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Personal Data:Male, born: March 09 1968
HomePage or other cool site:http://console.worldoftanks.com/
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Topic:Site-maintenance and Administration
Subject:Re: Site hosting
Posted by: dcr66 - 162days 23h ago.
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Electro wrote:

I spoke with Dusty today. They are looking for someone new to host the site and I've volunteered.

Nothing should change from the users point of view, yet.

I don't make any promises, but once this up and running on my server, and I get a sense for all the intricacies of its operation, then I hope to make some improvements. Unfortunately, the code is old. It's ASP and a lot of the documentation is in Italian. But I've an idea...

I'll post more as things progress.


I am glad it works out. At least you who is also an avid player here can now host the site. Very much like to see WSIM get finished.

Couple of suggestions:
  • Nick is still around, you can ask him. I suspect he can help if he has time. It was his code so he can probably tell you something.
  • Is BlueDragon still around? Can we find his working email?

    ASP is a mess that I haven't seen for long time. ASP.NET I can help but not that ancient stuff. I think there was some VB stuck in there as well.

    If this site is not good for posting this kind of things, make another blog or forum and give access to the certain people from this site who are willing to help.

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