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Personal Data:Male, born: March 09 1968
HomePage or other cool site:http://console.worldoftanks.com/
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Topic:Site-maintenance and Administration
Subject:Re: Site hosting
Posted by: dcr66 - 157days 17h ago.
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Electro wrote:
Just an update (will try to do this about once a week at this point.)

I've received most of what I need from Dusty.
I've fired up the VM and have taken a quick glance through the setup.
Dusty has sent me an excellent bit of documentation. I'm sure I'll have more questions.

Next steps:
Upgrade the base OS to at least Server 2008.
Bring up the new server and test. (I will be asking for a few volunteers.)
Transfer the domain name (youplay.it) to my godaddy account so I can control the DNS.

Another 30 days or so. Maybe more, hopefully less.


--- Message edited by Electro

Good luck with the server OS update.The old stuff tends to play nasty when you try to change OS on it. You can just hope the problems are obvious afterward.

Was it running on Windows NT?

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