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774884 donjuan, napo63, Balordo, Flounder, calducho76, jshushasn, Brier, Dominion, Ralan, Electro5h 49'
774883 jshushasn, donjuan, napo63, neelorath, Ralan, Brier, Balordo, M1kel, calducho76, Electro17h 34'
773830 calducho76, Balordo, ARFERMIX, jimdove, Erniesgone, Brier, Frusinak, argeleb, [dcr66], derekticus3h 59'
772929 Frusinak, donjuan, Lidtsentude, Bluestone28, barea1813, SlotraceDK, bkbb214, jhrobin2, Brier, dcr662days 7h
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Your name is always listed in Red. Bold is for players that have to move, Strike is for eliminated players, Italic is for retired players. [Bracketed] names are for players automoved by the site engine.
So, if you see ... it's time to move!
773619 Electro, Galland10h 12'
773615 Galland, Electro1day 10h
774045  _tak_tak_tak_, 14bis1day 13h
774059  _tak_tak_tak_, dkalenda5days 12h
774038  14bis, _tak_tak_tak_6days 7h
771619 Crixus, Marslakka, Balordo, calducho766days 17h
774062  Panzerpod, dkalenda6days 18h
774087  _tak_tak_tak_, Vezna7days 5h
773432 Electro, Dominion, Trasno, Balordo8days 4h
774091  Panzerpod, Vezna10days 5h
771937 [taurusdeth], TaomanTom, Balordo, Swanto10days 11h
774072  Vezna, Panzerpod11days 4h
774088  14bis, Vezna11days 6h
774047  dkalenda, 14bis11days 10h
774080  _tak_tak_tak_, Trasno11days 22h
774069  dkalenda, Panzerpod12days
774067  14bis, Panzerpod12days 15h
774046  Balordo, 14bis14days 13h
774041  Panzerpod, _tak_tak_tak_14days 13h
774092  Spinal-Tap, Vezna14days 14h
772621 neelorath, donjuan, Balordo, Longneck15days 8h
774060  14bis, dkalenda15days 10h
774079  Vezna, Spinal-Tap15days 11h
774051  Vezna, 14bis15days 13h
774044  Vezna, _tak_tak_tak_15days 16h
774040  dkalenda, _tak_tak_tak_16days 4h
774063  Spinal-Tap, dkalenda16days 7h
774058  Vezna, Balordo16days 12h
774055  Panzerpod, Balordo16days 14h
774054  dkalenda, Balordo17days 5h
774061  Balordo, dkalenda17days 6h
774071  Trasno, Panzerpod17days 11h
774068  Balordo, Panzerpod17days 12h
774048  Panzerpod, 14bis17days 14h
774076  dkalenda, Spinal-Tap17days 14h
774084  Panzerpod, Trasno17days 19h
774074  14bis, Spinal-Tap18days 4h
774083  dkalenda, Trasno18days 8h
774089  Balordo, Vezna18days 8h
774064  Trasno, dkalenda18days 8h
774093  Trasno, Vezna18days 8h
774086  Vezna, Trasno18days 8h
774081  14bis, Trasno18days 10h
774050  Trasno, 14bis18days 11h
774039  Balordo, _tak_tak_tak_18days 11h
774053  14bis, Balordo18days 18h
774066  _tak_tak_tak_, Panzerpod19days 19h
774049  Spinal-Tap, 14bis20days 15h
774070  Spinal-Tap, Panzerpod21days 8h
774073  _tak_tak_tak_, Spinal-Tap21days 12h
774052  _tak_tak_tak_, Balordo21days 13h
774090  dkalenda, Vezna21days 15h
774065  Vezna, dkalenda21days 15h
774042  Spinal-Tap, _tak_tak_tak_22days 2h
774078  Trasno, Spinal-Tap22days 9h
774077  Panzerpod, Spinal-Tap22days 12h
774043  Trasno, _tak_tak_tak_22days 13h
774056  Spinal-Tap, Balordo22days 13h
773868 Balordo, argeleb23days 11h
774075  Balordo, Spinal-Tap24days 2h
772959 Electro, andrewpov, GrapeShooter2, The Black Knight24days 5h
774057  Trasno, Balordo24days 10h
774085  Spinal-Tap, Trasno24days 11h
774082  Balordo, Trasno24days 13h
772278 [taurusdeth], Edwin, jshushasn, Electro43days 11h
771830 donjuan, Panzerpod, taurusdeth, Balordo57days 8h
770274 craniac, quozl, Electro, ratpfink, Balordo, Jacobs40K, TaomanTom, Panzerpod, SBGrad, jimdove63days 5h
771835 Swanto, derekticus, taurusdeth, buddy165days 20h
771227 Electro, Galland66days 6h
771094 Electro, donjuan, Swanto, Panzerpod66days 8h
771581 Electro, KapteinKnutsen, Crixus, neelorath66days 19h
769148 Dominion, Panzerpod, rocknroller99, SBGrad, bkbb214, jhrobin2, cmbpainter, Balordo, cannonfodder, mkiever69days 2h
770574 donjuan, Bluestone28, Balordo, bkbb21479days 2h
771226 Galland, Electro80days 11h
769249 KapteinKnutsen, [levenezu]83days 19h
770522  _tak_tak_tak_, Vezna84days 5h
771093 KapteinKnutsen, Electro85days 13h
770501  _tak_tak_tak_, dkalenda86days 4h
770476  dkalenda, _tak_tak_tak_87days 7h
770503  Balordo, dkalenda88days 11h
770504  dcr66, dkalenda90days 8h
770493  Vezna, Balordo90days 11h
770502  ARFERMIX, dkalenda91days 5h
770506  Swanto, dkalenda91days 6h
770528  Swanto, Vezna91days 6h
769894 Balordo, buddy1, jshushasn, mkiever, Dominion, bkbb214, Electro, fantassin, Panzerpod, jhrobin291days 8h
769187  14bis, _tak_tak_tak_92days 5h
770490  dkalenda, Balordo93days 6h
770524  Balordo, Vezna93days 10h
770486  Vezna, ARFERMIX94days 17h
770523  ARFERMIX, Vezna97days 5h
770525  dcr66, Vezna97days 6h
769219  Electro, Dominion97days 8h
770519  dkalenda, Swanto98days 8h
770513  Swanto, Spinal-Tap98days 9h
770497  dkalenda, dcr6698days 11h
770500  Vezna, dcr6699days 9h
770479  Vezna, _tak_tak_tak_99days 14h
770509  ARFERMIX, Spinal-Tap99days 14h
770521  Vezna, Swanto99days 16h
770515  _tak_tak_tak_, Swanto100days 1h
770483  dkalenda, ARFERMIX100days 10h
770520  Spinal-Tap, Swanto100days 10h
770527  Spinal-Tap, Vezna100days 10h
770485  Swanto, ARFERMIX100days 11h
770505  Spinal-Tap, dkalenda100days 19h
770480  _tak_tak_tak_, ARFERMIX101days 5h
770512  dkalenda, Spinal-Tap101days 6h
770514  Vezna, Spinal-Tap101days 6h
770516  ARFERMIX, Swanto101days 18h
770494  _tak_tak_tak_, dcr66102days 3h
770478  Swanto, _tak_tak_tak_102days 14h
770507  Vezna, dkalenda102days 17h
770526  dkalenda, Vezna102days 17h
770474  Balordo, _tak_tak_tak_103days 3h
770499  Swanto, dcr66103days 11h
770487  _tak_tak_tak_, Balordo103days 12h
770482  dcr66, ARFERMIX104days 5h
770473  ARFERMIX, _tak_tak_tak_104days 7h
770495  ARFERMIX, dcr66104days 9h
770475  dcr66, _tak_tak_tak_104days 10h
770489  dcr66, Balordo105days 3h
770496  Balordo, dcr66105days 7h
770484  Spinal-Tap, ARFERMIX105days 13h
770477  Spinal-Tap, _tak_tak_tak_105days 15h
770508  _tak_tak_tak_, Spinal-Tap106days 1h
770488  ARFERMIX, Balordo106days 2h
770481  Balordo, ARFERMIX106days 14h
770517  Balordo, Swanto106days 16h
770492  Swanto, Balordo106days 19h
770518  dcr66, Swanto107days 9h
770498  Spinal-Tap, dcr66107days 9h
770511  dcr66, Spinal-Tap107days 9h
770108 Balordo, Bluestone28, scorpiorocks, Panzerpod108days 6h
770491  Spinal-Tap, Balordo108days 9h
770510  Balordo, Spinal-Tap108days 9h
769211  Dominion, CurtKline110days 3h
768026 Electro, Balordo, Shiraz68, KapteinKnutsen111days 20h
769218  CurtKline, Dominion113days 1h
769191  Electro, _tak_tak_tak_113days 5h
769222  _tak_tak_tak_, Electro114days 3h
766598 tvanhare, Dominion, CaptVimes, ARFERMIX, Zwalf, bkbb214, jshushasn, jhrobin2, Electro, calducho76121days 13h
769208  _tak_tak_tak_, CurtKline121days 14h
769212  Electro, CurtKline122days 3h
769229  _tak_tak_tak_, Spinal-Tap122days 13h
769258 Bluestone28, Electro, scorpiorocks, Balordo123days 12h
769189  CurtKline, _tak_tak_tak_124days 14h
769190  Dominion, _tak_tak_tak_125days 4h
769193  Swanto, _tak_tak_tak_125days 5h
769226  Dominion, Electro127days 4h
769233  Dominion, Spinal-Tap127days 5h
769209  14bis, CurtKline127days 7h
769225  CurtKline, Electro127days 15h
769205  Electro, Balordo128days 6h
769192  Spinal-Tap, _tak_tak_tak_128days 10h
769216  14bis, Dominion129days 3h
769215  _tak_tak_tak_, Dominion129days 6h
769241  Electro, Swanto129days 11h
769196  CurtKline, 14bis129days 11h
769214  Swanto, CurtKline129days 13h
769188  Balordo, _tak_tak_tak_129days 20h
769201  _tak_tak_tak_, Balordo130days 2h
769234  Electro, Spinal-Tap130days 12h
769223  14bis, Electro130days 12h
769197  Dominion, 14bis130days 16h
769194  _tak_tak_tak_, 14bis131days 4h
769236  _tak_tak_tak_, Swanto131days 9h
769200  Swanto, 14bis131days 19h
769199  Spinal-Tap, 14bis132days 10h
769227  Spinal-Tap, Electro132days 11h
769230  14bis, Spinal-Tap132days 11h
769228  Swanto, Electro133days
769220  Spinal-Tap, Dominion133days 10h
769237  14bis, Swanto133days 11h
769224  Balordo, Electro134days 4h
769235  Swanto, Spinal-Tap134days 12h
769239  CurtKline, Swanto134days 13h
769203  CurtKline, Balordo134days 14h
769232  CurtKline, Spinal-Tap135days 7h
769198  Electro, 14bis135days 10h
769221  Swanto, Dominion136days 3h
769210  Balordo, CurtKline136days 8h
769213  Spinal-Tap, CurtKline136days 13h
769242  Spinal-Tap, Swanto136days 14h
769195  Balordo, 14bis137days 3h
769217  Balordo, Dominion137days 4h
769204  Dominion, Balordo137days 6h
769202  14bis, Balordo137days 18h
769238  Balordo, Swanto137days 22h
769240  Dominion, Swanto138days 3h
768024 Balordo, Dominion, Electro, MajorTom139days 9h
769207  Swanto, Balordo140days 8h
769206  Spinal-Tap, Balordo140days 14h
769231  Balordo, Spinal-Tap140days 20h
768027 Electro, Panzerpod, Balordo, Dominion143days 10h
768589 cannonfodder, KapteinKnutsen149days 20h
766597 jshushasn, Electro, calducho76, St0v0, buddy1, bkbb214, Waffen, jhrobin2, wetty11, Dominion155days 20h
768025 Balordo, KapteinKnutsen, Electro, Shiraz68158days 9h
768569 Balordo, Breach164days 1h
767360 Swanto, Galland190days 9h
762785 rocknroller99, SBGrad, Rtwo, jeeepguy, scorpiorocks, Waffen, donjuan, Electro, mkiever, Panzerpod197days 6h
767080 mkiever, Swanto197days 8h
766311 Azzarc, 14bis213days 4h
766501 KapteinKnutsen, [life1969]213days 6h
759521  Dominion, dkalenda217days 6h
759528  dkalenda, Dominion217days 18h
765865 Electro, Balordo, Shredder, Waffen221days 15h
759554 SBGrad, darwinsbulldog, Lidtsentude, knrodgers, HagenvTronje, Waffen, mkiever, jshushasn, Balordo, jhrobin2222days 14h
766310 14bis, Azzarc223days 12h
765862 Electro, Swanto, Shredder, bkbb214225days 1h
763862 Dominion, Electro, calducho76, rocknroller99, derekticus, Waffen, Panzerpod, Recon, Spankh0us3, BigRich225days 7h
765192 jimdove, Swanto, Waffen, SBGrad226days 11h
766063 dragmio, jimdove227days 12h
765864 bkbb214, Balordo, Electro, Shredder231days 15h
765863 bkbb214, Balordo, Electro, Shredder232days 16h
765221 Bluestone28, Rebel, JustGary, Balordo236days 17h
765688 Swanto, Balordo246days 5h
764659 caublbil, tvanhare, 14bis, KapteinKnutsen260days 6h
764393 dkalenda, mkiever263days 8h
762790 Waffen, rocknroller99, Panzerpod, jimdove, _tak_tak_tak_, donjuan, mkiever, scorpiorocks, Recon, Bluestone28264days 11h
764951 14bis, Swanto267days 17h
764877 14bis, KapteinKnutsen269days 12h
762284 donjuan, Bluestone28, derekticus, jimdove, BigJack, jshushasn, buddy1, jhrobin2, calducho76, ashalex273days 18h
762789 Waffen, rocknroller99, SBGrad, Swanto, scorpiorocks, JustGary, Shiraz68, donjuan, Panzerpod, jeeepguy274days 7h
764389 mkiever, Balordo, SBGrad, [rocknroller99]274days 22h
762788 Waffen, [rocknroller99], scorpiorocks, Recon, _tak_tak_tak_, SBGrad, calducho76, donjuan, Panzerpod, jimdove281days 14h
760161 Waffen, HagenvTronje, donjuan, Electro, slatersteve, jshushasn, Shiraz68, SBGrad, Recon, Bluestone28281days 21h
764471 KapteinKnutsen, Swanto287days 14h
763787 Panzerpod, Swanto, calducho76, Electro294days 11h
759555 Waffen, jshushasn, [knrodgers], Balordo, HagenvTronje, mkiever, SBGrad, darwinsbulldog, jhrobin2, Lidtsentude299days 8h
762285 donjuan, rocknroller99, jshushasn, Bluestone28300days 3h
761892 calducho76, Balordo, SBGrad, jshushasn, BigJoeDuke, VETERAN, TaomanTom, donjuan, Panzerpod, Bluestone28302days 5h
759536  Dominion, Electro309days
762283 donjuan, Longneck323days 23h
761257 Dominion, Bluestone28, derekticus, Electro, donjuan, TaomanTom, jshushasn, Shiraz68, calducho76, erpiratapeloso335days 5h
761678 Electro, Countykgamer, Swanto, rocknroller99350days 3h
759556 Waffen, jshushasn, Bluestone28, knrodgers, Lidtsentude, SBGrad, darwinsbulldog, jhrobin2, Balordo, HagenvTronje353days 13h
761574 KapteinKnutsen, rocknroller99361days 6h
758822 Dominion, Waffen, Electro, Johntheboring, cannonfodder, donjuan, teramaze, Shiraz68, jshushasn, Flashrock1year 8days
760723 cannonfodder, argeleb1year 9days
759518  ARFERMIX, dkalenda1year 12days
758158 dcronin1981, Electro, darwinsbulldog, cannonfodder1year 12days
760591 Balordo, Panzerpod, rocknroller99, Garryowen1year 15days
760888 CaptLoftiss, Galland1year 16days
759500  Dominion, ARFERMIX1year 17days
760826 scotireb, Balordo1year 18days
760679 calducho76, Balordo1year 20days
760776 rocknroller99, Balordo1year 23days
760164 Swanto, argeleb1year 23days
760593 CaptLoftiss, Balordo1year 25days
758432  mvrichthofen, _tak_tak_tak_1year 25days
759340 [Napo1769], HagenvTronje, mkiever, cannonfodder1year 26days
759503  Sabelkatten, ARFERMIX1year 29days
759543  Dominion, [Flashrock]1year 30days
759540  Balordo, [Flashrock]1year 31days
759509  [Flashrock], Balordo1year 31days
759532  ARFERMIX, Electro1year 31days
759502  [Flashrock], ARFERMIX1year 31days
759539  ARFERMIX, [Flashrock]1year 32days
759523  [Flashrock], dkalenda1year 32days
759542  dkalenda, [Flashrock]1year 32days
759541  dcr66, [Flashrock]1year 32days
759516  [Flashrock], dcr661year 32days
759544  Electro, [Flashrock]1year 32days
759530  [Flashrock], Dominion1year 32days
759550  Dominion, Sabelkatten1year 35days
759520  dcr66, dkalenda1year 35days
759529  Electro, Dominion1year 36days
759499  dkalenda, ARFERMIX1year 36days
759535  dkalenda, Electro1year 37days
759524  Sabelkatten, dkalenda1year 37days
759549  dkalenda, Sabelkatten1year 37days
759522  Electro, dkalenda1year 38days
759519  Balordo, dkalenda1year 39days
758473  donjuan, mvrichthofen1year 40days
759525  ARFERMIX, Dominion1year 40days
759531  Sabelkatten, Dominion1year 44days
759513  dkalenda, dcr661year 46days
759506  dkalenda, Balordo1year 46days
759514  Dominion, dcr661year 46days
758343 ARFERMIX, HagenvTronje, Johntheboring, BigRich, archdukecharles, donjuan, Waffen, Electro, Recon, TaomanTom1year 46days
759537  [Flashrock], Electro1year 47days
759552  [Flashrock], Sabelkatten1year 47days
759545  Sabelkatten, [Flashrock]1year 47days
759548  dcr66, Sabelkatten1year 47days
759551  Electro, Sabelkatten1year 47days
758457  buddy1, donjuan1year 47days
759538  Sabelkatten, Electro1year 47days
758344 donjuan, HagenvTronje, Electro, BigRich, cannonfodder, Waffen, ARFERMIX, Johntheboring, Recon, TaomanTom1year 47days
759527  dcr66, Dominion1year 52days
759534  dcr66, Electro1year 52days
759511  ARFERMIX, dcr661year 53days
759508  Electro, Balordo1year 53days
759533  Balordo, Electro1year 54days
759501  Electro, ARFERMIX1year 54days
759498  dcr66, ARFERMIX1year 54days
759507  Dominion, Balordo1year 55days
759517  Sabelkatten, dcr661year 55days
758469  _tak_tak_tak_, mvrichthofen1year 55days
759510  Sabelkatten, Balordo1year 55days
759515  Electro, dcr661year 55days
758444  donjuan, buddy11year 56days
759526  Balordo, Dominion1year 57days
759546  ARFERMIX, Sabelkatten1year 57days
758460  mvrichthofen, donjuan1year 58days
759505  dcr66, Balordo1year 58days
759504  ARFERMIX, Balordo1year 58days
759547  Balordo, Sabelkatten1year 58days
759512  Balordo, dcr661year 58days
758474  Electro, mvrichthofen1year 59days
759497  Balordo, ARFERMIX1year 59days
758428  buddy1, _tak_tak_tak_1year 59days
758465  cannonfodder, Electro1year 60days
758475  Viridovix, mvrichthofen1year 62days
758472  cannonfodder, mvrichthofen1year 63days
758471  buddy1, mvrichthofen1year 66days
758466  donjuan, Electro1year 66days
758446  mvrichthofen, buddy11year 68days
758452  Electro, cannonfodder1year 68days
758467  mvrichthofen, Electro1year 69days
758470  Balordo, mvrichthofen1year 69days
758439  mvrichthofen, Balordo1year 69days
758482  mvrichthofen, Viridovix1year 69days
758450  buddy1, cannonfodder1year 71days
758453  mvrichthofen, cannonfodder1year 71days
758451  donjuan, cannonfodder1year 71days
758459  Electro, donjuan1year 71days
758437  donjuan, Balordo1year 72days
758458  cannonfodder, donjuan1year 72days
758433  Viridovix, _tak_tak_tak_1year 73days
758441  _tak_tak_tak_, buddy11year 73days
758429  cannonfodder, _tak_tak_tak_1year 74days
758464  buddy1, Electro1year 74days
758443  cannonfodder, buddy11year 74days
758448  _tak_tak_tak_, cannonfodder1year 75days
758468  Viridovix, Electro1year 76days
758454  Viridovix, cannonfodder1year 76days
758456  Balordo, donjuan1year 76days
758431  Electro, _tak_tak_tak_1year 77days
758462  _tak_tak_tak_, Electro1year 78days
758434  _tak_tak_tak_, Balordo1year 78days
758461  Viridovix, donjuan1year 78days
758455  _tak_tak_tak_, donjuan1year 79days
758480  donjuan, Viridovix1year 79days
758481  Electro, Viridovix1year 79days
758438  Electro, Balordo1year 79days
758430  donjuan, _tak_tak_tak_1year 79days
758445  Electro, buddy11year 79days
758479  cannonfodder, Viridovix1year 80days
758463  Balordo, Electro1year 80days
758476  _tak_tak_tak_, Viridovix1year 81days
758442  Balordo, buddy11year 81days
758435  buddy1, Balordo1year 81days
758447  Viridovix, buddy11year 81days
758427  Balordo, _tak_tak_tak_1year 82days
758436  cannonfodder, Balordo1year 83days
758449  Balordo, cannonfodder1year 83days
758477  Balordo, Viridovix1year 83days
758478  buddy1, Viridovix1year 83days
758440  Viridovix, Balordo1year 84days
758044 Waffen, HagenvTronje, Bluestone28, Swanto1year 85days
754808 donjuan, mkiever, Balordo, JoeKano, netskaven, ARFERMIX, Electro, SBGrad, jhrobin2, KapteinKnutsen1year 87days
757835 HagenvTronje, cannonfodder1year 87days
758146 Balordo, Waffen1year 88days
758147 Waffen, Balordo1year 88days
755161 derekticus, Electro, Pooka, TaomanTom, Dominion, donjuan, mkiever, darwinsbulldog, Balordo, otto_061year 92days
757314 cannonfodder, SBGrad1year 102days
756048 HagenvTronje, Balordo, Swanto, Longneck1year 107days
754333 jshushasn, Aumbob, Pooka, Dominion1year 109days
753937 Dominion, dcr66, jshushasn, donjuan, Electro, southernskies, JoeKano, Balordo, yzerdunn, ARFERMIX1year 118days
756051 HagenvTronje, [Duckfoot]1year 129days
755096 Balordo, KapteinKnutsen, Pooka, Swanto1year 143days
753612 cannonfodder, SBGrad, Dominion, yzerdunn, dcronin1981, slatersteve, Pooka, jshushasn, darwinsbulldog, jmoseman1year 144days
754694 cannonfodder, Swanto1year 146days
753884 Azzarc, Pooka, Balordo, Electro1year 165days
751871 donjuan, HagenvTronje, Balordo, Caratacus, LtShady, TaomanTom, Electro, southernskies, dcronin1981, jhrobin21year 168days
754441 cannonfodder, Balordo1year 172days
754334 Pooka, Dominion1year 172days
751190 Dominion, HagenvTronje, SBGrad, Electro, cannonfodder, Pooka, JustGary, FurryGut, derekticus, dcronin19811year 186days
750302 jshushasn, KapteinKnutsen, Pooka, Caratacus, Recon, jhrobin2, donjuan, Electro, dcronin1981, Dominion1year 188days
752136 Pooka, Balordo, templarenero, Dominion1year 195days
751503 bbauska, yzerdunn1year 196days
751504 yzerdunn, HagenvTronje1year 197days
752205 Pooka, HagenvTronje, Balordo, cannonfodder1year 197days
750801 donjuan, SBGrad, Electro, derekticus, cannonfodder, Pooka, Swanto, BobLittle, Bazza, Balordo1year 200days
751189 Pooka, Swanto, Longneck, SBGrad1year 200days
748682 stormwalker, donjuan, SBGrad, mkiever1year 247days
749449 jshushasn, Electro, MajorTom, Zwalf1year 253days
746846 derekticus, Dominion, Caratacus, donjuan, Swanto, jhrobin2, Streaker, Balordo, Shiraz68, LtShady1year 258days
745573  dkalenda, Dominion1year 261days
745565  derekticus, dkalenda1year 270days
748681 mosquete, SBGrad1year 271days
748680 skyeyes, Zwalf1year 276days
745574  Electro, Dominion1year 286days
747456 Swanto, Electro, Dominion, Balordo1year 290days
745580  dkalenda, Electro1year 291days
745566  Dominion, dkalenda1year 302days
745572  derekticus, Dominion1year 304days
745558  dkalenda, derekticus1year 304days
745571  BlackJoke, Dominion1year 309days
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