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784206 Dodo1, derFritz2h 23'
784196 diplomacydave, Mordrig3h 21'
784194 diplomacydave, Mordrig3h 22'
784193 spaceghostx9, ghostrider, Blackronin20h 59'
784192 ghostrider, Dodo1, Blackronin4h 14'
784191 Dodo1, cybrt54, derFritz, Blackronin2h 19'
784188 galadang, shermanguy1h 17'
784187 CiscoCischetti, galadang13h 37'
784186 Blackronin, galadang1h 10'
784180 Nipotrapaul, galadang1h 22'
784152 CiscoCischetti, galadang13h 37'
784147 Fonck, gugliandalf2h 3'
784146 imdog, redbeard1775, cloudybear, neelorath, Wertzz, dcr66, cybrt54, DirtyFocker1, gugliandalf, Frusinak, Gladiatore, JackSparrow, Blackronin, chef62, kanitxus54' 23"
784145 imdog, Wertzz, JackSparrow, Blackronin, Fonck, cybrt54, cloudybear, neelorath, dcr66, DirtyFocker1, gugliandalf, Frusinak, rshivy, chef62, Lonehawk5h 1'
784144 cloudybear, Wertzz, Frusinak, Gladiatore, cybrt54, kanitxus, imdog, markrendl, neelorath, dcr66, DirtyFocker1, gugliandalf, JackSparrow, Blackronin, chef6253' 52"
784143 Wertzz, dcr66, gugliandalf, Frusinak, Lonehawk, bkbb214, imdog, cloudybear, markrendl, cybrt54, neelorath, DirtyFocker1, Gladiatore, JackSparrow, chef6254' 48"
784142 cloudybear, cybrt54, pavepilot, neelorath1day 4h
784141 cybrt54, neelorath, Wertzz, dcr66, JackSparrow, erpiratapeloso, imdog, redbeard1775, cloudybear, markrendl, DirtyFocker1, gugliandalf, Frusinak, Gladiatore, chef6216h 53'
784126 deadline, DirtyFocker1, catoblepa, Nipotrapaul, CesareBorgia, kevswrd, sdelcia, Lonehawk, Vimes, otto_06, duke68, Blackronin, rshivy, cybrt54, bkbb214, shermanguy, derFritz, chef621h 6'
784118 blan86, Seahawker, Blackronin, kevswrd1h 23'
784114 Fonck, Bluestone28, Blackronin, rshivy2h 4'
784108  Doorstop, jadthegrey, mvrichthofen, darken, Blackronin2h 12'
784107  darken, jadthegrey, scotireb, Blackronin, mvrichthofen1h 12'
784106  Doorstop, mjk1964, Blackronin, Gladiatore, scotireb5h 20'
784105  jadthegrey, Blackronin, Gladiatore, scotireb, darken4h 52'
784104  Blackronin, Doorstop, darken, Gladiatore, jadthegrey4h 32'
784103  darken, Gladiatore, mjk1964, Blackronin, scotireb6h 59'
784102  Blackronin, Gladiatore, mvrichthofen, scotireb, mjk19641h 18'
784101  darken, jadthegrey, scotireb, Doorstop, mvrichthofen2h 7'
784100  Gladiatore, scotireb, Doorstop, mvrichthofen, Blackronin1h 12'
784099  scotireb, darken, Blackronin, Doorstop, Gladiatore5h 22'
784098  Blackronin, Doorstop, jadthegrey, scotireb, mvrichthofen1h 12'
784097  scotireb, Doorstop, mjk1964, mvrichthofen, jadthegrey1h 58'
784096  Blackronin, Gladiatore, mvrichthofen, darken, mjk19642h 15'
784095  Doorstop, mvrichthofen, darken, mjk1964, scotireb2h 17'
784094  mvrichthofen, Blackronin, scotireb, darken, Doorstop2h 32'
784093  scotireb, darken, Gladiatore, mvrichthofen, mjk19642h 17'
784092  mvrichthofen, darken, jadthegrey, mjk1964, Gladiatore2h 17'
784091  scotireb, Doorstop, mjk1964, Blackronin, jadthegrey5h 5'
784090  darken, mjk1964, Blackronin, jadthegrey, mvrichthofen2days 2h
784089  mjk1964, scotireb, mvrichthofen, Blackronin, darken2h 15'
784088  mvrichthofen, Blackronin, Doorstop, mjk1964, jadthegrey1h 59'
784087  mjk1964, Blackronin, Gladiatore, jadthegrey, Doorstop4h 51'
784086  mvrichthofen, darken, jadthegrey, scotireb, Gladiatore2h 9'
784085  Blackronin, jadthegrey, scotireb, Gladiatore, mjk19644h 51'
784084  jadthegrey, mvrichthofen, mjk1964, scotireb, Blackronin1h 13'
784083  mjk1964, scotireb, darken, jadthegrey, Gladiatore6h 55'
784082  jadthegrey, scotireb, Doorstop, Gladiatore, darken6h 59'
784081  mjk1964, Blackronin, Gladiatore, mvrichthofen, Doorstop2h 9'
784080  scotireb, Gladiatore, mvrichthofen, Doorstop, jadthegrey1h 16'
784079  Gladiatore, mjk1964, jadthegrey, mvrichthofen, scotireb48' 40"
784078  jadthegrey, mvrichthofen, Blackronin, Gladiatore, Doorstop2h 11'
784077  Gladiatore, mvrichthofen, darken, Doorstop, Blackronin1h 18'
784076  jadthegrey, scotireb, Doorstop, mjk1964, darken1day 10h
784075  mvrichthofen, Doorstop, mjk1964, darken, Gladiatore2h 18'
784074  Doorstop, jadthegrey, Gladiatore, mjk1964, mvrichthofen1h 17'
784073  Gladiatore, mjk1964, scotireb, Doorstop, darken6h 58'
784072  Doorstop, mjk1964, Blackronin, darken, scotireb1day 10h
784071  Gladiatore, mvrichthofen, darken, jadthegrey, Blackronin2h 23'
784070  mjk1964, darken, jadthegrey, Blackronin, Doorstop2days 2h
784069  darken, Gladiatore, Doorstop, jadthegrey, mjk19646h 58'
784068 Frusinak, Dodo1, catoblepa, SLOTerp, Conan, Blackronin, Gladiatore, DirtyFocker11h 18'
784067 Fonck, Nipotrapaul, Frusinak, Lonehawk, Bluestone28, Seahawker, Blackronin, Dodo1, DirtyFocker1, catoblepa, bkbb214, erpiratapeloso1h 29'
784049  brewk001, mjk1964, mvrichthofen2h 25'
784048  brewk001, Gladiatore, scotireb7h 4'
784047  brewk001, jadthegrey, darken2days 5h
784046  scotireb, jadthegrey, mjk19645h 14'
784045  scotireb, darken, pokerguy50' 24"
784044  scotireb, Gladiatore, brewk0017h 4'
784043  pokerguy, Gladiatore, jadthegrey15"
784042  pokerguy, brewk001, mvrichthofen46' 36"
784041  pokerguy, darken, scotireb1day 10h
784040  mvrichthofen, darken, Gladiatore2h 35'
784038  mvrichthofen, brewk001, pokerguy46' 54"
784037  mjk1964, brewk001, darken2days 2h
784036  mjk1964, pokerguy, jadthegrey48' 48"
784033  jadthegrey, mvrichthofen, Gladiatore48' 8"
784032  jadthegrey, pokerguy, mjk196450' 11"
784031  Gladiatore, pokerguy, scotireb49' 58"
784030  Gladiatore, mjk1964, darken7h 6'
784029  Gladiatore, mvrichthofen, jadthegrey50' 8"
784028  darken, mvrichthofen, pokerguy47' 36"
784027  darken, jadthegrey, brewk0012days 15h
784026  darken, mjk1964, Gladiatore2days 2h
784022 CiscoCischetti, scotireb, Blackronin, chef625h 35'
784015 galadang, Blackronin, spaceghostx913h 38'
784010 Blackronin, mjk196419h 31'
784009 bkbb214, erpiratapeloso, Bluestone28, mjk1964, Blackronin16h 15'
784008 bkbb214, erpiratapeloso, Seahawker, mjk19643h 35'
784005 Blackronin, galadang, mjk1964, bkbb21413h 40'
783862 montyoz, catoblepa, Bluestone283days 7h
783861 Blackronin, montyoz, DarknessEternal2days 17h
783858 sdelcia, MajorTom, 99thmike, Dominion2days 17h
783856 Dodo1, cloudybear, Leatherneck, Lonehawk, Mordermi, SlotraceDK, Vimes, Lobster24, sdelcia, cybrt54, Frusinak, derFritz, Soterios, vonhilter, bkbb214, kanitxus, Lidtsentude, DirtyFocker15h 4'
783853 cloudybear, Frusinak, DarknessEternal, Blackronin3h 22'
783851 cloudybear, bkbb214, shermanguy, DarknessEternal, Bluestone28, Frusinak1h 19'
783850 Dodo1, Bluestone28, DarknessEternal, cloudybear, Frusinak3h 24'
783849 bkbb214, spaceghostx9, derFritz, Lidtsentude, Soterios, Leatherneck, kanitxus, bthanse, DirtyFocker1, Lonehawk, Vimes, cybrt54, cloudybear, otto_06, pavepilot, DarknessEternal, Blackronin, SlotraceDK5h 3'
783773 bkbb214, Soterios, derFritz, CiscoCischetti, montyoz, sdelcia, VonStackel, Viridovix, Blackronin, cloudybear, Dodo1, Bluestone281day 9h
783763 GregK, Frusinak, golfguy1978, Soterios, Dodo1, Blackronin, derFritz, bkbb2141day 21h
783762  GraysGhost, mvrichthofen, giovannisignore, Jasmyne, paciodv1, Fineturno, pokerguy, redpanda6days 22h
783761  paciodv1, pokerguy, giovannisignore, redpanda, Fineturno, mvrichthofen, Jasmyne, GraysGhost2h 7'
783760  giovannisignore, Jasmyne, Fineturno, GraysGhost, mvrichthofen, redpanda, paciodv1, pokerguy47' 13"
783759  mvrichthofen, paciodv1, Fineturno, pokerguy, redpanda, Jasmyne, GraysGhost, giovannisignore43' 8"
783758  Fineturno, GraysGhost, redpanda, giovannisignore, Jasmyne, pokerguy, mvrichthofen, paciodv150"
783757  Jasmyne, mvrichthofen, redpanda, paciodv1, pokerguy, GraysGhost, giovannisignore, Fineturno45' 33"
783756  redpanda, giovannisignore, pokerguy, Fineturno, GraysGhost, paciodv1, Jasmyne, mvrichthofen2h 7'
783755  GraysGhost, Jasmyne, pokerguy, mvrichthofen, paciodv1, giovannisignore, Fineturno, redpanda42' 51"
783754  pokerguy, Fineturno, paciodv1, redpanda, giovannisignore, mvrichthofen, GraysGhost, Jasmyne44' 36"
783753  giovannisignore, GraysGhost, paciodv1, Jasmyne, mvrichthofen, Fineturno, redpanda, pokerguy42' 25"
783752  paciodv1, redpanda, mvrichthofen, pokerguy, Fineturno, Jasmyne, giovannisignore, GraysGhost2h 1'
783751  Fineturno, giovannisignore, mvrichthofen, GraysGhost, Jasmyne, redpanda, pokerguy, paciodv12h 25'
783750  mvrichthofen, pokerguy, Jasmyne, paciodv1, redpanda, GraysGhost, Fineturno, giovannisignore46' 2"
783749  redpanda, Fineturno, Jasmyne, giovannisignore, GraysGhost, pokerguy, paciodv1, mvrichthofen43' 50"
783748  Jasmyne, paciodv1, GraysGhost, mvrichthofen, pokerguy, giovannisignore, redpanda, Fineturno46' 18"
783747  pokerguy, redpanda, GraysGhost, Fineturno, giovannisignore, paciodv1, mvrichthofen, Jasmyne21"
783746 derFritz, bkbb214, Frusinak, galadang, GregK, Dodo1, spaceghostx9, Blackronin22h 24'
783745 GregK, Leatherneck, Frusinak, bkbb214, golfguy1978, Soterios, Blackronin, derFritz2days
783744 GregK, Dodo1, spaceghostx9, Frusinak, Blackronin, Bluestone28, derFritz, Leatherneck1day 20h
783732  scotireb, calducho765h 27'
783727  pokerguy, higheagle1day
783725  pokerguy, calducho7648' 2"
783718  mjk1964, calducho765h 25'
783711  higheagle, calducho765h 30'
783704  deadline, calducho764h 11'
783700  calducho76, pokerguy48' 25"
783691  brewk001, higheagle20h 7'
783682  Blackronin, calducho765h 17'
783679 bthanse, golfguy1978, chef62, Blackronin1day
783633 cybrt54, Blackronin, Vimes, DirtyFocker1, cloudybear, vonhilter, derFritz, Dodo15h 26'
783632 cybrt54, Blackronin, Dominion, Bluestone28, cloudybear, vonhilter, derFritz, Cirunz2h 52'
783630 cloudybear, dwg, Bluestone28, SlotraceDK, cybrt54, vonhilter, Blackronin, derFritz6h 23'
783605 Seahawker, Leatherneck, Blackronin2days 3h
783599 keelhaul23, rsimcox, DarknessEternal, ttoddd1day 14h
783584 cloudybear, Bluestone28, angedolc, pokerguy10' 33"
783574 Seahawker, Dodo1, kevswrd, Nipotrapaul, SlotraceDK, SLOTerp, sdelcia, bkbb214, Blackronin, chef62, derFritz, Fonck, Leatherneck, ChimbleySweep2days 9h
783423 TaomanTom, Mordermi, sdelcia, Electro, Blackronin, cybrt54, chef62, bkbb2142h 29'
783408  GraysGhost, brewk001, Electro, Spinal-Tap, clarence13h 49'
783398  dcr66, Lidtsentude, clarence, higheagle, Spinal-Tap32' 26"
783396  Spinal-Tap, clarence, Electro, Lidtsentude, higheagle35'
783395  Lidtsentude, clarence, GraysGhost, higheagle, Electro34' 8"
783393  clarence, higheagle, brewk001, GraysGhost, Lidtsentude33' 51"
783392  higheagle, Spinal-Tap, Lidtsentude, brewk001, clarence33' 26"
783385  GraysGhost, Spinal-Tap, dcr66, Electro, clarence16h 8'
783384  higheagle, brewk001, Electro, Lidtsentude, dcr6632'
783377  dcr66, GraysGhost, Electro, higheagle, Lidtsentude37' 52"
783240 spaceghostx9, Seahawker, bkbb214, Frusinak, chef62, pavepilot, SLOTerp5' 14"
783238 erpiratapeloso, Seahawker, Dodo1, Viridovix, DirtyFocker1, Mordermi, Lidtsentude, Wertzz, imdog, Frusinak, bkbb214, chef62, pavepilot, sdelcia, cloudybear, giannicaramba, SlotraceDK, shermanguy40' 52"
783232  higheagle, Spinal-Tap, clarence, TnT, markrendl, wetty111day
783231  higheagle, clarence, TnT, mvrichthofen, Spinal-Tap, markrendl2h 10'
783230  clarence, markrendl, gugliandalf, mvrichthofen, higheagle, Spinal-Tap2h 18'
783229  gugliandalf, mvrichthofen, wetty11, Spinal-Tap, higheagle, TnT36'
783228  gugliandalf, wetty11, Spinal-Tap, markrendl, mvrichthofen, higheagle2h 13'
783227  wetty11, higheagle, clarence, markrendl, gugliandalf, mvrichthofen48' 22"
783226  clarence, markrendl, TnT, mvrichthofen, gugliandalf, Spinal-Tap2h 13'
783225  clarence, TnT, mvrichthofen, higheagle, markrendl, gugliandalf2h 7'
783224  TnT, gugliandalf, wetty11, higheagle, clarence, markrendl22h 29'
783223  wetty11, higheagle, Spinal-Tap, markrendl, clarence, mvrichthofen2h 21'
783222  wetty11, Spinal-Tap, markrendl, gugliandalf, higheagle, clarence22h 27'
783221  Spinal-Tap, clarence, TnT, gugliandalf, wetty11, higheagle47' 26"
783220  TnT, gugliandalf, mvrichthofen, higheagle, wetty11, markrendl22h 25'
783219  TnT, mvrichthofen, higheagle, clarence, gugliandalf, wetty112h 12'
783218  mvrichthofen, wetty11, Spinal-Tap, clarence, TnT, gugliandalf2h 31'
783217  Spinal-Tap, clarence, markrendl, gugliandalf, TnT, higheagle13h 49'
783216  Spinal-Tap, markrendl, gugliandalf, wetty11, clarence, TnT22h 26'
783215  markrendl, TnT, mvrichthofen, wetty11, Spinal-Tap, clarence22h 22'
783214  mvrichthofen, wetty11, higheagle, clarence, Spinal-Tap, gugliandalf2h 12'
783212  higheagle, Spinal-Tap, markrendl, TnT, mvrichthofen, wetty1113h 5'
783211  markrendl, TnT, gugliandalf, wetty11, mvrichthofen, clarence22h 24'
783210  markrendl, gugliandalf, wetty11, Spinal-Tap, TnT, mvrichthofen2h 14'
783209  gugliandalf, mvrichthofen, higheagle, Spinal-Tap, markrendl, TnT1h 44'
783200 VonFrank, cloudybear, Leatherneck, kevswrd, dwg, Bresbomb, bkbb214, VonStackel, spaceghostx9, Osgard, chef62, Lidtsentude22h 16'
783198 cloudybear, bkbb214, Osgard, Frusinak, VonFrank, Seahawker1h 55'
783197 Seahawker, erpiratapeloso, VonFrank, giannicaramba3h 34'
783177 bkbb214, Seahawker, golfguy1978, SlotraceDK, vonhilter, kevswrd, Mordermi, Viridovix, derFritz, Frusinak, sdelcia3h 27'
783176 Frusinak, Viridovix, bkbb214, kevswrd, Mordermi, Wertzz, Seahawker, chef62, SlotraceDK, Vimes, sdelcia, cybrt546h 22'
783111 ReneFonk27, mbeckwith, Dodo1, scotireb1day 10h
783094 Dodo1, cloudybear, bkbb214, Soterios, DirtyFocker1, SlotraceDK, vonhilter, Lonehawk, VonStackel, ghostrider, Johntheboring, derFritz, Viridovix, cybrt54, kevswrd, otto_061h 7'
783093 Fantom, loppen, mortenfix, Flugt73, Sorensen73, Sorensen791day 6h
783090 derFritz, sdelcia, pavepilot, Blackronin30' 42"
783075 cloudybear, Scratch2002, ghostrider, Lidtsentude, Johntheboring, Cuelebre, vonhilter, bkbb214, sdelcia, rshivy42' 27"
783074 vonhilter, bkbb214, rshivy, Scratch2002, Lidtsentude, Cuelebre, sdelcia, ghostrider, Dodo1, cloudybear4h 36'
783073 Cuelebre, ghostrider, cloudybear, Scratch2002, Morrigan31, vonhilter, bkbb214, sdelcia, Dominion, Dodo14h 19'
783030 LordYorkPud, Lonehawk, wiggervoss, bkbb2144h 31'
783029 bkbb214, Wertzz, Soterios, Frusinak, Bluestone28, Dodo1, wiggervoss, Lonehawk, rshivy, Viridovix, DirtyFocker1, chef627' 40"
783028 Wertzz, Viridovix, Soterios, Frusinak, Bluestone28, Dodo1, wiggervoss, bkbb214, pavepilot, Lonehawk29' 19"
783027 spaceghostx9, Lonehawk, Wertzz, Soterios, DirtyFocker1, SlotraceDK, wiggervoss, bkbb214, cybrt54, pavepilot29' 46"
783026 LordYorkPud, Lonehawk, wiggervoss, bkbb2144h 56'
783023 Osgard, markrendl, Lonehawk, LordYorkPud, Blackronin, sdelcia, Seahawker, Lemmy4h 54'
783022 Osgard, Lonehawk, Dodo1, ghostrider, sdelcia, Seahawker4h 50'
782981 bkbb214, kevswrd, vonhilter, Osgard, Leatherneck, pavepilot, chef62, Lidtsentude22h 17'
782929 Cuelebre, Soterios, Seahawker, bkbb214, vonhilter, Dodo1, golfguy19782days 2h
782928 bkbb214, Soterios, Seahawker, Cuelebre, cybrt54, Cirunz, vonhilter6h 24'
782926 Cuelebre, Soterios, Cirunz, Dodo1, bkbb214, cybrt54, Seahawker7h 2'
782858  Morrigan31, _tak_tak_tak_, CaptainBlood, docmortand, BlackSheep, Nasone, sbadranga, dcr662h 2'
782857  _tak_tak_tak_, docmortand, Morrigan31, Nasone, BlackSheep, dcr66, CaptainBlood, sbadranga2h 3'
782856  docmortand, sbadranga, BlackSheep, dcr66, _tak_tak_tak_, Morrigan31, Nasone, CaptainBlood2h 6'
782855  sbadranga, dcr66, docmortand, Morrigan31, _tak_tak_tak_, CaptainBlood, BlackSheep, Nasone2h 7'
782854  dcr66, Nasone, _tak_tak_tak_, CaptainBlood, sbadranga, docmortand, Morrigan31, BlackSheep1day 6h
782853  Nasone, CaptainBlood, dcr66, docmortand, sbadranga, BlackSheep, _tak_tak_tak_, Morrigan312h 10'
782852  CaptainBlood, Morrigan31, sbadranga, BlackSheep, Nasone, dcr66, docmortand, _tak_tak_tak_2h 12'
782851  Morrigan31, BlackSheep, CaptainBlood, dcr66, Nasone, _tak_tak_tak_, sbadranga, docmortand2h 14'
782850  BlackSheep, docmortand, Nasone, _tak_tak_tak_, Morrigan31, CaptainBlood, dcr66, sbadranga2h 22'
782849  docmortand, _tak_tak_tak_, BlackSheep, CaptainBlood, Morrigan31, sbadranga, Nasone, dcr662h 24'
782848  _tak_tak_tak_, dcr66, Morrigan31, sbadranga, docmortand, BlackSheep, CaptainBlood, Nasone2h 26'
782847  dcr66, sbadranga, _tak_tak_tak_, BlackSheep, docmortand, Nasone, Morrigan31, CaptainBlood2h 29'
782846  sbadranga, CaptainBlood, docmortand, Nasone, dcr66, _tak_tak_tak_, BlackSheep, Morrigan312h 30'
782845  CaptainBlood, Nasone, sbadranga, _tak_tak_tak_, dcr66, Morrigan31, docmortand, BlackSheep2h 32'
782844  Nasone, BlackSheep, dcr66, Morrigan31, CaptainBlood, sbadranga, _tak_tak_tak_, docmortand2h 33'
782843  BlackSheep, Morrigan31, Nasone, sbadranga, CaptainBlood, docmortand, dcr66, _tak_tak_tak_2h 34'
782762 Osgard, Lidtsentude, ChimbleySweep, Soterios, Blackronin, pavepilot1day 9h
782761 vonhilter, Gladiatore, Seahawker, Osgard, ChimbleySweep, Lidtsentude41' 14"
782759 kevswrd, DirtyFocker1, Soterios, Lidtsentude, ChimbleySweep, LordYorkPud, Scratch2002, catoblepa, Cirunz, SlotraceDK, Dodo1, Osgard39' 33"
782583  wetty11, redpanda, Mad_Bomber, Blackronin22h 26'
782581  deadline, Blackronin, higheagle, Mad_Bomber5h 30'
782576  wetty11, Mad_Bomber, deadline, RoyBrown1day 4h
782571  Mad_Bomber, higheagle, deadline, redpanda22h 2'
782568  redpanda, higheagle, wetty11, Mad_Bomber48' 30"
782567  JackSparrow, deadline, Blackronin, Mad_Bomber1day 8h
782566  redpanda, RoyBrown, Mad_Bomber, higheagle5h 9'
782565  redpanda, Mad_Bomber, RoyBrown, Blackronin1day
782562  Mad_Bomber, redpanda, JackSparrow, deadline22h 20'
782561  Mad_Bomber, JackSparrow, redpanda, wetty111day 7h
782558  JackSparrow, Mad_Bomber, higheagle, Blackronin22h 14'
782557  JackSparrow, higheagle, Mad_Bomber, RoyBrown22h 17'
782556  higheagle, wetty11, Mad_Bomber, deadline22h 27'
782531 Frusinak, Conan, Wertzz, catoblepa, vonhilter, bkbb214, Mordermi, jshushasn, Blackronin, Lonehawk, cybrt54, giannicaramba, markrendl, chef62, Bluestone28, sdelcia39' 59"
782530 Frusinak, Conan, Wertzz, catoblepa, Lonehawk, bkbb214, giannicaramba, Blackronin, vonhilter, cybrt54, markrendl, chef62, Mordermi, Bluestone283h 58'
782522 bkbb214, cybrt54, sdelcia, Vimes, rshivy, markrendl, kevswrd, cloudybear, jshushasn, derFritz, golfguy1978, chef62, Blackronin, DarknessEternal, VFCBaxter, catoblepa, Lonehawk2h 22'
782448  Doorstop, clarence, Gladiatore, higheagle, pokerguy5h 37'
782416  Jasmyne, Doorstop, higheagle, TXWard, Gladiatore6h 10'
782415  Doorstop, GraysGhost, pokerguy, Gladiatore, Jasmyne7h 4'
782409  higheagle, Jasmyne, Doorstop, GraysGhost, Gladiatore6h 54'
782408  [Zapalniczka], pokerguy10days 1h
782218 wiggervoss, galadang13h 36'
782210 Soterios, Dodo1, Bresbomb, sdelcia, Gardensnake, bkbb214, vonhilter, chef62, mbeckwith, wiggervoss2days 3h
782209 bkbb214, Dodo1, Vimes, Bresbomb, sdelcia, Wertzz, Lidtsentude, vonhilter, chef62, wiggervoss, cybrt54, cloudybear, shermanguy, DirtyFocker141' 47"
782208 vonhilter, Dodo1, Vimes, Wertzz, shermanguy, Lonehawk, bkbb214, Soterios, chef62, Bresbomb, wiggervoss, sdelcia, cybrt54, Lidtsentude, Mordermi2h 17'
782077 Scratch2002, DirtyFocker1, arktos, cloudybear, Zacchio, Blackronin, chef62, sdelcia5h 29'
782069  mvrichthofen, Blackronin, [Flashrock], markrendl, darken, scotireb, TnT, Gladiatore47days 5h
782068  Blackronin, markrendl, mvrichthofen, scotireb, darken, Gladiatore, [Flashrock], TnT46days 22h
782067  markrendl, TnT, darken, Gladiatore, Blackronin, mvrichthofen, scotireb, [Flashrock]47days 5h
782066  TnT, Gladiatore, markrendl, mvrichthofen, Blackronin, [Flashrock], darken, scotireb46days 11h
782065  Gladiatore, scotireb, Blackronin, [Flashrock], TnT, markrendl, mvrichthofen, darken46days 12h
782064  scotireb, [Flashrock], Gladiatore, markrendl, TnT, darken, Blackronin, mvrichthofen47days
782063  [Flashrock], mvrichthofen, TnT, darken, scotireb, Gladiatore, markrendl, Blackronin46days 22h
782062  mvrichthofen, darken, [Flashrock], Gladiatore, scotireb, Blackronin, TnT, markrendl47days 5h
782061  darken, markrendl, scotireb, Blackronin, mvrichthofen, [Flashrock], Gladiatore, TnT47days 5h
782060  markrendl, Blackronin, darken, [Flashrock], mvrichthofen, TnT, scotireb, Gladiatore47days 5h
782059  Blackronin, Gladiatore, mvrichthofen, TnT, markrendl, darken, [Flashrock], scotireb47days 5h
782058  Gladiatore, TnT, Blackronin, darken, markrendl, scotireb, mvrichthofen, [Flashrock]47days 5h
782057  TnT, [Flashrock], markrendl, scotireb, Gladiatore, Blackronin, darken, mvrichthofen47days 5h
782056  [Flashrock], scotireb, TnT, Blackronin, Gladiatore, mvrichthofen, markrendl, darken47days 5h
782055  scotireb, darken, Gladiatore, mvrichthofen, [Flashrock], TnT, Blackronin, markrendl47days 5h
782054  darken, mvrichthofen, scotireb, TnT, [Flashrock], markrendl, Gladiatore, Blackronin46days 22h
782018 ReneFonk27, Lobster24, sdelcia, cloudybear, Wertzz, catoblepa, Blackronin, Cuelebre, rshivy, cybrt54, Lonehawk5h 23'
781780 ChimbleySweep, [Traig]39days 23h
781696 Wertzz, kevswrd, BigJoeDuke, Mordermi, ChimbleySweep, nikosan, Bresbomb, Vimes, atomzero, TnT, cloudybear, Lobster24, catoblepa, chef62, giannicaramba, pavepilot, Lidtsentude, sdelcia2days
781681 Dodo1, wiggervoss, shermanguy, cybrt5412h 40'
781548 giannicaramba, nikosan, Aredel, calducho76, Leatherneck, pavepilot11days 8h
781471 jhrobin2, sdelcia, [Aredel], cloudybear16days 18h
780985 DirtyFocker1, cybrt54, Nipotrapaul, sdelcia, Wertzz, Creeps, Scratch2002, bkbb214, rshivy, [rel0094], cloudybear, atomzero36days 16h
780924 atomzero, sdelcia, LordYorkPud, Cirunz, magpie, Lonehawk, Morrigan31, Starion156, jshushasn, spaceghostx9, VonStackel, rumpler, bkbb214, rshivy, cloudybear, Ol Sol2h 41'
780923 spaceghostx9, Nipotrapaul, sdelcia, cloudybear, Ol Sol, arktos, LordYorkPud, Lonehawk, Morrigan31, jshushasn, atomzero, vonhilter, VonStackel, rumpler, bkbb214, rshivy, Cirunz, magpie1h 55'
780889 BlackSheep, Mordermi, pavepilot, Wertzz, bkbb214, sdelcia, cybrt54, [rel0094], catoblepa, dcr66, chef62, frkydk, wiggervoss, cloudybear, spaceghostx9, shermanguy, vonhilter, Leatherneck47days 5h
780210  BlackSheep, ERTYWERT, Jasmyne, throbmaster, higheagle, deadline, Doorstop, markrendl2h 44'
778523 bthanse, jadthegrey, [Barolf], nikosan, rvguegn, grfrly, Leatherneck, giovannisignore, galadang, VonBose, rumpler, rshivy, DarknessEternal, chef62, [Balthain], SlotraceDK, SgaBello, pavepilot38days 6h
778096 nikosan, pavepilot, [VonBose], Elder_Dragon, cloudybear, hambagger42, DirtyFocker1, [rvguegn], Vildarin, [Barolf], Scratch2002, Bresbomb, Lonehawk, markrendl, chef62, bkbb214, Dutchundertaker, Lidtsentude36days 3h
708394 Sarmata, Noxiol_redpig3years 348days
597915 mjk1964, chef62, John_Clark, Mahouman6years 295days
568046 [Ciccio], scotireb7years 108days
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elapsed time
Your name is always listed in Red. Bold is for players that have to move, Strike is for eliminated players, Italic is for retired players. [Bracketed] names are for players automoved by the site engine.
So, if you see ... it's time to move!
782435  Jasmyne, TXWard, Gladiatore, pokerguy, Doorstop51' 50"
784132 JackSparrow, galadang1h 24'
783697  calducho76, deadline5h 28'
783695  calducho76, Blackronin5h 29'
784195 diplomacydave, Mordrig12h 1'
783387  GraysGhost, Lidtsentude, higheagle, Spinal-Tap, brewk00112h 47'
784198 diplomacydave, Mordrig13h 24'
784183 diplomacydave, Mordrig13h 25'
784207 derFritz, Dodo116h
783411  dcr66, GraysGhost, Lidtsentude, clarence, brewk00116h 37'
781952  higheagle, TnT, darken, toniu, pokerguy, Viridovix19h 59'
781936  TnT, pokerguy, Gladiatore, Viridovix, darken, toniu22h 28'
784197 diplomacydave, Mordrig23h 41'
784184 diplomacydave, Mordrig1day
784182 diplomacydave, Mordrig1day 13h
784158 Dodo1, sdelcia, Blackronin1day 17h
784174 diplomacydave, Mordrig1day 18h
784172 diplomacydave, Mordrig1day 19h
784179 Blackronin, galadang1day 19h
784178 galadang, Blackronin1day 19h
783241 Frusinak, bkbb214, pavepilot, Mordermi, cloudybear, Seahawker, Dodo1, sdelcia, cybrt541day 19h
784173 diplomacydave, Mordrig1day 19h
782264  calducho76, neelorath, Nipotrapaul, atomzero, deadline, Lidtsentude, JustGary, Blackronin1day 20h
784171 diplomacydave, Mordrig1day 20h
784175 diplomacydave, Mordrig1day 20h
784153 galadang, Blackronin1day 21h
784120 vonhilter, galadang1day 22h
783738 sdelcia, jhrobin2, blan86, derFritz2days
784113 diplomacydave, Mordrig2days
784111 diplomacydave, Mordrig2days
783009 GregK, Wertzz, vonhilter, spaceghostx9, chef62, pavepilot, Soterios, Leatherneck2days 1h
784109 diplomacydave, Mordrig2days 1h
784004 Blackronin, mjk19642days 2h
784039  mvrichthofen, scotireb, mjk19642days 2h
784035  mjk1964, scotireb, mvrichthofen2days 2h
783585 pokerguy, cloudybear, Bluestone28, vonhilter2days 9h
784112 diplomacydave, Mordrig2days 10h
784051 diplomacydave, Mordrig2days 11h
784110 diplomacydave, Mordrig2days 11h
783611 sdelcia, Dodo1, shermanguy, Electro2days 11h
782982 Sooap, Osgard, erpiratapeloso, Soterios, sdelcia, Leatherneck, bkbb214, kevswrd, vonhilter, chef622days 14h
783631 derFritz, rshivy, Bluestone28, SlotraceDK, cybrt54, cloudybear, vonhilter, Blackronin2days 15h
783852 cloudybear, cybrt54, derFritz, DarknessEternal, Bluestone28, bkbb2142days 16h
783710  higheagle, brewk0012days 18h
784116 Fonck, Blackronin2days 22h
781937  TnT, darken, pokerguy, Gladiatore, toniu, higheagle2days 22h
783734  scotireb, higheagle2days 22h
784154 galadang, Blackronin3days
784122 Dodo1, galadang3days 1h
783586 Wertzz, vonhilter, markrendl, Blackronin3days 2h
784133 galadang, Blackronin3days 4h
781938  Spinal-Tap, Viridovix, TnT, darken, toniu, Gladiatore3days 7h
782548 GW844, Seahawker, Blackronin, catoblepa, vonhilter3days 7h
784135 galadang, Fonck3days 7h
784034  jadthegrey, scotireb, brewk0013days 8h
782277  Lidtsentude, atomzero, calducho76, JustGary, Blackronin, neelorath, Nipotrapaul, deadline3days 11h
783724  pokerguy, brewk0013days 14h
783863 montyoz, Dodo1, Blackronin3days 14h
783404  clarence, GraysGhost, Spinal-Tap, dcr66, Lidtsentude3days 14h
783112 ReneFonk27, Blackronin3days 15h
783113 ReneFonk27, Blackronin3days 15h
783693  brewk001, pokerguy3days 16h
783109 ReneFonk27, Blackronin3days 16h
783108 ReneFonk27, Blackronin3days 16h
783110 ReneFonk27, Blackronin3days 16h
784007 mjk1964, Blackronin, chef623days 17h
784117 Fonck, JackSparrow3days 19h
783008 GregK, Wertzz, pavepilot, Soterios, chef62, vonhilter, Leatherneck, Frusinak3days 20h
783692  brewk001, mjk19643days 20h
782863 celiorod, LordYorkPud, cybrt54, rshivy3days 20h
783375  dcr66, higheagle, brewk001, clarence, Spinal-Tap3days 21h
784134 JackSparrow, galadang3days 22h
784119 Blackronin, galadang4days
782574  wetty11, Blackronin, RoyBrown, Mad_Bomber4days 5h
783239 Frusinak, Seahawker, pavepilot, sdelcia, cybrt54, bkbb214, Blackronin4days 7h
780319 vonhilter, markrendl, atomzero, Nipotrapaul, cybrt54, Frusinak, VonStackel, sdelcia, chef62, wiggervoss, DarknessEternal, SlotraceDK4days 7h
784124 montyoz, galadang4days 13h
783717  mjk1964, brewk0014days 15h
784123 Blackronin, galadang4days 17h
783881 galadang, Blackronin4days 18h
784014 Bluestone28, galadang4days 22h
783911 vonhilter, galadang4days 22h
784121 JackSparrow, galadang5days
784006 mjk1964, Blackronin5days
783397  Lidtsentude, brewk001, Spinal-Tap, clarence, dcr665days
782686 erpiratapeloso, pavepilot, Soterios, vonhilter, golfguy1978, Frusinak, sdelcia, chef625days 1h
784115 Fonck, Blackronin5days 2h
783864 montyoz, catoblepa5days 7h
783698  calducho76, higheagle5days 7h
782579  RoyBrown, Mad_Bomber, JackSparrow, wetty115days 8h
784050 diplomacydave, Mordrig5days 11h
783943 diplomacydave, Mordrig5days 12h
783945 diplomacydave, Mordrig5days 12h
782266  deadline, Nipotrapaul, atomzero, Blackronin, JustGary, neelorath, Lidtsentude, calducho765days 14h
783709  higheagle, Blackronin5days 14h
782417  Gladiatore, clarence, GraysGhost, pokerguy, Doorstop5days 15h
782927 cybrt54, Soterios, Dodo1, spaceghostx9, Cuelebre, bkbb214, Seahawker5days 18h
783195 VonFrank, cloudybear, bkbb214, Frusinak, giannicaramba, Bluestone285days 20h
782271  calducho76, Lidtsentude, Nipotrapaul, Blackronin, neelorath, deadline, JustGary, atomzero5days 20h
783699  calducho76, mjk19645days 20h
783845 CiscoCischetti, montyoz, scotireb, Blackronin5days 22h
783196 VonFrank, Leatherneck, giannicaramba, Osgard5days 22h
783855 JackSparrow, Fonck6days 2h
782636 Cuelebre, cloudybear, cybrt54, Blackronin, Lonehawk, bkbb2146days 2h
783373  higheagle, clarence, GraysGhost, brewk001, dcr666days 7h
782564  Mad_Bomber, deadline, RoyBrown, JackSparrow6days 7h
783690  brewk001, deadline6days 7h
783703  deadline, brewk0016days 8h
783394  Spinal-Tap, dcr66, higheagle, brewk001, GraysGhost6days 8h
783882 ghostrider, galadang6days 14h
782429  clarence, Doorstop, Jasmyne, TXWard, pokerguy6days 14h
784013 CiscoCischetti, galadang6days 15h
782760 Scratch2002, catoblepa, bkbb214, Soterios, kevswrd, DirtyFocker1, cybrt54, SlotraceDK6days 15h
783913 galadang, vonhilter6days 16h
783942 diplomacydave, Mordrig6days 16h
783388  brewk001, GraysGhost, Spinal-Tap, Electro, higheagle6days 18h
782979 erpiratapeloso, Dodo1, SlotraceDK, kanitxus, pavepilot, catoblepa6days 19h
783576 Fonck, vonhilter6days 20h
783386  higheagle, Spinal-Tap, clarence, GraysGhost, Electro6days 22h
784012 galadang, Blackronin6days 23h
783705  deadline, higheagle7days
783714  higheagle, pokerguy7days
783726  pokerguy, deadline7days
782687 spaceghostx9, Soterios, Frusinak, sdelcia, erpiratapeloso, bkbb214, chef62, Bluestone287days 1h
783712  higheagle, deadline7days 2h
783854 Fonck, JackSparrow7days 2h
783686  Blackronin, pokerguy7days 4h
782439  Gladiatore, GraysGhost, TXWard, Doorstop, clarence7days 7h
783944 diplomacydave, Mordrig7days 12h
783684  Blackronin, higheagle7days 13h
783601 diplomacydave, Mordrig7days 13h
783603 diplomacydave, Mordrig7days 13h
783912 scotireb, galadang7days 14h
783764 galadang, kevswrd, Blackronin7days 15h
783600 diplomacydave, Mordrig7days 15h
783602 diplomacydave, Mordrig7days 16h
782441  Gladiatore, pokerguy, Doorstop, higheagle, TXWard7days 16h
783403  Electro, Spinal-Tap, dcr66, Lidtsentude, brewk0017days 18h
783707  deadline, pokerguy7days 21h
783728  pokerguy, mjk19647days 21h
783733  scotireb, deadline7days 22h
783719  mjk1964, deadline7days 23h
783372  clarence, Electro, dcr66, GraysGhost, higheagle8days
783706  deadline, mjk19648days 1h
783402  Spinal-Tap, clarence, brewk001, dcr66, Electro8days 3h
783407  brewk001, dcr66, clarence, Electro, GraysGhost8days 3h
783410  clarence, GraysGhost, Spinal-Tap, brewk001, Lidtsentude8days 3h
783743 montyoz, Blackronin8days 4h
783860 montyoz, Blackronin8days 4h
783720  mjk1964, higheagle8days 9h
783722  mjk1964, scotireb8days 9h
783390  higheagle, brewk001, Electro, GraysGhost, dcr668days 12h
783678 galadang, vonhilter8days 12h
782217 wiggervoss, galadang8days 13h
783406  clarence, Electro, higheagle, brewk001, Spinal-Tap8days 16h
782806  pokerguy, scotireb, mjk1964, docmortand8days 20h
783729  pokerguy, scotireb8days 20h
783735  scotireb, mjk19648days 20h
783409  dcr66, higheagle, brewk001, Electro, Spinal-Tap9days
783708  deadline, scotireb9days
782822  dcr66, docmortand, brewk001, scotireb9days
783401  brewk001, dcr66, GraysGhost, Spinal-Tap, Lidtsentude9days
783716  mjk1964, Blackronin9days 3h
783689  brewk001, calducho769days 4h
782270  Lidtsentude, Blackronin, calducho76, deadline, neelorath, atomzero, Nipotrapaul, JustGary9days 8h
782410  clarence, Gladiatore, Jasmyne, Doorstop, higheagle9days 12h
783883 Blackronin, galadang9days 12h
783701  calducho76, scotireb9days 12h
783736  scotireb, pokerguy9days 12h
780602  Mad_Bomber, wetty11, higheagle, pokerguy, CaptainBlood9days 13h
782414  Jasmyne, pokerguy, Gladiatore, higheagle, GraysGhost9days 16h
783367 Nipotrapaul, Seahawker, Blackronin9days 16h
782426  TXWard, GraysGhost, pokerguy, Doorstop, higheagle9days 18h
783683  Blackronin, deadline9days 19h
783696  calducho76, brewk0019days 20h
783681  Blackronin, brewk0019days 20h
783685  Blackronin, mjk19649days 20h
783371 blan86, mjk1964, Blackronin, galadang9days 20h
783677 mbeckwith, galadang10days 1h
783675 mbeckwith, vonhilter10days 1h
783237 spaceghostx9, Seahawker, Wittman, kevswrd10days 1h
783702  deadline, Blackronin10days 1h
782401  pokerguy, Zapalniczka10days 2h
783721  mjk1964, pokerguy10days 2h
782532 Frusinak, Lonehawk, bkbb214, cybrt54, Blackronin, catoblepa, vonhilter, giannicaramba10days 2h
783101 Frusinak, SlotraceDK, cloudybear, bkbb214, vonhilter, Soterios, Lidtsentude, Bluestone2810days 3h
783723  pokerguy, Blackronin10days 5h
783380  Electro, Lidtsentude, clarence, dcr66, brewk00110days 8h
783731  scotireb, brewk00110days 11h
783847 montyoz, Blackronin10days 12h
782412  Doorstop, TXWard, Gladiatore, Jasmyne, clarence10days 16h
783391  Lidtsentude, brewk001, dcr66, higheagle, GraysGhost10days 16h
782265  Nipotrapaul, calducho76, JustGary, neelorath, deadline, atomzero, Blackronin, Lidtsentude10days 20h
783389  Lidtsentude, clarence, GraysGhost, Spinal-Tap, Electro10days 20h
783383  Spinal-Tap, Electro, Lidtsentude, dcr66, GraysGhost10days 23h
782267  atomzero, deadline, Lidtsentude, Nipotrapaul, JustGary, Blackronin, calducho76, neelorath10days 23h
783694  brewk001, scotireb11days 1h
783713  higheagle, mjk196411days 1h
782275  JustGary, Nipotrapaul, Blackronin, deadline, atomzero, Lidtsentude, neelorath, calducho7611days 5h
782797  higheagle, docmortand, mjk1964, scotireb11days 10h
783846 montyoz, scotireb11days 11h
783778 Blackronin, galadang11days 15h
783777 Blackronin, galadang11days 15h
783779 galadang, Blackronin11days 15h
783089 ghostrider, cloudybear, derFritz, sdelcia12days 1h
783213  mvrichthofen, higheagle, clarence, TnT, wetty11, Spinal-Tap12days 1h
783589 Fonck, galadang12days 2h
783688  brewk001, Blackronin12days 3h
781831 markrendl, kevswrd, Lonehawk, Cirunz, Gladiatore, pavepilot, Leatherneck, golfguy1978, imdog, cybrt54, jshushasn, Zacchio, catoblepa, DirtyFocker1, bkbb214, Starion156, Morrigan3112days 5h
782351 catoblepa, bkbb214, Soterios, DarknessEternal, cybrt54, Seahawker12days 13h
781944  toniu, Gladiatore, Viridovix, higheagle, darken, pokerguy12days 14h
782824 spaceghostx9, Soterios, shermanguy, Osgard, chef62, sdelcia12days 14h
782745 sdelcia, Vimes, scotireb, Blackronin, chef62, spaceghostx912days 16h
783578 rshivy, galadang12days 16h
783381  GraysGhost, Lidtsentude, brewk001, Electro, dcr6612days 20h
783730  scotireb, Blackronin12days 21h
783687  Blackronin, scotireb12days 21h
783587 galadang, Blackronin, derFritz12days 21h
783715  higheagle, scotireb13days
782438  TXWard, pokerguy, clarence, Gladiatore, higheagle13days 1h
782942  higheagle, pokerguy, docmortand13days 1h
783007 Wertzz, vonhilter, spaceghostx9, Soterios, Leatherneck, GregK, chef62, pavepilot13days 2h
783374  Electro, Lidtsentude, clarence, GraysGhost, brewk00113days 3h
782118  GraysGhost, spuddy13days 3h
783103 Frusinak, SlotraceDK, Soterios, Dodo1, Wertzz, cloudybear, bkbb214, Lidtsentude, Bluestone2813days 4h
780957 atomzero, LordYorkPud, Nipotrapaul, pavepilot, vonhilter, Bresbomb, Morrigan31, Starion156, bkbb214, chef62, VonStackel, cybrt5413days 4h
782468  higheagle, spuddy13days 5h
781931  pokerguy, toniu, Gladiatore, Viridovix, Spinal-Tap, darken13days 6h
783010 GregK, Wertzz, vonhilter, pavepilot, chef62, Soterios, spaceghostx9, Leatherneck13days 13h
783676 pokerguy, galadang13days 13h
783379  GraysGhost, Spinal-Tap, dcr66, higheagle, clarence13days 15h
783399  brewk001, Electro, Lidtsentude, clarence, higheagle13days 16h
782821  dcr66, brewk001, docmortand, mjk196413days 16h
782791 LordYorkPud, Starion15613days 18h
782802  mjk1964, pokerguy, higheagle, dcr6613days 19h
779834 atomzero, amarcell, Vimes, Nipotrapaul, JoeKano, wiggervoss, giovannisignore, cloudybear, BigJoeDuke, sdelcia, rshivy, shermanguy, neelorath, DirtyFocker113days 19h
782443  clarence, TXWard, Doorstop, GraysGhost, Jasmyne13days 20h
783607 Dodo1, TXWard13days 21h
783608 TXWard, Dodo113days 22h
781946  darken, pokerguy, toniu, Spinal-Tap, Gladiatore, TnT13days 22h
781617  mvrichthofen, Morrigan31, newstew, wetty1114days 1h
782273  deadline, neelorath, atomzero, calducho76, Nipotrapaul, JustGary, Lidtsentude, Blackronin14days 2h
782811  mjk1964, docmortand, dcr66, pokerguy14days 4h
782492  spuddy, brewk00114days 6h
783100 Frusinak, SlotraceDK, cloudybear, bkbb214, vonhilter, Soterios, Lidtsentude, Bluestone2814days 7h
782433  pokerguy, Jasmyne, TXWard, Doorstop, GraysGhost14days 16h
783590 galadang, Blackronin14days 16h
783627 pozze17, SLOTerp14days 20h
782808  pokerguy, docmortand, wetty11, mjk196414days 20h
783378  Lidtsentude, dcr66, higheagle, clarence, Electro14days 20h
782798  higheagle, mjk1964, docmortand, brewk00114days 22h
781932  higheagle, TnT, pokerguy, toniu, Spinal-Tap, Viridovix15days 1h
783382  Electro, higheagle, GraysGhost, Lidtsentude, Spinal-Tap15days 1h
783102 rshivy, SlotraceDK, bkbb214, Soterios, Frusinak, cloudybear, Dodo115days 3h
783516 galadang, TXWard15days 14h
782445  TXWard, Doorstop, higheagle, clarence, GraysGhost15days 14h
783376  Electro, higheagle, Spinal-Tap, dcr66, clarence15days 15h
782226 Soterios, vonhilter, pdxpuck, Osgard, Blackronin, cloudybear15days 17h
782938  docmortand, pokerguy, higheagle15days 18h
783106 mbeckwith, scotireb, vonhilter, Soterios15days 18h
783288 pozze17, ghostrider15days 20h
782947  pokerguy, brewk001, scotireb16days 6h
782793  docmortand, dcr66, higheagle, pokerguy16days 11h
783591 mbeckwith, galadang16days 12h
782810  scotireb, wetty11, pokerguy, higheagle16days 12h
783610 Rosencraft, Lacrover, Always76, Alessio7716days 15h
783609 Rosencraft, Lacrover, Always76, Alessio7716days 16h
783405  brewk001, Electro, Lidtsentude, Spinal-Tap, higheagle16days 16h
783606 Rosencraft, Lacrover, Alessio77, Always7616days 17h
783512 Dodo1, SlotraceDK, Blackronin16days 17h
782922 shermanguy, Seahawker, bkbb214, Nipotrapaul, Soterios, VonStackel, Lonehawk, giannicaramba, vonhilter, cybrt5416days 18h
780900  Mad_Bomber, Nasone, higheagle16days 22h
781951  higheagle, darken, toniu, Spinal-Tap, TnT, pokerguy17days 1h
783577 galadang, Blackronin17days 3h
782496  spuddy, scotireb17days 3h
782142  spuddy, brewk00117days 3h
782437  pokerguy, higheagle, TXWard, Gladiatore, Jasmyne17days 3h
782925 keelhaul23, rsimcox, giannicaramba, Blackronin17days 5h
783575 derFritz, Seahawker, Blackronin17days 5h
782795  brewk001, scotireb, pokerguy, dcr6617days 8h
779030 gugliandalf, nikosan, cybrt54, Scratch2002, chef62, cloudybear, Dodo1, wiggervoss17days 11h
782815  pokerguy, higheagle, docmortand, scotireb17days 11h
782820  brewk001, pokerguy, docmortand, wetty1117days 11h
783187 galadang, ghostrider, spaceghostx917days 13h
781948  Gladiatore, Viridovix, TnT, pokerguy, Spinal-Tap, higheagle17days 15h
781764  Gladiatore, redpanda, Spinal-Tap, TnT, gugliandalf, paciodv1, higheagle, darken17days 15h
783088 Dodo1, Blackronin, derFritz, sdelcia17days 15h
782935  dcr66, Lidtsentude, docmortand17days 19h
781942  Viridovix, TnT, pokerguy, Gladiatore, higheagle, darken17days 21h
782944  Lidtsentude, Blackronin, pokerguy17days 23h
782934  brewk001, Lidtsentude, pokerguy17days 23h
783579 ttoddd, galadang18days
781940  toniu, Gladiatore, Spinal-Tap, higheagle, Viridovix, pokerguy18days 1h
783058 mjk1964, sdelcia, Blackronin18days 1h
782800  higheagle, brewk001, pokerguy, docmortand18days 1h
781939  toniu, Spinal-Tap, higheagle, darken, Gladiatore, Viridovix18days 1h
782276  atomzero, JustGary, Lidtsentude, neelorath, Blackronin, deadline, calducho76, Nipotrapaul18days 4h
782491  spuddy, Blackronin18days 5h
782440  pokerguy, clarence, GraysGhost, TXWard, Gladiatore18days 13h
783517 galadang, scotireb18days 14h
782430  higheagle, pokerguy, Doorstop, Jasmyne, clarence18days 16h
782432  Jasmyne, GraysGhost, pokerguy, Doorstop, higheagle18days 16h
782411  higheagle, clarence, GraysGhost, pokerguy, Doorstop18days 16h
783235 kevswrd, galadang18days 17h
783518 galadang, scotireb18days 17h
783400  Spinal-Tap, dcr66, higheagle, Lidtsentude, GraysGhost18days 19h
782269  Blackronin, JustGary, neelorath, atomzero, Lidtsentude, calducho76, deadline, Nipotrapaul18days 21h
783513 mjk1964, JackSparrow, Blackronin18days 22h
782403  Zapalniczka, brewk00118days 23h
783243 Dodo1, mjk1964, bkbb214, chef6219days
782951  scotireb, brewk001, pokerguy19days 3h
783025 bkbb214, LordYorkPud, wiggervoss, cybrt5419days 4h
783365 ttoddd, kevswrd19days 9h
780325 ReneFonk27, atomzero, hambagger42, Conan, Wertzz, vonhilter, wiggervoss, DarknessEternal, sdelcia, Frusinak, rshivy19days 11h
782825 Soterios, cybrt54, Seahawker, Osgard, Blackronin, sdelcia19days 12h
783233 ghostrider, galadang19days 12h
781776  TnT, higheagle, paciodv1, redpanda, darken, gugliandalf, Gladiatore, Spinal-Tap19days 14h
782801  mjk1964, higheagle, pokerguy, wetty1119days 14h
782812  scotireb, higheagle, brewk001, pokerguy19days 15h
782803  docmortand, brewk001, wetty11, higheagle19days 15h
783329 Dodo1, galadang19days 16h
782958 blan86, vonhilter, Mordermi, Blackronin19days 16h
782413  Gladiatore, Doorstop, GraysGhost, Jasmyne, TXWard19days 16h
782111  brewk001, spuddy19days 18h
782939  docmortand, Lidtsentude, dcr6619days 18h
782268  JustGary, atomzero, Blackronin, calducho76, Lidtsentude, Nipotrapaul, neelorath, deadline19days 18h
782469  higheagle, Zapalniczka19days 19h
782502  Zapalniczka, pokerguy19days 20h
781950  darken, pokerguy, Gladiatore, Spinal-Tap, higheagle, TnT19days 21h
783234 galadang, kevswrd19days 22h
782379  giovannisignore, pokerguy19days 23h
783330 Jasmyne, galadang20days
783366 ttoddd, Dodo1, Blackronin20days
782139  pokerguy, spuddy20days 5h
782494  spuddy, mjk196420days 5h
782405  Zapalniczka, giovannisignore20days 5h
782431  clarence, higheagle, TXWard, Gladiatore, Jasmyne20days 6h
782818  brewk001, dcr66, wetty11, pokerguy20days 9h
782805  pokerguy, mjk1964, scotireb, brewk00120days 11h
782839 ghostrider, Soterios, vonhilter, scotireb20days 15h
783425 Rosencraft, Lacrover, Alessio77, Always7620days 16h
783424 Rosencraft, Lacrover, Always76, Alessio7720days 17h
781698 Lobster24, catoblepa, Wertzz, kevswrd, BigJoeDuke, chef62, Dodo1, ChimbleySweep, giannicaramba, pavepilot20days 18h
782272  neelorath, calducho76, deadline, JustGary, Nipotrapaul, Blackronin, atomzero, Lidtsentude20days 20h
782553  higheagle, deadline, JackSparrow, redpanda20days 21h
782262  Blackronin, Lidtsentude, neelorath, Nipotrapaul, calducho76, JustGary, deadline, atomzero20days 22h
781778  darken, paciodv1, redpanda, Spinal-Tap, Gladiatore, higheagle, gugliandalf, TnT20days 22h
782015 ReneFonk27, kevswrd, chef62, mjk196420days 23h
782407  Zapalniczka, Jasmyne20days 23h
782396  pokerguy, brewk00120days 23h
782809  scotireb, pokerguy, wetty11, dcr6620days 23h
783331 ttoddd, Blackronin20days 23h
782489  scotireb, spuddy21days
782157 Soterios, catoblepa, bthanse, scotireb21days
781945  darken, toniu, Spinal-Tap, higheagle, pokerguy, Gladiatore21days 2h
783328 ttoddd, galadang21days 4h
782189  Zapalniczka, Jasmyne, scotireb21days 5h
781929  Gladiatore, Spinal-Tap, higheagle, TnT, pokerguy, toniu21days 6h
782263  neelorath, Blackronin, deadline, Lidtsentude, calducho76, Nipotrapaul, atomzero, JustGary21days 6h
782444  GraysGhost, higheagle, clarence, Gladiatore, Doorstop21days 6h
782819  scotireb, mjk1964, higheagle, wetty1121days 14h
781980 IvanGrozny, Dodo1, vonhilter, sdelcia21days 15h
783083 galadang, mjk196421days 19h
779028 gugliandalf, Morrigan31, wiggervoss, nikosan, chef62, cybrt54, cloudybear, Dodo121days 19h
782796  docmortand, wetty11, mjk1964, dcr6621days 23h
781767  TnT, gugliandalf, paciodv1, Spinal-Tap, higheagle, darken, Gladiatore, redpanda22days 4h
782813  wetty11, scotireb, brewk001, docmortand22days 5h
781770  paciodv1, darken, Gladiatore, gugliandalf, redpanda, TnT, Spinal-Tap, higheagle22days 5h
782933  brewk001, docmortand, Blackronin22days 6h
781935  pokerguy, toniu, Spinal-Tap, Viridovix, TnT, darken22days 12h
782799  dcr66, wetty11, scotireb, docmortand22days 13h
780634  higheagle, Mad_Bomber, [Rammstein], CaptainBlood, brewk00122days 15h
782932  brewk001, higheagle, dcr6622days 17h
782823  wetty11, pokerguy, mjk1964, brewk00122days 17h
782841 ghostrider, pozze1722days 18h
782419  pokerguy, TXWard, GraysGhost, Jasmyne, higheagle22days 21h
782817  brewk001, wetty11, dcr66, higheagle23days 6h
782434  Doorstop, Gladiatore, pokerguy, clarence, TXWard23days 10h
782398  pokerguy, giovannisignore23days 10h
782446  GraysGhost, TXWard, Gladiatore, Jasmyne, clarence23days 10h
781766  gugliandalf, Spinal-Tap, TnT, darken, higheagle, redpanda, paciodv1, Gladiatore23days 14h
782804  mjk1964, dcr66, scotireb, higheagle23days 19h
782420  Gladiatore, higheagle, TXWard, GraysGhost, pokerguy23days 20h
781941  TnT, darken, toniu, Gladiatore, Viridovix, higheagle23days 20h
782952  scotireb, docmortand, higheagle23days 20h
781933  Spinal-Tap, higheagle, darken, toniu, Viridovix, TnT23days 21h
782503  Zapalniczka, scotireb23days 22h
782490  scotireb, Zapalniczka23days 22h
783173 vonhilter, galadang24days
781769  darken, higheagle, redpanda, TnT, paciodv1, Gladiatore, gugliandalf, Spinal-Tap24days
781934  Spinal-Tap, Viridovix, higheagle, darken, TnT, Gladiatore24days 1h
782125  Jasmyne, spuddy24days 1h
782499  Zapalniczka, brewk00124days 2h
781768  higheagle, TnT, darken, Gladiatore, paciodv1, Spinal-Tap, redpanda, gugliandalf24days 3h
782544 cybrt54, Blackronin, Wertzz, Frusinak, Fer_de_Lance, bkbb214, catoblepa, Soterios24days 4h
782656 cloudybear, catoblepa, mommsen, spaceghostx924days 4h
782428  Jasmyne, higheagle, pokerguy, clarence, Gladiatore24days 6h
782582  deadline, higheagle, Blackronin, RoyBrown24days 6h
782943  higheagle, Blackronin, brewk00124days 6h
781772  redpanda, Gladiatore, gugliandalf, higheagle, Spinal-Tap, darken, TnT, paciodv124days 8h
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