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772936 Lidtsentude, Brier, dcr66, SBGrad, SlotraceDK, jadthegrey2h 13'
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773862 dcr66, KapteinKnutsen, argeleb27days 23h
771973 M1kel, Frusinak, buddy1, Balordo, rocknroller99, Panzerpod37days 11h
771778 ARFERMIX, KapteinKnutsen, taurusdeth74days 2h
769315 Panzerpod, TaomanTom, neelorath, KapteinKnutsen, Balordo, Shredder103days 1h
767994 _tak_tak_tak_, Swanto, SBGrad162days 23h
765606 tvanhare, dragmio, CaptainBlood, Balordo, calducho76, KapteinKnutsen205days 3h
761434 donjuan, knrodgers, DarknessEternal, VETERAN, calducho76, [cannonfodder]285days 5h
761967 scorpiorocks, Swanto, tvanhare338days 2h
762129 calducho76, KapteinKnutsen, _tak_tak_tak_346days 3h
760829 Swanto, Balordo, argeleb1year 10days
761134 Balordo, rocknroller99, argeleb1year 13days
760570 Blune, SBGrad, argeleb1year 27days
758148 Johntheboring, Swanto, Waffen1year 76days
749535 Balordo, HagenvTronje, templarenero, DarknessEternal, jshushasn, Shiraz681year 134days
755170 HagenvTronje, Swanto, TaomanTom, derekticus, donjuan, Balordo1year 146days
753292 cannonfodder, [stormwalker], SBGrad, bbauska, jadthegrey, Aumbob1year 157days
749534 jshushasn, Balordo, SBGrad, SmurfvonBlue, templarenero, [Shiraz68]1year 211days
750624 HagenvTronje, Streaker, donjuan, Balordo, Pooka, Swanto1year 213days
751373 Flavio, SBGrad, Pooka1year 228days
751371 Pooka, SBGrad, derekticus1year 229days
749536 templarenero, HagenvTronje, jshushasn, Balordo, SBGrad, skyeyes1year 240days
744883 _tak_tak_tak_, ARFERMIX, mosquete1year 310days
744828 ArchdukeR3J, SLOTerp, bbauska1year 338days
744153 rogerbowerman, Electro, SteadyJeff1year 348days
742715 Erniesgone, tullio9, usgrant, Mimolette, jesmith29, Pooka1year 355days
744455 ArchdukeR3J, SLOTerp, bbauska1year 358days
741743 Grollash, Erniesgone, Pooka, SBGrad, Swanto, Shiraz682years 11days
741180 Shiraz68, dkalenda, Balordo2years 42days
740842 Korba, GrapeShooter2, Calvinandhobbs2years 50days
740242 andrewpov, Calvinandhobbs, GrapeShooter22years 54days
739696 andrewpov, Calvinandhobbs, GrapeShooter22years 63days
737994 Freebooter, mlev276, ARFERMIX, Erniesgone, Aumbob, N17Masta2years 66days
739291 Calvinandhobbs, GrapeShooter2, andrewpov2years 72days
730949 HagenvTronje, dcr66, [BazJP], jshushasn, Erniesgone, [psychodolly]2years 111days
731230 BazJP, Pooka, HagenvTronje, Balordo, dcr66, derekticus2years 113days
730810 dkalenda, Vezna, BazJP, dcr66, Erniesgone, Freebooter2years 130days
730946 jshushasn, Oxford, HagenvTronje, Erniesgone, BazJP, dcr662years 136days
730806 dkalenda, Vezna, Erniesgone, Freebooter, BazJP, dcr662years 137days
730805 dkalenda, Vezna, TK422, Erniesgone, BazJP, dcr662years 141days
731228 dcr66, Balordo, neelorath, mlev276, BazJP, derekticus2years 142days
730809 dkalenda, Vezna, BazJP, dcr66, Erniesgone, Freebooter2years 145days
731232 HagenvTronje, DocGoss, BazJP, dcr66, neelorath, tvanhare2years 147days
731229 dcr66, HagenvTronje, derekticus, DarknessEternal, BazJP, BobLittle2years 148days
730808 BazJP, dcr66, dkalenda, Vezna, Erniesgone, Freebooter2years 155days
731233 HagenvTronje, DocGoss, BazJP, dcr66, stormwalker, JakobSperling2years 157days
730363 life1969, Vezna, Erniesgone2years 158days
731231 BazJP, Balordo, HagenvTronje, DocGoss, dcr66, BobLittle2years 158days
728807 HagenvTronje, [Balordo], Erniesgone, [cannonfodder], [duster], stravag2years 158days
730945 HagenvTronje, jshushasn, Erniesgone, panzerpistolero, BazJP, dcr662years 163days
730807 BazJP, dcr66, Erniesgone, Freebooter, dkalenda, Vezna2years 169days
730362 Vezna, Erniesgone, JakobSperling2years 170days
730948 BazJP, HagenvTronje, jshushasn, dcr66, Erniesgone, MajorTom2years 170days
730947 BazJP, Erniesgone, HagenvTronje, dcr66, jshushasn, SteadyJeff2years 172days
730361 Balordo, Erniesgone, Vezna2years 173days
729337 arkon, captecoli, colonblow2years 181days
729336 captecoli, colonblow, arkon2years 186days
730950 jshushasn, Erniesgone, BazJP, HagenvTronje, dcr66, JakobSperling2years 186days
729335 colonblow, arkon, captecoli2years 191days
724321 Shiraz68, BigRich, Caratacus, jshushasn, adonaiwarrior, Erniesgone2years 246days
724619 BigRich, jesse95, [adonaiwarrior]2years 247days
725799 dkalenda, Erniesgone, JakobSperling2years 255days
724786 Agladius3914, Hormel, BigRich, adonaiwarrior, yzerdunn, Noldwar2years 260days
725800 dcr66, dkalenda, scotireb2years 269days
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