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788887 levenezu, Gardensnake66days 7h
788602 Galland, levenezu90days 21h
786077 Seahawker, [VETERAN], Wittman, [Robiemis], CaptainFolith105days 10h
786696 Wittman, GloriosoXVIII, Reche, Pytor, Bluestone28122days 21h
783203 SBGrad, AdmiraldeGrasse, Wertzz, SLOTerp, higheagle213days 11h
783248 higheagle, VETERAN228days 17h
783249 Balordo, higheagle231days 11h
778757 Dominion, guilduinus351days 23h
777935 SBGrad, rvguegn, hambagger42, guilduinus, Bluestone281year 2days
777697 guilduinus, GloriosoXVIII1year 18days
776387 FragataXVIII, GloriosoXVIII1year 57days
776233 dbd31463, CielPhantomhive1year 64days
775656 DaWolfman, DeWolfman1year 72days
771776 taurusdeth, ARFERMIX1year 163days
768791 Balordo, levenezu1year 236days
765337 Azzarc, 14bis1year 338days
762132 Streaker, VETERAN, garrison, Rtwo, luccino2years 48days
762148 KapteinKnutsen, VETERAN2years 67days
762069 VETERAN, luccino2years 71days
761420 VETERAN, calducho76, luccino, Josesherwood, garrison2years 83days
757309 Azzarc, life19692years 192days
755550 Azzarc, Recon2years 235days
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