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City:Milano IT
Personal Data:Male, born: June 02 1963
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Subject: Duke Parker's call
Posted by: Fineturno - 1year 283days ago.
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Yeah! Do start biting! :evil

imdog wrote:
Your highness,

It has been almost a year since our last taste of blood league http://youplay.it/play/tn_status.asp?UserID=imdog&GameID=10481&GameType=VA . I have sent my best boys to compete against you all but they fail.

To puninsh them, I have burnt them all under the lovely sun .

This year i will sent my best mans again to compete against you all.

If they fail, I will barbecue them.

May I sincerely invite all your highness for a game of , believe me, it won't hurt .... er ... to much

11036: imdog VampiRing league with 3 players in each game. Mansion version, move timeout in 14 days. short league 9 games per player. all welcome.
Created: 4' 36" ago by imdog.

Enjoy biting fun


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