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Personal Data:Male, born: January 01 1975
HomePage or other cool site:http://https://en.gravatar.com/imdoog
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Area/Game:Blue Max
Subject: Phil Hall
Posted by: imdog - 210days 19h ago.
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Phil Hall wrote:
Still alive and kicking. I have Multiple Myeloma. It is incurable but they can extend your life. I am now 5 years beyond my expiration date which makes me and my onco happy. I have slowed down a lot in my gaming as I get older (I turn 70 next month}. The cancer has claimed several of my hobbies. I live in central Illinois and the wife and I liked to visit ACW battlefields but I can't spend to much time in a car. I liked painting miniature figures but I can't hold a brush still enough now. That pretty much is what has been happening with me.

Really Great news! Wish you all the best and enjoy life everyday.

Parker a.k.a. imdog

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