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You Play It - Forum message board
In this forum the players can exchange informations and comments on the games they are currently playing or post messages on new board games, card games, wargames, simulations, rpg or any other type of game or toy they like: puzzle, robots, monsters, space toys, lego, marble or even talk about your last barbie doll. Every one can read the messages, but in order to post new messages you must be a registered user. You can even use an RSSReader to follow our RSS feed .
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74days 16h Electro [SYS] Site hosting
74days 14h darken Re: [SYS] Site hosting
70days 13h Electro Re: [SYS] Site hosting
70days 12h BlackSheep Re: [SYS] Site hosting
70days 2h gugliandalf Re: [SYS] Site hosting
70days 1h imdog Re: [SYS] Site hosting
69days 9h Longneck Re: [SYS] Site hosting
68days 10h derekticus Re: [SYS] Site hosting
67days 11h Viridovix Re: [SYS] Site hosting
66days 8h dcr66 Re: [SYS] Site hosting
65days 21h Electro Re: [SYS] Site hosting
65days 13h BlackSheep Re: [SYS] Site hosting
63days 20h dcr66 Re: [SYS] Site hosting
 63days 14h gugliandalf Re: [SYS] Site hosting
59days 18h Electro Re: [SYS] Site hosting
59days 17h dcr66 Re: [SYS] Site hosting
 59days 16h Electro Re: [SYS] Site hosting
  59days 15h dcr66 Re: [SYS] Site hosting
   54days 20h shermanguy Re: [SYS] Site hosting
48days 17h Electro Re: [SYS] Site hosting
48days 13h derekticus Re: [SYS] Site hosting
48days 7h dcr66 Re: [SYS] Site hosting
 47days 18h Electro Re: [SYS] Site hosting
  46days 15h Swanto Re: [SYS] Site hosting
   46days 13h derekticus Re: [SYS] Site hosting
36days 18h Electro Re: [SYS] Site hosting
36days 12h dcr66 Re: [SYS] Site hosting
 36days 12h Electro Re: [SYS] Site hosting
  36days 12h dcr66 Re: [SYS] Site hosting
   36days 11h Electro Re: [SYS] Site hosting
22days 10h Electro Re: [SYS] Site hosting
20days 12h imdog Re: [SYS] Site hosting
10days 16h Electro Re: [SYS] Site hosting

35days 19h Phil Hall [BM][OT] Hosting BM
34days 13h Electro Re: [BM][OT] Hosting BM

35days 17h mark41974 [WS&IM][IDEAS] Wind Change
35days 16h dcr66 Re: [WS&IM][IDEAS] Wind Change

110days 12h pokerguy [BM][TOUR] New Tournament
106days 2h gugliandalf Re: [BM][TOUR] New Tournament
105days 13h darken Re: [BM][TOUR] New Tournament
101days 14h rolive1 Re: [BM][TOUR] New Tournament
98days 21h rolive1 Re: [BM][TOUR] New Tournament
 98days 13h pokerguy Re: [BM][TOUR] New Tournament
  97days 20h rolive1 Re: [BM][TOUR] New Tournament
94days 17h Morrigan31 Re: [BM][TOUR] New Tournament
92days 21h shermanguy Re: [BM][TOUR] New Tournament
91days 16h Electro Re: [BM][TOUR] New Tournament
90days 10h pokerguy Re: [BM][TOUR] New Tournament
 84days 20h Morrigan31 Re: [BM][TOUR] New Tournament
  83days 19h pokerguy Re: [BM][TOUR] New Tournament
   83days 1h Morrigan31 Re: [BM][TOUR] New Tournament
71days 14h Viridovix Re: [BM][TOUR] New Tournament
 66days 18h pokerguy Re: [BM][TOUR] New Tournament
  58days 19h pokerguy Re: [BM][TOUR] New Tournament
   55days 17h Morrigan31 Re: [BM][TOUR] New Tournament
    43days 21h pokerguy Re: [BM][TOUR] New Tournament
     42days 19h Morrigan31 Re: [BM][TOUR] New Tournament
      41days 19h pokerguy Re: [BM][TOUR] New Tournament

70days 2h gugliandalf [GZ][TOUR] New league: 11734

95days Bluestone28 [WS&IM][BUG] serveur erro on game # 793625
94days 19h Bluestone28 Re: [WS&IM][BUG] serveur erro on game # 793625

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