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Personal Data:Male, born: January 01 1975
HomePage or other cool site:http://www.instagram.com/imdoog/
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Subject:Re: These Forums...
Posted by: imdog - 41days 16h ago.
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Electro wrote:
Hello all,

While there are a LOT of things I'd like to begin working on, these forums may be the first thing I change out.

If you take a look at the beta site forums, thats the way I want to go as far as organization. Seperate sections for different topics.

But also, as I think about it all, I think I'm going to pull the forums off of this site entirely. The reason is so that if there is a site or server outage, the forums will still be available for communications. This method has worked well for me in the past. The trick will be making login seamless with your logins here.

But lets start with the layout. I would like your thoughts. I realize that there may be a lot of nostalgia for the current style, but it's not very modern and it's difficult to pick out important topics.

What do you think of the beta site forum layout?
Have you seen something better?

I like the Beta as well, but would it be possible to keep the message in the past? if no, forget it and just stick to the Beta. This site need a new start .

cheers, .

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