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Area/Game:Blue Max
Topic:Program code error
Subject:Re: False 'deflection' fire
Posted by: GraysGhost - 1year 4days ago.
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Elder_Dragon wrote:

In game 786241 my plan was fired in 2 consecutive turns from an Halberstadt CL Iia observer, but in a relative position for which I had a perfect straight shot on my front. The game assigned me tail damages in both occasions (declaring a fire with deflection), and I was shot down!
This to me is a clear bug, a mispresentation of Blue Max true rules.
I have game snapshots if needed.

pokerguy wrote:

Fire damage will occur on any part of the plane.

Pokerguy: he's not saying he was on fire, he's saying the shot was calculated as if he had been fired on with deflection. As it was a head on shot, any tail damage should have been on the engine. I've complained about this for years but it is just another bug ignored by those running the site.


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