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769270 bkbb214, pavepilot, [gbslate], Panzerpod, calducho76, [cmbpainter], neelorath, otto_06, Gardensnake, Bluestone28, jadthegrey, _tak_tak_tak_, mkiever, mvrichthofen13days 21h
772964 Galland, SlotraceDK48days 3h
771811 taurusdeth, [SBGrad]66days 14h
769831 Cattivonci, Balordo, [cmbpainter], [TitaniumShadow]71days 14h
766047 14bis, Azzarc234days 17h
765594 Azzarc, 14bis240days 18h
765762 Balordo, KapteinKnutsen249days 20h
761255 KapteinKnutsen, BigJoeDuke, calducho76, Bluestone28362days 3h
760823 Balordo, CaptLoftiss1year 19days
754032 Balordo, Azzarc1year 166days
751875 HagenvTronje, FurryGut, TaomanTom, [Mimolette]1year 178days
751580 HagenvTronje, Balordo, Bazza, stormwalker1year 200days
752814 Balordo, VilledeParis1year 202days
751581 Balordo, FurryGut, HagenvTronje, Bazza1year 206days
752365 FurryGut, Regis1year 212days
751577 HagenvTronje, FurryGut1year 221days
751193 FurryGut, HagenvTronje1year 229days
751380 Balordo, FurryGut1year 232days
750797 Balordo, FurryGut1year 232days
749531 davidtheterp, dantheman1year 263days
749565 KapteinKnutsen, skyeyes1year 272days
745334 Balordo, usgrant1year 344days
743041 Azzarc, PijusMagnificus, Erniesgone, woebie1year 361days
733240 HagenvTronje, jshushasn, Erniesgone, dcronin1981, Dash1643, stormwalker, Pooka, ARFERMIX, TK422, Johntheboring, jimdove, buddy1, MauraderFodder, Vezna2years 86days
736858 blugs, bugalugs2years 114days
727037 DocGoss, [Agladius3914], Rebop, jshushasn, dcronin1981, shibo_esn, slatersteve, Erniesgone, Bluestone28, craniac, ratpfink, Freebooter, [palerider], mlev2762years 116days
734486 JakobSperling, HagenvTronje, Erniesgone, TK4222years 127days
727867 JakobSperling, Balordo2years 227days
727034 DocGoss, Oxford2years 249days
721047 DocGoss, HagenvTronje, TK422, Hornblower, stormwalker, jshushasn, Erniesgone, lblaze2, Flavio, Flounder, CraigMeister, JoeKano, kinkajouj, jmoseman2years 266days
721048 DocGoss, TK422, HagenvTronje, Hornblower, stormwalker, jshushasn, Erniesgone, Flavio, JoeKano, Oxford, Canaith, Icarus, Gardensnake, JakobSperling2years 269days
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