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Area/Game:Wooden Ships & Iron Men
Subject: no melee offered
Posted by: Swanto - 259days 4h ago.
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Longneck wrote:
Swanto wrote:
re: 786155

After turn 23, my next opportunity came on turn 25 when I discovered I had been grappled, boarded and captured.

I never had a chance to melee and if I had I certainly wouldx not have lost my ship as the opponent was as good as sunk anyway.

Can the clock be turned back?

I don't think I've seen that before. Are you sure you didn't accidentally click through the melee window? Are you playing on a tablet or something and maybe it doesn't show that window? Could it have auto-moved you?

Every once in awhile it doesn't do the ordered move. Others have noticed that too, but we could never see a pattern.

Turning back the clock is an optional rule that isn't implemented!

While one can never be 100% certain, I am as sure as sure can be. After all, this omission turned a winning position into a losing one! I guess I'll just have to abandon tghis game.

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