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788954 jadthegrey, levenezu, Gardensnake31days 8h
788830 FurryGut, levenezu, neelorath31days 22h
791751 Nerzenjaeger, Bluestone28, guilduinus41days 7h
788884 jadthegrey, levenezu, Gardensnake57days 4h
789435 shermanguy, levenezu, gpricesr94days 23h
788890 levenezu, FurryGut113days 16h
787326 SBGrad, DocGoss144days 16h
787447 Balordo, FurryGut145days 1h
787324 FurryGut, DocGoss146days 2h
787325 Balordo, DocGoss149days 6h
787061 FurryGut, DocGoss150days 18h
787191 Balordo, DocGoss151days 7h
785057 guilduinus, CaptainFolith219days 17h
776272 Balordo, Ralan, dbd314631year 57days
772965 Balordo, argeleb1year 151days
773066 SlotraceDK, Lidtsentude1year 153days
772362 kingpri, Frusinak, Trasno, Nasone, bkbb214, ARFERMIX, Spinal-Tap, Crixus, _tak_tak_tak_1year 168days
768750 Balordo, [levenezu], [gbslate]1year 184days
765761 Balordo, Shredder, rel00941year 341days
765747 imdog, KapteinKnutsen, rocknroller991year 344days
765748 KapteinKnutsen, imdog, Reddog1year 345days
765338 Azzarc, 14bis, wetty111year 358days
765047 SBGrad, 14bis, Panzerpod2years 1day
762131 VETERAN, calducho76, luccino, garrison, Bluestone28, Rtwo, fachtofer, tlamb67, rocknroller992years 26days
762310 derekticus, gbslate2years 40days
762149 VETERAN, luccino, JustGary2years 86days
760925 calducho76, luccino, Josesherwood2years 120days
761132 Balordo, argeleb2years 129days
756277 Azzarc, Garryowen, marcus-arilus2years 236days
756402 SBGrad, Waffen2years 238days
756401 Waffen, SBGrad2years 246days
752944 [davidtheterp], dantheman2years 248days
754031 Balordo, Jorge, Zwalf2years 280days
753883 Azzarc, Sabelkatten, JustGary2years 285days
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