, higheagle7days 10h
790760 mjk1964, galadang7days 11h
791084  pokerguy, markrendl7days 14h
791138 diplomacydave, Mordrig7days 14h
791175 samler, Alcam7days 16h
790323  pokerguy, brewk001, mvrichthofen7days 18h
790604  higheagle, Gattolardo, IvanGrozny, mjk19647days 18h
791133 JackSparrow, pozze177days 21h
790508  ElCaiman, Gattolardo, deadline, clarence7days 23h
789866  gugliandalf, Viridovix, Zapalniczka, BlackSheep, markrendl, redpanda, paciodv1, docmortand8days 1h
790722  Gattolardo, mjk1964, Gladiatore8days 4h
789986  docmortand, TnT, Zapalniczka8days 8h
791082  Gladiatore, markrendl8days 13h
789823 neelorath, markrendl, Gardensnake, chef62, cybrt54, sdelcia8days 13h
790758 Dodo1, galadang8days 13h
791055  markrendl, Friederstorm8days 17h
787077  brewk001, jadthegrey, Nipotrapaul, wheelnut, Nasone, CaptainBlood, clarence, [Poetmate]8days 18h
789724  wetty11, Viridovix, duke68, mvrichthofen8days 19h
789711  scotireb, duke68, TnT, mvrichthofen8days 19h
790728  higheagle, TnT, mjk19648days 21h
789731  duke68, TnT, mvrichthofen, wetty118days 21h
790321  mvrichthofen, clarence, higheagle8days 22h
790282  brewk001, mvrichthofen, samler8days 22h
789722  Spinal-Tap, mvrichthofen, mjk1964, TnT8days 22h
789708  scotireb, mvrichthofen, Spinal-Tap, Viridovix8days 22h
789733  mjk1964, mvrichthofen, duke68, Viridovix9days 1h
790750 mjk1964, JackSparrow, Gladiatore9days 1h
787565 Wertzz, 94th OVI, giannicaramba, Frusinak, markrendl, Nipotrapaul, DirtyFocker1, Dominion, chef62, sdelcia, andrewpov, wiggervoss, VonBose, Dodo1, bkbb214, matteo9days 3h
789999  Zapalniczka, docmortand, brewk0019days 4h
789188  jadthegrey, dcr66, GraysGhost, dasanbrion, Doorstop9days 4h
789549  deadline, mvrichthofen, Gladiatore, TXWard, Doorstop, dasanbrion9days 5h
790764 Gladiatore, Nipotrapaul, chef62, Gattolardo9days 5h
789462 Frusinak, pavepilot, vonhilter, gpricesr, chef62, bkbb214, sdelcia, cybrt549days 5h
791077  pokerguy, higheagle9days 7h
791049  pokerguy, dcr669days 8h
790724  Gattolardo, pokerguy, TnT9days 8h
791047  higheagle, dcr669days 11h
788790 Wertzz, Seahawker, markrendl, Albatrotro, andrewpov, paciodv1, bthanse, chef62, bkbb214, cybrt54, wiggervoss9days 12h
789726  TnT, scotireb, mvrichthofen, Viridovix9days 14h
790482  GraysGhost, dcr66, Nasone, Gattolardo9days 14h
790680  Gattolardo, mjk19649days 14h
790741  brewk001, Gattolardo, TnT9days 14h
789558  mvrichthofen, dasanbrion, TXWard, deadline, pokerguy, Doorstop9days 14h
790213 faenyx14, 94th OVI, rvguegn, Gattolardo, Waffen, Korba, cybrt54, chef629days 20h
790305 pozze17, scotireb9days 21h
790679  Gattolardo, GraysGhost9days 22h
790533  Spinal-Tap, GraysGhost, Gattolardo, clarence9days 22h
790510  ElCaiman, clarence, GraysGhost, deadline9days 22h
788114 docmortand, bkbb214, vonhilter, cloudybear, Korba, neelorath, markrendl, SirLindsley, erpiratapeloso, Albatrotro, sdelcia, Dodo1, chef62, VonStackel, dasanbrion, Waffen, DirtyFocker1, 94th OVI9days 22h
790701  Nipotrapaul, GraysGhost10days 1h
790730  higheagle, brewk001, ChandlerB10days 4h
789099  Nipotrapaul, Nasone, mvrichthofen, dasanbrion10days 5h
790316  matteo, Spinal-Tap, mvrichthofen10days 5h
791092 diplomacydave, scotireb10days 10h
790690  GraysGhost, scotireb10days 10h
790320  mvrichthofen, Spinal-Tap, matteo10days 12h
790319  mvrichthofen, brewk001, pokerguy10days 13h
789709  scotireb, Spinal-Tap, mvrichthofen, duke6810days 13h
789707  mvrichthofen, wetty11, Spinal-Tap, mjk196410days 13h
789196  GraysGhost, matteo, dasanbrion, Gladiatore, Doorstop10days 15h
789536  dcr66, TXWard, Gladiatore, Doorstop, mvrichthofen, pokerguy10days 16h
790694  mjk1964, GraysGhost10days 16h
790934 diplomacydave, Mordrig10days 17h
790930 diplomacydave, Mordrig10days 17h
790759 diplomacydave, galadang10days 18h
790931 diplomacydave, Mordrig10days 19h
790735  pokerguy, brewk001, mjk196410days 23h
790731  mjk1964, brewk001, pokerguy11days
790715  scotireb, GraysGhost11days 2h
790307  clarence, matteo, higheagle11days 2h
791043  brewk001, dcr6611days 4h
790698  Nipotrapaul, brewk00111days 4h
790933 diplomacydave, Mordrig11days 10h
790477  dcr66, newstew, Nasone, Doorstop11days 12h
789449 Wertzz, Mordermi, Fonck, golfguy1978, Nipotrapaul, Albatrotro, chef62, sdelcia, bkbb214, cybrt54, cloudybear, rshivy11days 13h
789705  mvrichthofen, scotireb, mjk1964, wetty1111days 15h
790595 diplomacydave, rshivy, cybrt54, Seahawker11days 15h
788786 bkbb214, Wertzz, Seahawker, markrendl, cloudybear, neelorath, Albatrotro, catoblepa, chef62, wiggervoss, sdelcia, rshivy, otto_06, dasanbrion, Mavdog, andrewpov11days 17h
790669  brewk001, scotireb11days 18h
790606  darken, Spinal-Tap, mjk1964, Gattolardo11days 20h
790772 cybrt54, vonhilter, blan86, mjk196411days 22h
790929 diplomacydave, Mordrig11days 22h
790000  Zapalniczka, DarthVader, TnT11days 22h
790312  higheagle, pokerguy, Spinal-Tap11days 22h
789459 cybrt54, Frusinak, 94th OVI, chef62, bkbb214, sdelcia, jhrobin2, andrewpov12days
790923 diplomacydave, Mordrig12days 1h
790165 DavidKeres, shermanguy, Dodo1, Gattolardo, Albatrotro, cybrt5412days 1h
790726  Gladiatore, mjk1964, Gattolardo12days 5h
790903 Korba, andrewpov, DarknessEternal, markrendl12days 7h
790932 diplomacydave, Mordrig12days 11h
790733  mjk1964, ChandlerB, Gattolardo12days 12h
790527  clarence, Spinal-Tap, dcr66, ElCaiman12days 14h
790523  Spinal-Tap, IvanGrozny, clarence, deadline12days 14h
790667  brewk001, Nipotrapaul12days 17h
790695  mjk1964, Nipotrapaul12days 17h
790526  Spinal-Tap, Gattolardo, dcr66, IvanGrozny12days 17h
790727  Gladiatore, TnT, brewk00112days 19h
790494  newstew, GraysGhost, dcr66, Nasone12days 19h
789870  paciodv1, BlackSheep, docmortand, gugliandalf, redpanda, Zapalniczka, Viridovix, markrendl12days 20h
790927 diplomacydave, Mordrig12days 21h
790928 diplomacydave, Mordrig12days 22h
790755 pokerguy, scotireb, Gladiatore12days 22h
790754 Gladiatore, pokerguy, scotireb12days 22h
790925 diplomacydave, Mordrig12days 22h
790673  DarthVader, mjk196412days 23h
790615  markrendl, Gattolardo, Spinal-Tap, IvanGrozny12days 23h
790596 diplomacydave, Dodo1, Gardensnake, golfguy197812days 23h
790531  dcr66, clarence, deadline, Gattolardo12days 23h
790495  clarence, newstew, dcr66, Gattolardo12days 23h
790926 diplomacydave, Mordrig13days 1h
790924 diplomacydave, Mordrig13days 1h
790836 diplomacydave, Mordrig13days 1h
790835 diplomacydave, Mordrig13days 1h
790514  Gattolardo, dcr66, IvanGrozny, ElCaiman13days 2h
790663  brewk001, DarthVader13days 10h
790517  ElCaiman, dcr66, clarence, Gattolardo13days 12h
790210 yangtze, shermanguy, Korba, andrewpov13days 14h
790500  dcr66, Doorstop, clarence, Nasone13days 16h
790503  deadline, dcr66, ElCaiman, GraysGhost13days 16h
789081  Nasone, mvrichthofen, neelorath, dasanbrion13days 16h
790314  JackSparrow, mvrichthofen, higheagle13days 16h
790839 diplomacydave, Mordrig13days 18h
790671  DarthVader, Gattolardo13days 19h
790529  IvanGrozny, Gattolardo, ElCaiman, Spinal-Tap13days 19h
790603  Gattolardo, Spinal-Tap, IvanGrozny, darken13days 20h
790504  deadline, ElCaiman, dcr66, Spinal-Tap13days 20h
790838 diplomacydave, Mordrig13days 22h
790509  dcr66, Spinal-Tap, IvanGrozny, deadline13days 22h
790705  pokerguy, brewk00113days 23h
790310  higheagle, mvrichthofen, JackSparrow13days 23h
790688  GraysGhost, Nipotrapaul14days 2h
789448 Frusinak, markrendl, BigJoeDuke, Wertzz, [bigbros], chef62, sdelcia, bkbb214, cybrt54, Waffen14days 4h
790744 spaceghostx9, pokerguy, Gladiatore14days 4h
789556  Doorstop, dcr66, mvrichthofen, dasanbrion, Gladiatore, deadline14days 4h
789461 bkbb214, Dodo1, pavepilot, chef62, sdelcia, cybrt54, Frusinak, gpricesr14days 12h
790703  Nipotrapaul, pokerguy14days 13h
790502  dcr66, IvanGrozny, ElCaiman, clarence14days 14h
790661 Alcam, samler14days 17h
790684  GraysGhost, brewk00114days 20h
790528  clarence, dcr66, Spinal-Tap, GraysGhost14days 21h
790708  pokerguy, GraysGhost14days 21h
790685  GraysGhost, DarthVader14days 21h
790693  mjk1964, Gattolardo14days 23h
789717  TnT, Viridovix, Spinal-Tap, mvrichthofen15days 1h
790725  Gladiatore, pokerguy, higheagle15days 7h
790837 diplomacydave, Mordrig15days 12h
790677  Gattolardo, brewk00115days 13h
790664  brewk001, Gattolardo15days 13h
790538 faenyx14, scorpiorocks, Gattolardo, DarknessEternal15days 13h
790156 galadang, rshivy, Gardensnake15days 13h
790670  DarthVader, brewk00115days 13h
790505  clarence, IvanGrozny, GraysGhost, dcr6615days 13h
789078  mvrichthofen, Nasone, Doorstop, dcr6615days 14h
789217  pokerguy, dcr66, dasanbrion, Doorstop, Gladiatore15days 16h
790329  brewk001, higheagle, Spinal-Tap15days 17h
790721  ChandlerB, mjk1964, pokerguy15days 19h
789723  Viridovix, scotireb, duke68, TnT15days 22h
789701 diplomacydave, catoblepa, golfguy1978, cybrt54, Dodo1, Alcam15days 23h
789793 pavepilot, bkbb214, Vimes, 94th OVI, catoblepa, VonStackel, cybrt54, Dodo1, Albatrotro, sdelcia15days 23h
789209  pokerguy, Doorstop, jadthegrey, dasanbrion, GraysGhost15days 23h
790738  TnT, ChandlerB, pokerguy16days 1h
789453 bkbb214, markrendl, jhrobin2, Wertzz, jshushasn, Frusinak, chef62, sdelcia, cybrt54, pavepilot, catoblepa16days 7h
790710  pokerguy, Nipotrapaul16days 8h
790707  pokerguy, Gattolardo16days 8h
790709  pokerguy, mjk196416days 8h
790300  scotireb, JackSparrow, Morrigan3116days 8h
788767 bkbb214, Wertzz, Seahawker, minibro73, wiggervoss, chef62, sdelcia, cybrt54, pavepilot, Frusinak16days 17h
789985  docmortand, scotireb, DarthVader16days 17h
790322  pokerguy, clarence, Spinal-Tap16days 20h
790700  Nipotrapaul, Gattolardo16days 20h
790734  pokerguy, ChandlerB, TnT17days 9h
789978 pavepilot, cloudybear, cybrt54, Albatrotro, vonhilter17days 11h
790702  Nipotrapaul, mjk196417days 13h
790717  scotireb, Nipotrapaul17days 13h
790674  DarthVader, Nipotrapaul17days 13h
789296 scotireb, Dodo1, Mordermi, sdelcia, ivanhawk, cybrt54, chef62, bkbb21417days 14h
790637 Electro, Gardensnake, blan86, cybrt5417days 14h
789091  Nasone, Doorstop, deadline, neelorath17days 16h
789095  neelorath, mvrichthofen, Doorstop, Nipotrapaul17days 16h
790718  scotireb, pokerguy17days 16h
790532  dcr66, deadline, clarence, IvanGrozny17days 17h
790747 Nipotrapaul, Gattolardo, Gladiatore17days 17h
790003  brewk001, docmortand, Zapalniczka17days 19h
790672  DarthVader, GraysGhost17days 20h
790692  mjk1964, DarthVader17days 22h
790691  mjk1964, brewk00117days 22h
790711  pokerguy, scotireb18days
790699  Nipotrapaul, DarthVader18days
790507  ElCaiman, deadline, Gattolardo, IvanGrozny18days 1h
788819 cloudybear, Dodo1, Wertzz, bthanse, catoblepa, chef62, bkbb214, cybrt54, sdelcia, Albatrotro18days 1h
788085  SirLindsley, brewk001, sbadranga, Morrigan3118days 1h
789990  scotireb, Zapalniczka, SirLindsley18days 1h
790675  DarthVader, pokerguy18days 7h
788762 pavepilot, Frusinak, Wertzz, markrendl, doloso, chef62, sdelcia, cybrt54, bkbb214, wiggervoss18days 9h
790328  brewk001, JackSparrow, clarence18days 13h
789702 diplomacydave, catoblepa, vonhilter, cybrt54, shermanguy, markrendl18days 15h
790638 Alcam, Nanore18days 15h
789463 cloudybear, cybrt54, Frusinak, diplomacydave, chef62, bkbb214, sdelcia, pavepilot18days 16h
790530  clarence, GraysGhost, deadline, Spinal-Tap18days 17h
790714  scotireb, Gattolardo18days 18h
789719  TnT, mvrichthofen, wetty11, Spinal-Tap18days 18h
790506  deadline, Spinal-Tap, Gattolardo, dcr6618days 19h
787604 Wertzz, Frusinak, rshivy, cybrt54, Seahawker, Lidtsentude, 94th OVI, Friederstorm, chef62, sdelcia, bkbb214, wiggervoss, markrendl, pavepilot, lhsjfk3t, VonStackel18days 20h
790676  DarthVader, scotireb18days 21h
790555 diplomacydave, Mordrig18days 22h
790557 diplomacydave, Mordrig18days 23h
790706  pokerguy, DarthVader18days 23h
790325  Spinal-Tap, higheagle, brewk00118days 23h
790713  scotireb, DarthVader19days
789994  SirLindsley, Zapalniczka, scotireb19days 4h
786589 Vimes, Wertzz, Frusinak, rshivy, bigbros, Lidtsentude, TaomanTom, Albatrotro, erpiratapeloso, chef62, bkbb214, Dodo1, markrendl, sdelcia, neelorath, wheelnut, SlotraceDK, giannicaramba19days 4h
790318  matteo, brewk001, clarence19days 5h
790712  scotireb, brewk00119days 5h
789464 sdelcia, cybrt54, pavepilot, vonhilter, chef62, bkbb214, shermanguy, Frusinak19days 6h
789458 Frusinak, gpricesr, galadang, golfguy1978, jimdove, chef62, bkbb214, cybrt5419days 10h
786684 Soterios, bigbros, wheelnut, Wertzz, markrendl, mirmilon, SlotraceDK, Poetmate, [erpiratapeloso], chef62, bkbb214, sdelcia, neelorath, pitbull72, DirtyFocker1, wiggervoss, Waffen, Frusinak19days 11h
790308  clarence, JackSparrow, brewk00119days 11h
790719  ChandlerB, higheagle, Gattolardo19days 12h
790678  Gattolardo, DarthVader19days 14h
789981  DarthVader, scotireb, docmortand19days 19h
790723  Gattolardo, higheagle, ChandlerB19days 19h
790745 spaceghostx9, mjk1964, Gladiatore19days 20h
788148  markrendl, TnT, mjk1964, wheelnut, sbadranga, darken19days 20h
790559 diplomacydave, Mordrig19days 21h
789189  Gladiatore, matteo, dcr66, GraysGhost, dasanbrion19days 21h
790736  pokerguy, Gattolardo, Gladiatore19days 21h
789539  deadline, dasanbrion, mvrichthofen, Gladiatore, pokerguy, TXWard19days 21h
790696  mjk1964, pokerguy19days 21h
790683  Gattolardo, scotireb19days 22h
790681  Gattolardo, Nipotrapaul19days 23h
790299  scotireb, brewk001, samler19days 23h
790716  scotireb, mjk196419days 23h
790513  deadline, clarence, Spinal-Tap, ElCaiman20days 1h
790565 diplomacydave, Waffen, Albatrotro, cybrt5420days 1h
788764 rshivy, bkbb214, Wertzz, dasanbrion, chef62, sdelcia, cybrt54, [wiggervoss]20days 3h
788779 bkbb214, Wertzz, cybrt54, doloso, chef62, sdelcia, spaceghostx9, wiggervoss20days 8h
790519  IvanGrozny, GraysGhost, Spinal-Tap, dcr6620days 9h
788778 Wertzz, markrendl, cybrt54, cloudybear, neelorath, levenezu, jhrobin2, gpricesr, andrewpov, MauserFokker, chef62, sdelcia, Frusinak, bkbb214, otto_06, dasanbrion20days 10h
790287  JackSparrow, mvrichthofen, clarence20days 13h
790556 diplomacydave, Mordrig20days 13h
790554 diplomacydave, Mordrig20days 13h
789720  Viridovix, TnT, wetty11, mjk196420days 13h
789703  mjk1964, Viridovix, scotireb, duke6820days 13h
789997  TnT, brewk001, SirLindsley20days 14h
790668  brewk001, pokerguy20days 17h
790689  GraysGhost, pokerguy20days 17h
790296  samler, Alcam, mvrichthofen20days 17h
790665  brewk001, GraysGhost20days 17h
790697  mjk1964, scotireb20days 18h
790666  brewk001, mjk196420days 18h
789984  docmortand, SirLindsley, JackSparrow20days 19h
789553  deadline, dasanbrion, Gladiatore, TXWard, Doorstop, dcr6620days 22h
790326  Spinal-Tap, clarence, pokerguy20days 22h
789729  duke68, mjk1964, wetty11, TnT20days 23h
790304 Fantom, loppen, mortenfix, Flugt73, Sorensen73, Sorensen7921days
789989  JackSparrow, Zapalniczka, brewk00121days 1h
790560 diplomacydave, Mordrig21days 1h
790704  Nipotrapaul, scotireb21days 1h
788154  sbadranga, darken, TnT, deadline, wheelnut, Lidtsentude21days 4h
787601 Wertzz, Frusinak, markrendl, Dodo1, hambagger42, doloso, Leatherneck, dasanbrion, chef62, sdelcia, bkbb214, [VonBose], wiggervoss, Waffen21days 4h
788641  duke68, brewk001, newstew, darken21days 5h
790297  samler, clarence, JackSparrow21days 13h
789988  JackSparrow, SirLindsley, docmortand21days 14h
789084  Nasone, deadline, Nipotrapaul, mvrichthofen21days 15h
790563 diplomacydave, Mordrig21days 17h
790569 samler, Alcam21days 21h
790317  matteo, pokerguy, JackSparrow22days
790286  JackSparrow, samler, Morrigan3122days
790553 diplomacydave, Mordrig22days 1h
790313  JackSparrow, pokerguy, matteo22days 9h
789460 bkbb214, cybrt54, jhrobin2, [chef62], sdelcia, Frusinak, spaceghostx9, Korba22days 11h
790635 Nanore, Alcam22days 20h
790561 diplomacydave, Mordrig22days 21h
789728  duke68, wetty11, mjk1964, scotireb22days 21h
787072  CaptainBlood, Nipotrapaul, [Poetmate], wheelnut, clarence, Nasone, jadthegrey, brewk00122days 22h
790601 Nanore, Alcam22days 23h
790564 diplomacydave, Mordrig23days
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