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773831 Electro, Swanto, Lidtsentude, Balordo, derekticus, Frusinak14' 34"
773076 SlotraceDK, rocknroller99, SBGrad, Gilbert, kirkoa, Lidtsentude15h 8'
773075 rocknroller99, donjuan, Lidtsentude, ARFERMIX, M1kel, scorpiorocks, Dominion, bkbb214, Brier, SlotraceDK, Crixus, slatersteve, Frusinak, Trasno, GrapeShooter24h 19'
Last 100 ended games
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Your name is always listed in Red. Bold is for players that have to move, Strike is for eliminated players, Italic is for retired players. [Bracketed] names are for players automoved by the site engine.
So, if you see ... it's time to move!
773078 SlotraceDK, M1kel, donjuan, SBGrad, Lidtsentude, Electro32days 17h
772292 Electro, Galland34days 21h
771603 rocknroller99, neelorath, Crixus, _tak_tak_tak_, Balordo, Swanto40days 13h
772293 Galland, Electro57days 21h
769147 Dominion, [cmbpainter], SBGrad, Panzerpod, rocknroller99, Swanto70days 3h
771623 Longneck, rocknroller9974days 13h
769269 rocknroller99, gbslate, SBGrad, bkbb214, Panzerpod, pavepilot85days 22h
771228 Galland, Electro92days 21h
770237 rocknroller99, Galland108days 21h
770236 Balordo, rocknroller99117days 9h
769124 rocknroller99, derekticus126days 13h
769123 KapteinKnutsen, rocknroller99141days 4h
768534 derekticus, rocknroller99149days 9h
768792 Balordo, levenezu151days 12h
768535 rocknroller99, derekticus157days 13h
768314 rocknroller99, Balordo168days 16h
768313 Balordo, rocknroller99170days 20h
767364 rocknroller99, SBGrad190days 16h
767505 rocknroller99, Balordo195days 5h
766458 Dominion, rocknroller99211days 12h
764564 Swanto, derekticus276days 10h
762130 VETERAN, rocknroller99, Panzerpod, _tak_tak_tak_, Electro, [MajorTom]278days 20h
762282 donjuan, Bluestone28, rocknroller99, calducho76, dcronin1981, buddy1282days 11h
762787 rocknroller99, SBGrad, Recon, Shiraz68, Waffen, donjuan297days 7h
763392 KapteinKnutsen, rocknroller99304days 2h
762956 SBGrad, Recon, KapteinKnutsen, scorpiorocks, rocknroller99, calducho76305days 2h
763768 Swanto, rocknroller99309days 9h
760254 Jrgman33, Azzarc330days 6h
761681 Balordo, Bluestone28, Countykgamer, Electro, rocknroller99, Shiraz68331days 20h
762133 donjuan, Panzerpod, _tak_tak_tak_, rocknroller99, Bluestone28, Swanto332days 15h
761680 Electro, rocknroller99, Bluestone28, Balordo, Swanto, Countykgamer333days 19h
762350 rocknroller99, KapteinKnutsen337days 15h
762222 KapteinKnutsen, Swanto345days 21h
762087 KapteinKnutsen, Swanto350days 10h
760882 Waffen, Recon, FatherGrigori, rocknroller99, SBGrad, argeleb351days 22h
761793 rocknroller99, Swanto353days 13h
760961 Galland, derekticus355days 17h
760590 rocknroller99, [TaomanTom]1year 3days
761417 Galland, rocknroller991year 9days
761341 Dominion, rocknroller991year 10days
761123 rocknroller99, SBGrad1year 13days
758082 Swanto, SBGrad, cannonfodder, jhrobin2, Waffen, donjuan1year 14days
761131 rocknroller99, argeleb1year 15days
760883 CaptLoftiss, rocknroller991year 17days
761056 Balordo, rocknroller991year 18days
760691 Swanto, derekticus1year 21days
757440 jshushasn, MajorTom, Balordo, jimdove, darwinsbulldog, TaomanTom1year 23days
759958 derekticus, life19691year 37days
757350  derekticus, Dominion1year 46days
757343  Dominion, derekticus1year 46days
758556 Waffen, donjuan1year 54days
757352  mvrichthofen, Dominion1year 60days
757365  Dominion, mvrichthofen1year 66days
757358  Dominion, Electro1year 79days
757353  Sabelkatten, Dominion1year 80days
747005  BigJack, Vezna, BlackJoke, stanislaw63, Aumbob, Swanto1year 83days
757373  Electro, Sabelkatten1year 83days
757328  derekticus, ARFERMIX1year 85days
757378  derekticus, [yzerdunn]1year 85days
757347  [yzerdunn], derekticus1year 86days
757341  ARFERMIX, derekticus1year 86days
757361  [yzerdunn], Electro1year 86days
757380  Electro, [yzerdunn]1year 86days
757372  Dominion, Sabelkatten1year 86days
757376  ARFERMIX, [yzerdunn]1year 87days
757354  [yzerdunn], Dominion1year 87days
757379  Dominion, [yzerdunn]1year 87days
757364  derekticus, mvrichthofen1year 87days
757381  mvrichthofen, [yzerdunn]1year 87days
757333  [yzerdunn], ARFERMIX1year 87days
757382  Sabelkatten, [yzerdunn]1year 88days
757368  [yzerdunn], mvrichthofen1year 88days
757348  ARFERMIX, Dominion1year 90days
757346  Sabelkatten, derekticus1year 90days
757345  mvrichthofen, derekticus1year 91days
757362  ARFERMIX, mvrichthofen1year 91days
757371  derekticus, Sabelkatten1year 93days
757360  Sabelkatten, Electro1year 93days
757357  derekticus, Electro1year 93days
757344  Electro, derekticus1year 94days
757349  Balordo, Dominion1year 95days
757375  yzerdunn, Sabelkatten1year 96days
757335  derekticus, Balordo1year 98days
757374  mvrichthofen, Sabelkatten1year 98days
757377  Balordo, yzerdunn1year 98days
757369  ARFERMIX, Sabelkatten1year 99days
757329  Dominion, ARFERMIX1year 99days
757331  mvrichthofen, ARFERMIX1year 99days
757336  Dominion, Balordo1year 99days
757351  Electro, Dominion1year 100days
757363  Balordo, mvrichthofen1year 100days
757332  Sabelkatten, ARFERMIX1year 101days
757367  Sabelkatten, mvrichthofen1year 102days
757356  Balordo, Electro1year 102days
757334  ARFERMIX, Balordo1year 102days
757359  mvrichthofen, Electro1year 103days
757366  Electro, mvrichthofen1year 103days
757355  ARFERMIX, Electro1year 103days
757340  yzerdunn, Balordo1year 104days
757342  Balordo, derekticus1year 105days
757338  mvrichthofen, Balordo1year 105days
757330  Electro, ARFERMIX1year 106days
757339  Sabelkatten, Balordo1year 107days
757337  Electro, Balordo1year 111days
757370  Balordo, Sabelkatten1year 111days
757327  Balordo, ARFERMIX1year 113days
747016  Swanto, CaptainBlood, Vezna, BlackJoke, stanislaw63, Aumbob1year 155days
755168 Balordo, donjuan1year 158days
754695 bbauska, SLOTerp1year 170days
750778 SBGrad, derekticus, Electro, Pooka, donjuan, notjustdon1year 172days
747000  Vezna, Aumbob, Swanto, stanislaw63, CaptainBlood, BigJack1year 186days
747010  Spinal-Tap, BigJack, stanislaw63, Aumbob, CaptainBlood, Swanto1year 187days
746999  Vezna, stanislaw63, Aumbob, CaptainBlood, Swanto, Spinal-Tap1year 203days
747014  Spinal-Tap, BlackJoke, stanislaw63, Aumbob, CaptainBlood, BigJack1year 206days
746995  Vezna, Spinal-Tap, Aumbob, CaptainBlood, Swanto, BigJack1year 206days
747006  BigJack, BlackJoke, Aumbob, Vezna, stanislaw63, CaptainBlood1year 211days
747007  CaptainBlood, Aumbob, Spinal-Tap, Vezna, BlackJoke, stanislaw631year 214days
747013  stanislaw63, BlackJoke, Swanto, BigJack, Spinal-Tap, Vezna1year 217days
747008  BlackJoke, Aumbob, CaptainBlood, Swanto, BigJack, Vezna1year 217days
747011  CaptainBlood, BigJack, Spinal-Tap, Vezna, BlackJoke, Aumbob1year 221days
747892 stormwalker, donjuan, KapteinKnutsen, derekticus, Bresbomb, Longneck1year 233days
748479 bradhollister, LokiSteel21year 234days
747001  BigJack, Swanto, BlackJoke, stanislaw63, Aumbob, CaptainBlood1year 235days
746994  stanislaw63, Swanto, Spinal-Tap, CaptainBlood, BigJack, Vezna1year 235days
746996  Swanto, Spinal-Tap, Vezna, BlackJoke, stanislaw63, CaptainBlood1year 240days
746998  Aumbob, stanislaw63, BigJack, Spinal-Tap, Vezna, BlackJoke1year 241days
747004  BlackJoke, Vezna, CaptainBlood, Swanto, BigJack, Spinal-Tap1year 248days
746997  Swanto, Vezna, stanislaw63, Spinal-Tap, BlackJoke, Aumbob1year 252days
747003  Aumbob, BigJack, Vezna, Swanto, Spinal-Tap, BlackJoke1year 256days
747012  CaptainBlood, Spinal-Tap, BlackJoke, BigJack, Vezna, stanislaw631year 259days
747002  Aumbob, Swanto, BigJack, Spinal-Tap, Vezna, stanislaw631year 259days
747009  BlackJoke, CaptainBlood, BigJack, Aumbob, Swanto, Spinal-Tap1year 270days
749005 Swanto, derekticus1year 283days
746993  stanislaw63, CaptainBlood, Swanto, BigJack, Spinal-Tap, BlackJoke1year 285days
742366 Erniesgone, HagenvTronje, donjuan, Dominion, TK422, MajorTom, luismesas, jshushasn, Pooka, Brier, tvanhare, jmoseman, Caratacus, jhrobin2, jimdove1year 287days
747015  Spinal-Tap, stanislaw63, CaptainBlood, BlackJoke, Aumbob, Swanto1year 294days
742548 Pooka, donjuan, jesmith29, neelorath, Streaker, tullio9, Caratacus, SBGrad, jhrobin2, slatersteve, Shiraz68, Erniesgone, HarrisTweed, dougielb, mkiever1year 312days
744691  Dominion, BlackJoke1year 314days
744710  BlackJoke, Dominion1year 317days
744705  Dominion, derekticus1year 320days
744735  mvrichthofen, tic44471year 331days
744694  tic4447, BlackJoke1year 333days
744731  BlackJoke, tic44471year 335days
744720  Dominion, mvrichthofen1year 336days
744722  tic4447, mvrichthofen1year 339days
745264 Balordo, Galland1year 341days
744711  CaptVimes, Dominion1year 343days
744703  BlackJoke, derekticus1year 343days
744708  [tic4447], derekticus1year 345days
744721  Swanto, mvrichthofen1year 346days
744713  mvrichthofen, Dominion1year 346days
744723  Balordo, Swanto1year 347days
744727  Dominion, Swanto1year 347days
744728  mvrichthofen, Swanto1year 347days
744719  derekticus, mvrichthofen1year 347days
744690  derekticus, BlackJoke1year 347days
744724  BlackJoke, Swanto1year 347days
744686  Swanto, Balordo1year 348days
744717  BlackJoke, mvrichthofen1year 348days
744687  tic4447, Balordo1year 348days
744693  Swanto, BlackJoke1year 348days
744736  Swanto, tic44471year 349days
744700  Swanto, CaptVimes1year 349days
744678 Swanto, Balordo1year 349days
744726  derekticus, Swanto1year 350days
744706  mvrichthofen, derekticus1year 350days
744718  CaptVimes, mvrichthofen1year 350days
744699  mvrichthofen, CaptVimes1year 350days
740418 Caratacus, Erniesgone, Lidtsentude, Electro, JesusB, HagenvTronje, JakobSperling, donjuan, ARFERMIX, mvrichthofen, Spankh0us3, Zarch, MD80_ESP, Aumbob, Balordo1year 350days
745142 Balordo, Galland1year 351days
744698  Dominion, CaptVimes1year 352days
744683  derekticus, Balordo1year 352days
744714  Swanto, Dominion1year 352days
743683 Swanto, Longneck1year 352days
744695  Balordo, CaptVimes1year 353days
744692  mvrichthofen, BlackJoke1year 353days
744702  Balordo, derekticus1year 353days
744716  Balordo, mvrichthofen1year 353days
744685  mvrichthofen, Balordo1year 353days
744709  Balordo, Dominion1year 353days
744725  CaptVimes, Swanto1year 353days
744697  derekticus, CaptVimes1year 353days
744712  derekticus, Dominion1year 353days
744707  Swanto, derekticus1year 353days
744696  BlackJoke, CaptVimes1year 353days
744688  Balordo, BlackJoke1year 354days
744733  derekticus, tic44471year 354days
744704  CaptVimes, derekticus1year 354days
744681  BlackJoke, Balordo1year 354days
744684  Dominion, Balordo1year 355days
744729  tic4447, Swanto1year 355days
744689  CaptVimes, BlackJoke1year 356days
744730  Balordo, [tic4447]1year 356days
744701  [tic4447], CaptVimes1year 356days
744732  CaptVimes, [tic4447]1year 356days
744682  CaptVimes, Balordo1year 356days
744734  Dominion, [tic4447]1year 357days
744715  [tic4447], Dominion1year 357days
744322 Swanto, Balordo1year 360days
744013 Swanto, Balordo2years 2days
742848 Swanto, Longneck2years 8days
742862 Swanto, Streaker2years 12days
742766 Swanto, usgrant2years 25days
742218 Swanto, Longneck2years 25days
741380 Longneck, Swanto2years 33days
740220 Erniesgone, mvrichthofen, MajorTom, Electro, HarrisTweed, Balordo2years 34days
739895 malek, derekticus2years 34days
741371 Longneck, rogerbowerman2years 35days
741329 Electro, andrewpov2years 37days
741370 Swanto, Longneck2years 38days
740960 [Aumbob], derekticus2years 40days
741378 rogerbowerman, JesusB2years 44days
740954 Calvinandhobbs, GrapeShooter22years 46days
739838 Dominion, HagenvTronje, TK422, Erniesgone, mvrichthofen, Mimolette2years 52days
740963 rogerbowerman, derekticus2years 52days
735018 tvanhare, jshushasn, Nasone, buddy1, Shiraz68, jimdove, HagenvTronje, jhrobin2, Erniesgone, Caratacus, dougielb, BigRich, donjuan, Pooka, CaptVimes2years 53days
740530 rogerbowerman, Electro2years 54days
739653 HagenvTronje, mvrichthofen, KapteinKnutsen, derekticus, Pooka, Erniesgone2years 54days
740526 rogerbowerman, Aumbob2years 58days
736925 HagenvTronje, Erniesgone, Balordo, jshushasn, Pooka, Freebooter2years 60days
737093 Electro, derekticus2years 66days
739304 CaptLoftiss, malek2years 73days
739199 blugs, bugalugs2years 78days
738010 Aumbob, derekticus2years 83days
733625 jshushasn, Caratacus, stormwalker, tvanhare, Erniesgone, MajorTom2years 89days
725708  derekticus, Dominion2years 113days
725709  dkalenda, Dominion2years 120days
727739 ronshipp1, buddy1, Lufbery, Erniesgone, jshushasn, SteadyJeff2years 191days
725696  Dominion, dkalenda2years 197days
725689  Dominion, derekticus2years 200days
725694  derekticus, dkalenda2years 210days
725687  dkalenda, derekticus2years 212days
727726 cjcafiero, dkalenda2years 226days
725672  derekticus, [BlackJoke]2years 228days
725675  Dominion, [BlackJoke]2years 231days
725673  dkalenda, [BlackJoke]2years 231days
725692  [BlackJoke], dkalenda2years 231days
725685  [BlackJoke], derekticus2years 231days
725706  [BlackJoke], Dominion2years 232days
725690  Electro, derekticus2years 239days
725715  derekticus, Electro2years 241days
725688  DocGoss, derekticus2years 243days
725701  derekticus, DocGoss2years 243days
725699  BlackJoke, DocGoss2years 245days
725674  DocGoss, BlackJoke2years 245days
725711  Electro, Dominion2years 250days
725702  dkalenda, DocGoss2years 252days
725722  derekticus, yzerdunn2years 254days
725679  derekticus, dcr662years 254days
725724  DocGoss, yzerdunn2years 254days
725695  DocGoss, dkalenda2years 254days
725691  yzerdunn, derekticus2years 255days
725717  DocGoss, Electro2years 255days
724673 JakobSperling, derekticus2years 255days
725676  Electro, BlackJoke2years 255days
725726  Electro, yzerdunn2years 255days
725725  Dominion, yzerdunn2years 256days
725686  dcr66, derekticus2years 257days
725704  Electro, DocGoss2years 259days
725718  Dominion, Electro2years 259days
725712  yzerdunn, Dominion2years 260days
725677  yzerdunn, BlackJoke2years 261days
725719  yzerdunn, Electro2years 261days
725710  DocGoss, Dominion2years 261days
725720  BlackJoke, yzerdunn2years 262days
725703  Dominion, DocGoss2years 263days
725713  BlackJoke, Electro2years 263days
726407 Balordo, scotireb2years 263days
725683  Electro, dcr662years 264days
725716  dkalenda, Electro2years 265days
725707  dcr66, Dominion2years 266days
725698  yzerdunn, dkalenda2years 266days
725700  dcr66, DocGoss2years 267days
725697  Electro, dkalenda2years 267days
725714  dcr66, Electro2years 267days
725681  DocGoss, dcr662years 268days
725705  yzerdunn, DocGoss2years 268days
725678  BlackJoke, dcr662years 268days
725682  Dominion, dcr662years 268days
725855 cjcafiero, jimdove2years 269days
725723  dkalenda, yzerdunn2years 269days
725680  dkalenda, dcr662years 269days
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