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Your name is always listed in Red. Bold is for players that have to move, Strike is for eliminated players, Italic is for retired players. [Bracketed] names are for players automoved by the site engine.
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774886 donjuan, napo63, Lidtsentude, IvanGrozny, Balordo, Panzerpod1day 7h
774735 rocknroller99, jimdove4h 2'
774734 donjuan, rocknroller992days 5h
774705 rocknroller99, [DavidH85]4h 35'
774704 Balordo, rocknroller993h 59'
774112 sven_r, Lidtsentude, Recon, calducho76, rocknroller99, SBGrad3h 3'
773833 neelorath, calducho76, kingpri, Panzerpod, donjuan, ARFERMIX, jimdove, Frusinak, Brier, bkbb214, Dominion, TaomanTom, TwoTi, CaptainBlood, Lidtsentude, jshushasn5h 55'
773625 rocknroller99, RedDragon5h 46'
773547 rocknroller99, derekticus5h 53'
Last 100 ended games
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Your name is always listed in Red. Bold is for players that have to move, Strike is for eliminated players, Italic is for retired players. [Bracketed] names are for players automoved by the site engine.
So, if you see ... it's time to move!
773972 Galland, rocknroller996days 11h
773273 Cattivonci, barea1813, JustGary, Brier, derekticus, SBGrad6days 20h
771978 Electro, KapteinKnutsen, Balordo, buddy1, Shiraz68, Bluestone287days 8h
773546 Dominion, rocknroller999days 2h
772614 rocknroller99, [taurusdeth], donjuan, Crixus, Dominion, SlotraceDK10days 18h
773624 KapteinKnutsen, rocknroller9919days 18h
773973 rocknroller99, Galland25days 8h
771177 rocknroller99, Balordo, Panzerpod, jshushasn, Shiraz68, Galland38days 3h
769710 donjuan, Dominion, [cmbpainter], neelorath, Shredder, rocknroller9940days 12h
772053 buddy1, M1kel, [taurusdeth], Electro, KapteinKnutsen, Bluestone2843days 16h
769531 pavepilot, Balordo, [calducho76], Electro, TaomanTom, Shiraz6845days 4h
771098 Dominion, Balordo, Electro, Panzerpod, rocknroller99, bkbb21450days 3h
768556 Bluestone28, rocknroller99, Waffen, [Breach], Dominion, MajorTom53days 3h
768827 donjuan, Electro, Dominion, buddy1, Panzerpod, [cmbpainter]62days 5h
771225 Galland, Electro65days 12h
765686 DarknessEternal, imdog, donjuan, [Waffen], Panzerpod, Dadam71days 3h
768153 Panzerpod, calducho76, SBGrad, rocknroller99, woebie, Electro81days 11h
767813 Longneck, dcr66, donjuan, gbslate, Electro, CurtKline96days 3h
770329 rocknroller99, fantassin102days 8h
765687 rocknroller99, Panzerpod, calducho76, jimdove, Waffen, DarknessEternal, imdog, Electro, donjuan, dragmio, bkbb214, Zwalf, Dadam, wetty11, slatersteve, tvanhare108days 18h
769529 pavepilot, rocknroller99111days 11h
769530 rocknroller99, [woebie]115days 4h
766152 Longneck, derekticus, Electro, bkbb214, donjuan, Balordo121days 12h
768828 Swanto, neelorath121days 13h
768300 Panzerpod, Bluestone28, Balordo, rocknroller99, Electro, TaomanTom127days 4h
768675 SBGrad, Electro, Panzerpod, bkbb214, rocknroller99, cmbpainter129days 5h
766444  _tak_tak_tak_, 14bis, stanislaw63, Spinal-Tap, dragmio, Balordo129days 14h
765847 Panzerpod, rocknroller99, Electro, Recon, rel0094, ARFERMIX, wetty11, DarknessEternal, Waffen, Shredder, CaptainBlood, bkbb214, TaomanTom, tvanhare, Lidtsentude, Lobster24136days 18h
766917 Electro, KapteinKnutsen, Bluestone28, jshushasn, darwinsbulldog, Gardensnake138days 2h
768031 TaomanTom, Electro, Panzerpod, MajorTom, rocknroller99, Dominion139days 9h
767666 donjuan, KapteinKnutsen, cannonfodder, jshushasn, Bluestone28, gbslate140days 12h
766448  buddy1, _tak_tak_tak_, dragmio, stanislaw63, Balordo, Shredder142days 19h
766410 rocknroller99, Electro, Dominion, darwinsbulldog, bkbb214, derekticus143days 1h
766455  dragmio, Balordo, Shredder, _tak_tak_tak_, buddy1, 14bis147days 18h
768304 rocknroller99, Swanto148days 2h
766446  14bis, stanislaw63, Balordo, Shredder, _tak_tak_tak_, Spinal-Tap148days 7h
764806 donjuan, neelorath, Dominion, Electro, _tak_tak_tak_, derekticus, Panzerpod, otto_06, Spankh0us3, Waffen, slatersteve, calducho76, ARFERMIX, VETERAN, Recon, CraigMeister149days 8h
766439  _tak_tak_tak_, Shredder, 14bis, dragmio, stanislaw63, Balordo152days 20h
767332 scorpiorocks, Dominion, Panzerpod, rocknroller99, SBGrad, Electro153days 3h
766447  14bis, Balordo, _tak_tak_tak_, stanislaw63, Shredder, buddy1154days 4h
764391 [jeeepguy], Dominion, donjuan, jhrobin2, rocknroller99, SBGrad154days 6h
768303 Swanto, rocknroller99162days 3h
767468 [Mimolette], Electro, Panzerpod, derekticus, SBGrad, Bluestone28162days 20h
767382 rocknroller99, [Galland]163days 2h
763807 Panzerpod, Rtwo, ElCaiman, Bluestone28, Dominion, IvanGrozny, Electro, DarknessEternal, Waffen, slatersteve, donjuan, Xaramis, gbslate, Recon, rocknroller99, jimdove166days 5h
766441  stanislaw63, _tak_tak_tak_, Spinal-Tap, Shredder, buddy1, 14bis166days 12h
766525 bkbb214, Electro, jshushasn, SBGrad, KapteinKnutsen, Dominion167days 4h
766453  buddy1, dragmio, Balordo, 14bis, stanislaw63, Shredder169days 6h
765464 Panzerpod, Electro, VETERAN, donjuan, Swanto, rocknroller99176days 12h
766443  _tak_tak_tak_, Spinal-Tap, 14bis, dragmio, stanislaw63, Shredder178days 5h
766438  Spinal-Tap, stanislaw63, Shredder, dragmio, Balordo, _tak_tak_tak_178days 22h
766304 bkbb214, rocknroller99, neelorath, derekticus, wetty11, SBGrad179days 7h
765510 Electro, Swanto, 14bis, scorpiorocks, Dominion, Bluestone28181days 22h
766452  buddy1, 14bis, dragmio, stanislaw63, Balordo, _tak_tak_tak_185days 3h
766442  14bis, Spinal-Tap, Balordo, Shredder, _tak_tak_tak_, buddy1185days 9h
766349 Shredder, jimdove, Balordo, bkbb214, jshushasn, Swanto186days 14h
766451  dragmio, 14bis, Shredder, _tak_tak_tak_, buddy1, Spinal-Tap188days 7h
766436  stanislaw63, dragmio, _tak_tak_tak_, buddy1, Spinal-Tap, 14bis188days 9h
766445  Balordo, stanislaw63, buddy1, Spinal-Tap, 14bis, dragmio190days 5h
766435  Shredder, Spinal-Tap, dragmio, buddy1, 14bis, stanislaw63190days 6h
764955 14bis, Electro, Panzerpod, Waffen, Gardensnake, jshushasn192days 2h
767385 Balordo, Galland192days 8h
763779 donjuan, kregor77, Panzerpod, darwinsbulldog, jshushasn, rocknroller99192days 13h
766457  Spinal-Tap, buddy1, stanislaw63, Balordo, Shredder, _tak_tak_tak_193days 7h
766449  Balordo, _tak_tak_tak_, buddy1, Spinal-Tap, 14bis, stanislaw63193days 20h
766434  Shredder, buddy1, Spinal-Tap, 14bis, dragmio, Balordo194days 1h
766456  dragmio, Shredder, buddy1, Balordo, _tak_tak_tak_, Spinal-Tap195days 4h
766454  Shredder, Balordo, Spinal-Tap, 14bis, dragmio, stanislaw63196days 10h
766450  Balordo, buddy1, 14bis, _tak_tak_tak_, Spinal-Tap, dragmio197days 2h
766437  Spinal-Tap, dragmio, stanislaw63, Balordo, Shredder, buddy1197days 19h
765220 Azzarc, Electro, Bluestone28, Waffen, neelorath, Panzerpod198days
766440  stanislaw63, Shredder, _tak_tak_tak_, buddy1, Spinal-Tap, dragmio204days 16h
758068 donjuan, Johntheboring, Waffen, jhrobin2, Swanto, [cannonfodder]212days 19h
764771 derekticus, Swanto, Dominion, jeeepguy, _tak_tak_tak_, Panzerpod219days 11h
764225 BigRich, jeeepguy, VETERAN, rocknroller99, derekticus, argeleb228days 17h
765832 derekticus, rocknroller99230days 5h
765511 woebie, SBGrad241days 20h
763863 Panzerpod, Electro, Recon, Waffen, rocknroller99, calducho76243days 23h
765019 buddy1, 14bis244days
764661 DarknessEternal, Panzerpod, donjuan, caublbil, Electro, Balordo248days 5h
765466 Balordo, rocknroller99250days 5h
765372 Balordo, KapteinKnutsen250days 5h
764833 Sabelkatten, KapteinKnutsen260days 8h
756933 Electro, MajorTom, HagenvTronje, Garryowen, Lobster24, Waffen262days 11h
764834 KapteinKnutsen, Swanto263days 12h
760456 Waffen, ARFERMIX, donjuan, darwinsbulldog, Bebser, KapteinKnutsen276days 19h
760022 Streaker, Waffen, jimdove, Recon, donjuan, Panzerpod, Lidtsentude, HagenvTronje, jshushasn, Shiraz68, [Garryowen], Bluestone28, Dominion, Electro, jhrobin2, mkiever279days 16h
755973 Swanto, Dominion, BigRich, HagenvTronje, [corbell], donjuan, Freebooter, Nasone, derekticus, buddy1, SBGrad, Balordo, jimdove, Pooka, bbauska, CaptainBlood284days 14h
764216 rocknroller99, KapteinKnutsen291days 9h
758821 Balordo, Dominion, donjuan, Shiraz68, Electro, [Flashrock]294days 20h
763639 rocknroller99, [MajorTom]300days 3h
762626 rocknroller99, Galland312days 4h
758771 BigRich, Waffen, Dominion, IvanGrozny, SBGrad, southernskies, Xaramis, HagenvTronje, Johntheboring, Shiraz68, donjuan, jshushasn, [Flashrock], JoeKano, slatersteve, ElCaiman312days 8h
762456 rocknroller99, Waffen316days 21h
761567 Bluestone28, HarrisTweed, donjuan, Waffen, rocknroller99, Keithandor316days 21h
760627 donjuan, derekticus, Swanto, Streaker, Waffen, Shiraz68, Bluestone28, argeleb, rocknroller99, buddy1, Blune, Panzerpod, slatersteve, [henryw110], BigRich, TaomanTom323days 11h
761281 calducho76, Balordo, DarknessEternal, Bluestone28, rocknroller99, HarrisTweed325days 14h
762218 Swanto, rocknroller99341days 14h
761249 Panzerpod, tlamb67, calducho76, Bluestone28, Swanto, SBGrad343days 12h
761981 Balordo, rocknroller99344days 4h
761887 KapteinKnutsen, [SBGrad]344days 15h
760736 Panzerpod, ARFERMIX, Electro, Lidtsentude, rocknroller99, Blune345days 7h
760020 donjuan, derekticus, dcr66, jshushasn, TaomanTom, Balordo359days 11h
759196 Electro, Lidtsentude, HagenvTronje, Waffen, Dominion, donjuan364days 4h
759339 Electro, HagenvTronje, jshushasn, Waffen, [Napo1769], Lidtsentude1year
760166 Panzerpod, HagenvTronje, donjuan, Waffen, Swanto, Electro1year 4days
760019 donjuan, dcr66, derekticus, jshushasn, Streaker, Electro1year 12days
760834 Balordo, rocknroller991year 14days
759864 Balordo, jimdove, donjuan, Garryowen, Shiraz68, Swanto1year 19days
760355 KapteinKnutsen, Swanto1year 30days
758894 [Erniesgone], [Shiraz68], TaomanTom, Balordo, SBGrad, KapteinKnutsen1year 32days
751957  stanislaw63, dcr66, Vezna, [BlackJoke], Sabelkatten, Aumbob1year 35days
759338 Hollander, [Napo1769]1year 35days
760251 KapteinKnutsen, Swanto1year 38days
753024 cannonfodder, Balordo, [kregor77], jhrobin2, bbauska, Xaramis, ElCaiman, yzerdunn, Pooka, Dominion, derekticus, Electro, darwinsbulldog, dcronin1981, Lidtsentude, IvanGrozny1year 38days
751943  [Aumbob], stanislaw63, Balordo, donjuan, Vezna, Sabelkatten1year 40days
758893 Waffen, derekticus1year 49days
755547 Pooka, Balordo, Electro, teramaze, donjuan, Zwalf, derekticus, Swanto, BigRich, southernskies, slatersteve, jhrobin2, Waffen, Freebooter, jshushasn, TaomanTom1year 59days
755521 derekticus, Dominion, Balordo, BigRich, [kinkajouj], Pooka1year 60days
754630 KapteinKnutsen, Balordo, BigRich, MajorTom, derekticus, SBGrad1year 60days
758823 HagenvTronje, Swanto1year 62days
756317 Garryowen, SBGrad, Balordo, imdog, Bluestone28, Shiraz681year 70days
755279 Balordo, Shiraz68, mkiever, mvrichthofen, TaomanTom, derekticus1year 75days
751946  Balordo, Vezna, [BlackJoke], Sabelkatten, Aumbob, stanislaw631year 80days
758069 HagenvTronje, Balordo1year 81days
751950  [BlackJoke], dcr66, Balordo, Aumbob, stanislaw63, donjuan1year 87days
755101 HagenvTronje, Electro, donjuan, Pooka, Balordo, derekticus1year 87days
751941  Vezna, Aumbob, stanislaw63, Sabelkatten, dcr66, Balordo1year 91days
751944  Aumbob, Balordo, Vezna, stanislaw63, donjuan, BlackJoke1year 102days
754331 Pooka, Balordo, HagenvTronje, jhrobin2, jshushasn, Freebooter1year 112days
753605 Pooka, cannonfodder, KapteinKnutsen, jshushasn, darwinsbulldog, BobLittle1year 114days
751940  Vezna, Sabelkatten, Aumbob, dcr66, stanislaw63, donjuan1year 115days
753028 derekticus, Balordo, cannonfodder, Pooka, Dominion, Electro1year 115days
751741 Balordo, Dominion, jshushasn, [Mimolette], Aumbob, dcronin1981, HagenvTronje, Recon, Pooka, derekticus, Electro, donjuan, jimdove, Caratacus, jhrobin2, LtShady1year 118days
751938  stanislaw63, Vezna, Sabelkatten, donjuan, BlackJoke, Aumbob1year 128days
751945  BlackJoke, Vezna, dcr66, stanislaw63, Balordo, donjuan1year 129days
751948  dcr66, Aumbob, donjuan, Vezna, BlackJoke, Sabelkatten1year 133days
751949  BlackJoke, [Aumbob], dcr66, stanislaw63, Balordo, Vezna1year 135days
751936  Vezna, donjuan, [Aumbob], dcr66, stanislaw63, Balordo1year 136days
751935  Sabelkatten, stanislaw63, donjuan, dcr66, Balordo, Vezna1year 137days
751954  Sabelkatten, BlackJoke, stanislaw63, Balordo, donjuan, Vezna1year 139days
751939  Aumbob, Sabelkatten, Balordo, donjuan, Vezna, BlackJoke1year 143days
751956  donjuan, Sabelkatten, dcr66, BlackJoke, Aumbob, stanislaw631year 143days
751937  stanislaw63, donjuan, Vezna, BlackJoke, Sabelkatten, dcr661year 146days
751942  Balordo, stanislaw63, BlackJoke, Sabelkatten, Aumbob, dcr661year 147days
755718 KapteinKnutsen, Galland1year 147days
755699 Balordo, Galland1year 148days
751951  donjuan, Balordo, Sabelkatten, Aumbob, dcr66, stanislaw631year 152days
751955  donjuan, BlackJoke, Sabelkatten, Aumbob, dcr66, Balordo1year 153days
753710 Dominion, Pooka, mkiever, Electro, Balordo, dcr661year 155days
751947  Balordo, BlackJoke, Aumbob, Vezna, Sabelkatten, dcr661year 159days
751953  dcr66, donjuan, BlackJoke, Balordo, Vezna, Sabelkatten1year 163days
751934  Sabelkatten, dcr66, stanislaw63, Balordo, donjuan, BlackJoke1year 165days
750803 Xansta, SBGrad, donjuan, Pooka, Balordo, Electro1year 165days
751952  dcr66, Balordo, donjuan, Vezna, BlackJoke, Aumbob1year 172days
753942 Pooka, Balordo1year 177days
751295 Balordo, mkiever, Recon, Pooka, Electro, JoeKano1year 181days
747221 Balordo, [skyeyes], derekticus, Electro, HagenvTronje, tvanhare, KapteinKnutsen, MajorTom, JoeKano, Shiraz68, BobLittle, Pooka, jhrobin2, tullio9, mvrichthofen, jshushasn1year 182days
751191 SBGrad, Dominion, bbauska, Pooka, FurryGut, Electro1year 213days
741531 HagenvTronje, JesusB, Bluestone28, MD80_ESP, Erniesgone, shibo_esn, Streaker, jimdove, jshushasn, SBGrad, Pooka, TK422, jesmith29, donjuan, jhrobin2, imdog1year 254days
741532 HagenvTronje, Dominion, shibo_esn, MD80_ESP, jshushasn, TK422, Bluestone28, Streaker, Pooka, JesusB, Erniesgone, jesmith29, jimdove, jhrobin2, buddy1, donjuan1year 267days
749243 Swanto, derekticus1year 272days
746628 Caratacus, HagenvTronje, Balordo, BigRich, jshushasn, stormwalker1year 272days
747030 mlev276, Swanto, Balordo, BobLittle, Electro, Shiraz681year 276days
743534 mlev276, HagenvTronje, _tak_tak_tak_, Pooka, donjuan, Brier1year 282days
741037 SBGrad, HagenvTronje, MajorTom, jmoseman, Azzarc, MD80_ESP, JakobSperling, Swanto, Pooka, HarrisTweed, Shiraz68, mvrichthofen, Erniesgone, Spankh0us3, Aumbob, donjuan1year 282days
743030 HagenvTronje, Erniesgone, PijusMagnificus, BigRich, donjuan, Shiraz681year 323days
743119 Erniesgone, Balordo, HagenvTronje, jshushasn, Pooka, stormwalker1year 329days
738483 JoeKano, buddy1, jimdove, [Cla8383], HagenvTronje, [bobnap], Freebooter, Lidtsentude, jshushasn, Erniesgone, mlev276, BigRich, Pooka, jhrobin2, HarrisTweed, Venom1year 334days
743982 derekticus, HagenvTronje, Balordo, BigRich, Pooka, Swanto1year 337days
736758 tvanhare, Dominion, Pooka, Shiraz68, Erniesgone, BigRich1year 358days
743333 [ktalpresa], [CDaniel]2years
743052 [halberad], Swanto2years 5days
742128 Brier, [MajorTom]2years 5days
735481 Erniesgone, stormwalker, DocGoss, Oxford, uninvited, Beta32years 22days
740488 Erniesgone, Lidtsentude, donjuan, Spankh0us3, mvrichthofen, MD80_ESP2years 25days
742641 Swanto, usgrant2years 25days
740173 HagenvTronje, malek2years 31days
740961 Calvinandhobbs, Korba2years 41days
737045 HagenvTronje, CraigMeister, jshushasn, Freebooter, Erniesgone, KapteinKnutsen2years 54days
738395 Vezna, mgm19652years 62days
738242 [Longneck], HarrisTweed2years 62days
733010 MajorTom, Caratacus, neelorath, jshushasn, jhrobin2, tvanhare2years 64days
734100 Dominion, Erniesgone, Electro, BigRich, Pooka, _tak_tak_tak_2years 82days
733009 Dominion, tvanhare, Dash1643, Erniesgone, giangi1964, Caratacus, ARFERMIX, stormwalker, jshushasn, neelorath, jhrobin2, Pooka, Cattivonci, shermanguy, BobLittle, JakobSperling2years 86days
729296 jshushasn, Dominion, ARFERMIX, JakobSperling, HagenvTronje, Erniesgone, DarknessEternal, [samsonavion], JoeKano, stormwalker, DocGoss, jhrobin2, donjuan, Electro, Shiraz68, BigRich2years 90days
730695 Erniesgone, uninvited, BigRich, JakobSperling, jshushasn, HagenvTronje, SteadyJeff, Johntheboring, Freebooter, JoeKano, jhrobin2, ARFERMIX, stormwalker, Bluestone28, panzerpistolero, Zeewulf2years 95days
737425 blugs, bugalugs2years 98days
729378 Erniesgone, Verylight, HagenvTronje, donjuan, Transludiste, [samsonavion]2years 140days
725101 marcus-arilus, DarknessEternal, donjuan, Noldwar, Erniesgone, [minuteman2010], Flounder, Dominion, [RolleTheRed], Bluestone28, DocGoss, jhrobin2, JakobSperling, jshushasn, [Schattenschlag], BigRich2years 144days
728808 stravag, HagenvTronje, mlev276, tvanhare, duster, jshushasn, Electro, Bluestone28, Erniesgone, jhrobin2, Balordo, shibo_esn, donjuan, BigRich, KapteinKnutsen, JakobSperling2years 172days
729377 mlev276, Balordo2years 186days
730183 Balordo, dkalenda2years 192days
728688 JakobSperling, Noldwar, Balordo, ratpfink, Erniesgone, Spankh0us32years 193days
728775 DocGoss, Electro2years 214days
724047 Erniesgone, TK422, Noldwar, [adonaiwarrior], buddy1, donjuan2years 216days
728774 HagenvTronje, DocGoss2years 220days
728284 Balordo, DocGoss2years 221days
728847 life1969, DocGoss2years 222days
728283 DocGoss, Balordo2years 227days
724249 donjuan, marcus-arilus, Noldwar, adonaiwarrior, Shiraz68, life19692years 237days
724048 Erniesgone, stormwalker, Noldwar, KapteinKnutsen, jshushasn, Shiraz68, jimdove, HagenvTronje, donjuan, buddy1, CaptainBlood, adonaiwarrior, marcus-arilus, BigRich, psychodolly, Electro2years 237days
727218 Longneck, jimdove2years 237days
726408 Balordo, Longneck2years 250days
723594 Erniesgone, Noldwar, jimdove, CraigMeister, LtShady, Thayr2years 267days
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