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Area/Game:Wooden Ships & Iron Men
Subject: Conquerant
Posted by: SBGrad - 177days 18h ago.
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Swanto wrote:
Apologies in adv if this is yet another topic previously dicussed........

In DES TOUCHE, I was eventually made aware of what a great liability CONQUERANT is to the French. This is because she carries so little canvas.

A brief search shows that there have been several CON in French history. The 1760ish version I ruled out as being from the wrong era. The 1803ish version I ruled out because of its short and forlorn service record.

I presume that the CON version we are using is the 1812 version? If so, she is of the BUCENTAURE class of SOL. If this is so, why would she have sinificantly less sail than her sister ship?

Doesn't this shortcoming seriously handicap the French squadron? Is this intentional?

Way back, in the 70s, Avalon Hill published a bunch of WSIM scenarios in The General that weren't included in the game. In one or maybe 2 of them, a ship had encountered damage from a storm before getting in the fight. It starts the scenario with some damage.

Whenever I see Conquerant with her fore and main topmasts missing, I just figure it was something like those old AH scenarios.

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