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Blue Max - league 10329 final status.
This league is finished, and the winner is... brewk001

This league is for 8 players: Blue Max league with 3 players in each game, Scenario: 2 Halbs are better than 1??????. 12x10 Board, Advanced rules, move timeout in 5 days.
Created: 2years 270days ago by GregK.

In this league 24 games out of 24 are finished,
every player is subscribed to 9 among them
with a limit of 5 days before it is played automatically.
final league #10329 score
RankcountryNameScoreGame PointsPlayed

The Game points column contains the sum of points scored in all finished game by each player. It is used to break ties when two or more players have the same score.
List of games for this league
IDMoveActionPlayers ListLast move elapsed time
Your name is always listed in Red. Bold is for players that have to move, Strike is for eliminated players, Italic is for retired players. [Bracketed] names are for players automoved by the site engine.
So, if you see ... it's time to move!
751057 38Game ended clarence, GregK, Doorstop2years 253days
751058 32Game ended clarence, dyeeles, brewk0012years 227days
751059 27Game ended clarence, Lidtsentude, Mongoose2years 238days
751060 26Game ended Doorstop, Lidtsentude, dyeeles2years 240days
751061 33Game ended Doorstop, GregK, clarence2years 248days
751062 17Game ended Doorstop, Mongoose, mvrichthofen2years 253days
751063 37Game ended dyeeles, Mongoose, GregK2years 231days
751064 29Game ended dyeeles, Lidtsentude, Doorstop2years 242days
751065 18Game ended dyeeles, mvrichthofen, brewk0012years 254days
751066 6Game ended GregK, mvrichthofen, Lidtsentude2years 263days
751067 4Game ended GregK, Mongoose, dyeeles2years 259days
751068 12Game ended GregK, brewk001, clarence2years 257days
751069 32Game ended Lidtsentude, brewk001, Mongoose2years 246days
751070 5Game ended Lidtsentude, mvrichthofen, GregK2years 263days
751071 14Game ended Lidtsentude, clarence, Doorstop2years 256days
751072 34Game ended Mongoose, clarence, mvrichthofen2years 238days
751073 9Game ended Mongoose, brewk001, Lidtsentude2years 256days
751074 20Game ended Mongoose, Doorstop, dyeeles2years 243days
751075 34Game ended mvrichthofen, Doorstop, brewk0012years 254days
751076 22Game ended mvrichthofen, clarence, Mongoose2years 250days
751077 39Game ended mvrichthofen, dyeeles, GregK2years 240days
751078 30Game ended brewk001, dyeeles, clarence2years 241days
751079 40Game ended brewk001, Doorstop, mvrichthofen2years 251days
751080 4Game ended brewk001, GregK, Lidtsentude2years 262days
Users messages
8/16/2015 7:18:11 PM - clarence wrote:
4 games to pull myself out of negative territory....I don't think I've ever been negative halfway through a league...these observer/tail gunner scenarios don't work out well for me...

8/23/2015 4:09:01 PM - brewk001 wrote:
I think we have a tailing chain in751058. I believe in the circumstances it would be fairest if Clarence moved first as he is tailing his team mate.

8/26/2015 2:21:53 PM - brewk001 wrote:
Thanks Clarence

9/14/2015 5:41:24 AM - Mongoose wrote:
Congrats Kevin!

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