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776751 GloriosoXVIII, Galland11h 19'
776699 rocknroller99, barea18131day 12h
776698 CaptFreedom76, rocknroller9921h 8'
776638 rocknroller99, FragataXVIII8h
776637 GloriosoXVIII, rocknroller991h 43'
776457 rocknroller99, wazzledazzle2h 46'
776222 rocknroller99, Ralan13h 27'
776221 Ralan, rocknroller996h 32'
775969 rocknroller99, Flounder1day 7h
775489 Longneck, rocknroller9910h 48'
774581  JustGary, Spinal-Tap, CaptainBlood, Balordo, _tak_tak_tak_, Swanto19h 48'
774580  JustGary, Balordo, Spinal-Tap, _tak_tak_tak_, CaptainBlood, 14bis22h 7'
774578  CaptainBlood, JustGary, Balordo, 14bis, Trasno, Spinal-Tap22h 1'
774577  CaptainBlood, 14bis, JustGary, Trasno, Balordo, _tak_tak_tak_1day 3h
774576  JustGary, 14bis, Spinal-Tap, _tak_tak_tak_, CaptainBlood, Swanto9h 59'
774575  Balordo, CaptainBlood, 14bis, _tak_tak_tak_, Swanto, JustGary19h 47'
774574  Balordo, _tak_tak_tak_, CaptainBlood, Swanto, 14bis, Trasno17h 52'
774570  Balordo, Trasno, CaptainBlood, Swanto, 14bis, JustGary16h 43'
774569  _tak_tak_tak_, 14bis, Trasno, Swanto, JustGary, Balordo7h 40'
774568  _tak_tak_tak_, Swanto, 14bis, JustGary, Trasno, Spinal-Tap6h 53'
774552 neelorath, M1kel, barea1813, _tak_tak_tak_, napo63, donjuan, [buddy1], Lidtsentude, IvanGrozny, jhrobin2, calducho76, Brier, Frusinak, Xaramis, Dominion, bkbb2148h 52'
774114 sven_r, calducho76, donjuan, Gilbert, rocknroller99, Erniesgone8h 1'
772794 Dominion, donjuan, Frusinak, Lidtsentude, neelorath, DarknessEternal, dcr66, Bluestone28, SlotraceDK, TaomanTom, Crixus, bkbb214, jhrobin2, Brier, Panzerpod, barea18132h 6'
Last 100 ended games
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Your name is always listed in Red. Bold is for players that have to move, Strike is for eliminated players, Italic is for retired players. [Bracketed] names are for players automoved by the site engine.
So, if you see ... it's time to move!
776752 Galland, rocknroller9912h 27'
776456 GloriosoXVIII, rocknroller9912h 41'
775262 rocknroller99, KapteinKnutsen19h 4'
775125 donjuan, rocknroller993days 7h
775968 Flounder, rocknroller993days 8h
775980 rocknroller99, KapteinKnutsen5days 16h
774564  _tak_tak_tak_, Spinal-Tap, 14bis, JustGary, Trasno, Balordo5days 18h
774571  14bis, Trasno, Balordo, Spinal-Tap, _tak_tak_tak_, Swanto7days 11h
776371 GloriosoXVIII, rocknroller997days 11h
776393 EduardoMolins, AlexTorio8days 3h
776364 GloriosoXVIII, Balordo8days 14h
776365 FragataXVIII, GloriosoXVIII9days 9h
774579  Spinal-Tap, Balordo, Swanto, 14bis, JustGary, Trasno9days 20h
774707 rocknroller99, KapteinKnutsen10days 11h
774565  Trasno, Spinal-Tap, _tak_tak_tak_, CaptainBlood, Swanto, JustGary11days
774573  CaptainBlood, _tak_tak_tak_, JustGary, Trasno, Balordo, Spinal-Tap12days 4h
775261 neelorath, rocknroller9912days 12h
774559  Spinal-Tap, CaptainBlood, Swanto, 14bis, JustGary, Balordo14days 8h
775979 oldgamer, rocknroller9915days 3h
774582  Swanto, CaptainBlood, Trasno, Balordo, Spinal-Tap, _tak_tak_tak_16days 15h
774358 cannonfodder, rocknroller9916days 17h
774562  Swanto, JustGary, Trasno, Balordo, Spinal-Tap, CaptainBlood17days 10h
774561  Trasno, JustGary, _tak_tak_tak_, CaptainBlood, Swanto, 14bis17days 19h
775126 rocknroller99, derekticus18days 11h
774572  14bis, Balordo, _tak_tak_tak_, Trasno, Spinal-Tap, CaptainBlood19days 17h
774807 Electro, rocknroller9921days 16h
775490 rocknroller99, wazzledazzle21days 18h
774567  14bis, Swanto, Balordo, Spinal-Tap, _tak_tak_tak_, CaptainBlood22days 18h
773544 Dominion, rocknroller9923days 14h
774566  Trasno, _tak_tak_tak_, Swanto, Spinal-Tap, CaptainBlood, 14bis24days 19h
774563  Swanto, Trasno, Spinal-Tap, JustGary, Balordo, _tak_tak_tak_26days 21h
774732 KapteinKnutsen, rocknroller9927days 22h
774808 rocknroller99, mvrichthofen28days 11h
774560  Spinal-Tap, Swanto, JustGary, CaptainBlood, 14bis, Trasno32days 8h
774733 rocknroller99, TaomanTom37days 7h
774706 [DavidH85], rocknroller9937days 11h
772557 rocknroller99, Nasone39days 12h
772556 Nasone, rocknroller9940days 12h
774362 Galland, Balordo40days 13h
774359 rocknroller99, Electro43days 17h
774194 rocknroller99, KapteinKnutsen43days 18h
774193 sven_r, rocknroller9948days 14h
773832 galadang, barea181350days 14h
773144 Galland, rocknroller9952days 3h
774361 Balordo, Galland52days 19h
772791 rocknroller99, neelorath54days 23h
773622 Electro, rocknroller9958days 10h
772615 SlotraceDK, Panzerpod, donjuan, neelorath, Lidtsentude, ARFERMIX59days 8h
773971 rocknroller99, Erniesgone60days 10h
773970 Erniesgone, rocknroller9963days 5h
773623 rocknroller99, Balordo63days 11h
772788 neelorath, rocknroller9966days 9h
773145 rocknroller99, Galland68days 15h
773545 rocknroller99, Balordo70days 13h
772250 rocknroller99, Dominion73days 9h
772607 rocknroller99, KapteinKnutsen76days 1h
772606 KapteinKnutsen, rocknroller9982days 11h
772610 Galland, rocknroller9984days 12h
772611 rocknroller99, Galland84days 13h
772249 Electro, rocknroller9991days 16h
771936 rocknroller99, KapteinKnutsen98days 18h
771624 rocknroller99, KapteinKnutsen98days 19h
771935 Balordo, rocknroller99107days 11h
770408 Bluestone28, mkiever, donjuan, jhrobin2, Electro, Balordo107days 17h
771114 rocknroller99, Balordo120days 16h
770272 rocknroller99, TaomanTom122days 12h
771113 kingpri, rocknroller99127days 13h
770875 M1kel, rocknroller99132days 15h
770315 rocknroller99, Vezna133days 15h
770384 Electro, rocknroller99133days 15h
770385 rocknroller99, Electro135days 17h
770876 rocknroller99, kingpri136days 13h
770314 dkalenda, rocknroller99137days 22h
770331 rocknroller99, argeleb138days 20h
770082 rocknroller99, Electro141days 10h
770330 KapteinKnutsen, rocknroller99144days 13h
770081 Electro, rocknroller99144days 17h
770248 rocknroller99, shmcbee1964145days 11h
770273 Balordo, rocknroller99147days 15h
770247 KapteinKnutsen, rocknroller99149days 22h
769140 rocknroller99, KapteinKnutsen152days 22h
769139 [cmbpainter], rocknroller99153days 12h
761435 donjuan, BigRich, rocknroller99, Dominion, Bluestone28, VETERAN, Electro, calducho76, [knrodgers], dcronin1981, Waffen, JoeKano, [HarrisTweed], jshushasn, Lidtsentude, KapteinKnutsen195days 1h
767989 SLOTerp, rocknroller99209days 10h
764878 derekticus, Swanto, gbslate, SLOTerp, CraigMeister, donjuan, Panzerpod, calducho76, _tak_tak_tak_, caublbil, CaptainBlood, Electro, jhrobin2, jeeepguy, Shiraz68, Nasone211days 13h
767089 Swanto, rocknroller99235days 21h
766459 Electro, rocknroller99245days 11h
766667 Swanto, KapteinKnutsen245days 16h
764259 SBGrad, Swanto, VETERAN, scorpiorocks, BigRich, Bluestone28274days 1h
762950 calducho76, KapteinKnutsen, donjuan, tvanhare, darwinsbulldog, Jtoulon291days 12h
764950 rocknroller99, Swanto293days 16h
762988 Electro, donjuan, Recon, rocknroller99, SBGrad, Countykgamer296days 15h
758081 donjuan, Dominion, buddy1, derekticus, Waffen, HagenvTronje, [Aumbob], jimdove, jhrobin2, dcronin1981, Johntheboring, Electro, Recon, bbauska, Balordo, _tak_tak_tak_317days 10h
764392 mkiever, scotireb317days 12h
760717 [rocknroller99], Panzerpod, Recon, Dominion, [Blune], Electro, donjuan, Longneck, BigRich, Balordo, jhrobin2, Shiraz68, Zeewulf, buddy1, erpiratapeloso, Bluestone28317days 15h
764347 Galland, [rocknroller99]319days 15h
763947 buddy1, KapteinKnutsen328days 23h
762989 KapteinKnutsen, [rocknroller99]332days 1h
761932 Keithandor, Bluestone28, VETERAN, scorpiorocks, donjuan, gbslate341days 12h
760827 Bluestone28, Electro, darwinsbulldog, Balordo, rocknroller99, jimdove342days 18h
762134 KapteinKnutsen, rocknroller991year 13days
761560 Electro, rocknroller991year 14days
761708 derekticus, rocknroller991year 15days
758345 donjuan, HagenvTronje, Swanto, Waffen, JustGary, derekticus1year 22days
761919 Swanto, KapteinKnutsen1year 23days
761790 KapteinKnutsen, Swanto1year 30days
761416 Galland, rocknroller991year 35days
760720 donjuan, rocknroller991year 47days
760718 Panzerpod, Electro, BigRich, Blune, Balordo, rocknroller991year 47days
761058 Balordo, rocknroller991year 48days
760699 CaptLoftiss, Balordo1year 60days
760719 CaptLoftiss, rocknroller991year 61days
759762 Balordo, KapteinKnutsen1year 86days
758554 donjuan, Waffen1year 102days
752250 HagenvTronje, cannonfodder, JakobSperling, Pooka, TaomanTom, FurryGut1year 140days
755698 ARFERMIX, Waffen, Longneck, Freebooter, TaomanTom, Swanto1year 154days
754993 Fonck, HagenvTronje1year 185days
755428 Balordo, Longneck1year 186days
753940 Balordo, Dominion, HagenvTronje, Pooka, CaptainBlood, SBGrad1year 189days
752640 HagenvTronje, JakobSperling, Balordo, Shiraz68, darwinsbulldog, mkiever1year 194days
753941 Balordo, Longneck1year 197days
747220 JoeKano, Shiraz68, Dominion, Electro, Balordo, HagenvTronje, skyeyes, JakobSperling, Caratacus, Spankh0us3, Pooka, Wilkes, jhrobin2, BobLittle, mlev276, bbauska1year 198days
744152 Streaker, Balordo, MajorTom, SteadyJeff, Electro, Pooka1year 198days
751487 stormwalker, Balordo, Dominion, southernskies, Pooka, Electro, HagenvTronje, jhrobin2, IvanGrozny, Bazza, donjuan, bbauska, SBGrad, jshushasn, dcronin1981, dantheman1year 214days
747219 [Baron_Sarin1], Dominion, skyeyes, donjuan, VonTotenFlieger, jmoseman, HagenvTronje, KapteinKnutsen, JoeKano, derekticus, Shiraz68, Balordo, BobLittle, BigJack, kinkajouj, Pooka1year 219days
751473 donjuan, Streaker, Recon, BigRich, templarenero, Pooka1year 220days
748478 otto_06, Balordo, KapteinKnutsen, Swanto, donjuan, Electro, stormwalker, Caratacus, Icarus, BobLittle, jmoseman, Flounder, jhrobin2, Lidtsentude, kregor77, BigRich1year 221days
752639 SBGrad, JakobSperling1year 231days
744811 donjuan, ARFERMIX, Balordo, FurryGut, _tak_tak_tak_, jesmith29, Myszka, jmoseman, BigJack, Dominion, BobLittle, Pooka, Caratacus, tullio9, jhrobin2, slatersteve1year 268days
749134 Balordo, FurryGut1year 309days
746826 Vezna, Balordo1year 347days
744466 Shiraz68, KapteinKnutsen, donjuan, Pooka, Balordo, Swanto1year 355days
738484 BigRich, Freebooter, Electro, JakobSperling, jshushasn, HagenvTronje, Shiraz68, Balordo, JoeKano, Erniesgone, buddy1, Pooka, jhrobin2, ARFERMIX, Venom, life19692years 31days
744321 Balordo, bbauska2years 33days
739730 HagenvTronje, Pooka, Balordo, mvrichthofen, Erniesgone, [DocGoss]2years 68days
740683 Pooka, HagenvTronje, Erniesgone, BigRich, [Shiraz68], Electro2years 68days
739837 HagenvTronje, MajorTom, Erniesgone, mvrichthofen, TK422, Balordo2years 80days
711902  Flashrock, [Shootz], Electro, Dominion, Balordo, [Alentissar]2years 80days
740249 Korba, Calvinandhobbs2years 86days
739664 HagenvTronje, Erniesgone, malek, Pooka, mvrichthofen, Balordo2years 91days
740573 Erniesgone, rogerbowerman2years 91days
737639 Erniesgone, bobnap, BigRich, Aumbob, Shiraz68, BobLittle2years 97days
739656 Aumbob, CaptLoftiss2years 102days
737740 Balordo, Erniesgone2years 128days
729194 donjuan, Sabelkatten, JakobSperling, HagenvTronje, stormwalker, shibo_esn, Bluestone28, jshushasn, Electro, Erniesgone, MauraderFodder, ARFERMIX, jhrobin2, Dominion, JoeKano, dougielb2years 129days
730114 corbell, Oxford, HagenvTronje, jshushasn, Erniesgone, [duster]2years 140days
727278 ARFERMIX, Freebooter, donjuan, shibo_esn, jshushasn, stormwalker, HagenvTronje, woebie, BigRich, jhrobin2, DocGoss, [palerider], JoeKano, slatersteve, Oxford, Spankh0us32years 142days
732115 Dominion, HagenvTronje, SteadyJeff, jshushasn, Erniesgone, JakobSperling2years 170days
724620 JPortman, Shiraz68, psychodolly, [adonaiwarrior], [LeafOnTheWind], [Agladius3914]2years 175days
728630 Dominion, HagenvTronje, buddy1, life1969, ronshipp1, tvanhare, JakobSperling, stormwalker, MauraderFodder, jshushasn, Erniesgone, BigRich, jhrobin2, DocGoss, Spankh0us3, kinkajouj2years 176days
710670  [Shootz], Dominion, stanislaw63, dkalenda, lblaze2, [cannonfodder]2years 190days
710669  Flashrock, lblaze2, Dominion, dkalenda, [cannonfodder], [Shootz]2years 195days
710655  Caratacus, [Shootz], dkalenda, lblaze2, [cannonfodder], Dominion2years 210days
710651  [Shootz], stanislaw63, lblaze2, Flashrock, dkalenda, [cannonfodder]2years 218days
724399 Hethwill, BigRich, marcus-arilus, TK422, psychodolly, jshushasn2years 227days
722364 Erniesgone, Shiraz68, ronshipp1, jshushasn, duster, jmoseman2years 237days
726409 Balordo, Erniesgone, moondog83013, donjuan, Oxford, [Agladius3914]2years 239days
710659  Caratacus, stanislaw63, dkalenda, lblaze2, cannonfodder, [Shootz]2years 240days
727534 Erniesgone, Oxford2years 250days
711910  ARFERMIX, [Shootz], Balordo, Electro, Alentissar, [Flashrock]2years 260days
728285 DocGoss, Dominion2years 261days
710663  dkalenda, Dominion, Caratacus, cannonfodder, [Shootz], [Flashrock]2years 265days
728282 Erniesgone, DocGoss2years 266days
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