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City:Nashville, TN US
Personal Data:Male, born: September 15 1960
HomePage or other cool site:http://Also playing as Mongoose
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Area/Game:Blue Max
Subject: New Tournament
Posted by: pokerguy - 43days 20h ago.
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Morrigan31 wrote:
pokerguy wrote:
I plan on starting it this week. Look for your assigned games.

Poker, I never played in a tournament. There will be a sort of "warning"?
Where do I have to look for?
This is what I have in mind. We have 8 players so I will randomly divide up into 4 2 player teams and also randomly pick which teams are matched up in the first round.

The scenario will be Aug3.4 which looks pretty even. I will also randomly assign sides. We will use leagues scoring rules. It will be a best of 3 games. After game 1 the losing team picks which side they wish to fly. Same for game 2.

The 2 winning teams coming out of round 1 will play round 2 under the same rules but fly in the late war scenario for that round.

Any questions???

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