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City:Delft NL
Personal Data:Male, born: June 20 1977
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Area/Game:Wooden Ships & Iron Men
Topic:Program code error
Subject: dices
Posted by: sven_r - 165days 19h ago.
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Final dice stats:
at turn 51
Sven, av= 3.38 6s =17 6dev.= -26%
Doc , av= 3.66 6s =24 6dev.= 10%

At the latter 15 turns Sven did get better dices, to return the balance...but OVERALL it is still not enough.
Especially the 6 throws is the KILLER.
(rather have 6s and 1s than 3s and 4s...)
And more iMPORTANTLY, the 25 first TURNS having a DECISIVE advantage like Doc had, means he has MORE sails, MORE guns and MORE men to finish the game leisurily..even if LATEr his opponent (with LESS guns, and lost men penalties, and less ships) is throwing the odd better dice.

But HOW does the dice throwing software KNOW to contribute LOWER dices to Doc AFTER 25 turns ?
HOW does it do that ? If it is supposed to be WITHOUT MEMORY ?

I believe that there is a modifier, and it shows it too in the stupid airplanes demonstration game:
One plane goes AHEAD up till half the dice throws by perhaps 20% fairly constantly) and then SUDDENLY someone PUTS THE BREAKS on this plane.

There is seriously something wrong with the dice calculator distributor...and/or the modifier needs to be adjusted to a faster enforcement.

DocGoss wrote:
BlackSheep wrote:
sven_r wrote:
Game: 787055
has a weird dices distribution.
It is 1 vs 1 and one throws an average of 3,25 whereas the other gets 4,05.
The average of course should be a 3,5..
The first lucky to get two 6 out of some 40 throws..the second hits 8 times 6.

And I had this experience more often.

Me, one that had 20 games played in total, and the one BENEFITTING from better dices having played over 1000 games.


It is not. Years ago I kept track of the die rolls during an 8 players tournament spanning trough several league, and it resulted in nothing. You just experienced a bad game.

Long ago I knew the statistics needed to anylize this. One can look at something asking the question, “what are the odds”. If it is 1/100, or even 1/1000 it does not mean much because so many games are played, but if it shows 1/1000000 something might be wrong. Anyone remember how to do that?

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