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777935 SBGrad, rvguegn, hambagger42, guilduinus, Bluestone289days 1h
777697 guilduinus, GloriosoXVIII25days 6h
776387 FragataXVIII, GloriosoXVIII64days
776233 dbd31463, CielPhantomhive70days 18h
775656 DaWolfman, DeWolfman78days 19h
771776 taurusdeth, ARFERMIX170days 2h
768791 Balordo, levenezu242days 12h
765337 Azzarc, 14bis345days 7h
762132 Streaker, VETERAN, garrison, Rtwo, luccino1year 55days
762148 KapteinKnutsen, VETERAN1year 74days
762069 VETERAN, luccino1year 78days
761420 VETERAN, calducho76, luccino, Josesherwood, garrison1year 89days
757309 Azzarc, life19691year 199days
755550 Azzarc, Recon1year 241days
750291 jackrabbit, dcronin19811year 336days
749322 GreatGeorge, skyeyes2years 4days
747410 skyeyes, Odentin2years 23days
745191 Galland, mosquete2years 64days
741950 Azzarc, usgrant2years 123days
741868 Balordo, jadthegrey2years 128days
740962 Korba, GrapeShooter22years 139days
741031 Azzarc, HagenvTronje2years 140days
741138 Azzarc, Swanto2years 140days
740994 Azzarc, rogerbowerman2years 141days
738647 Pooka, mlev276, bobnap, ARFERMIX, Aumbob2years 159days
739217 malek, Venom2years 166days
737983 bugalugs, blugs2years 184days
734522 Erniesgone, buddy12years 229days
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