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Cartagena - league 10368 final status.
This league is finished, and the winner is... devan

This league is for 8 players: Cartagena league with 2 players in each game. Jamaica (cards concealed), 4 tiles, 4 pawns, move timeout in 5 days.
Created: 1year 242days ago by Dominion.

In this league 56 games out of 56 are finished,
every player is subscribed to 14 among them
with a limit of 5 days before it is played automatically.
final league #10368 score
RankcountryNameScoreGame PointsPlayed

The Game points column contains the sum of points scored in all finished game by each player. It is used to break ties when two or more players have the same score.
List of games for this league
IDMoveActionPlayers ListLast move elapsed time
Your name is always listed in Red. Bold is for players that have to move, Strike is for eliminated players, Italic is for retired players. [Bracketed] names are for players automoved by the site engine.
So, if you see ... it's time to move!
752556 12Game endedarchdukecharles, devan1year 230days
752557 14Game endedarchdukecharles, Dominion1year 235days
752558 17Game endedarchdukecharles, ekeil1year 234days
752559 12Game endedarchdukecharles, illumbro1year 234days
752560 13Game endedarchdukecharles, pozze171year 233days
752561 16Game endedarchdukecharles, redpanda1year 236days
752562 12Game endedarchdukecharles, yzerdunn1year 228days
752563 13Game endeddevan, archdukecharles1year 229days
752564 13Game endeddevan, Dominion1year 230days
752565 15Game endeddevan, ekeil1year 227days
752566 11Game endeddevan, illumbro1year 232days
752567 10Game endeddevan, pozze171year 231days
752568 15Game endeddevan, redpanda1year 229days
752569 11Game endeddevan, yzerdunn1year 227days
752570 14Game endedDominion, archdukecharles1year 234days
752571 10Game endedDominion, devan1year 230days
752572 11Game endedDominion, ekeil1year 235days
752573 11Game endedDominion, illumbro1year 236days
752574 11Game endedDominion, pozze171year 236days
752575 13Game endedDominion, redpanda1year 236days
752576 13Game endedDominion, yzerdunn1year 232days
752577 12Game endedekeil, archdukecharles1year 235days
752578 13Game endedekeil, devan1year 228days
752579 15Game endedekeil, Dominion1year 234days
752580 15Game endedekeil, illumbro1year 232days
752581 14Game endedekeil, pozze171year 231days
752582 16Game endedekeil, redpanda1year 232days
752583 10Game endedekeil, yzerdunn1year 229days
752584 13Game endedillumbro, archdukecharles1year 234days
752585 13Game endedillumbro, devan1year 231days
752586 15Game endedillumbro, Dominion1year 235days
752587 15Game endedillumbro, ekeil1year 233days
752588 12Game endedillumbro, pozze171year 233days
752589 13Game endedillumbro, redpanda1year 236days
752590 13Game endedillumbro, yzerdunn1year 228days
752591 15Game endedpozze17, archdukecharles1year 233days
752592 13Game endedpozze17, devan1year 229days
752593 10Game endedpozze17, Dominion1year 236days
752594 13Game endedpozze17, ekeil1year 233days
752595 11Game endedpozze17, illumbro1year 233days
752596 13Game endedpozze17, redpanda1year 236days
752597 14Game endedpozze17, yzerdunn1year 227days
752598 16Game endedredpanda, archdukecharles1year 235days
752599 14Game endedredpanda, devan1year 230days
752600 13Game endedredpanda, Dominion1year 236days
752601 12Game endedredpanda, ekeil1year 235days
752602 11Game endedredpanda, illumbro1year 236days
752603 15Game endedredpanda, pozze171year 236days
752604 12Game endedredpanda, yzerdunn1year 228days
752605 11Game endedyzerdunn, archdukecharles1year 228days
752606 14Game endedyzerdunn, devan1year 227days
752607 10Game endedyzerdunn, Dominion1year 232days
752608 13Game endedyzerdunn, ekeil1year 228days
752609 13Game endedyzerdunn, illumbro1year 228days
752610 12Game endedyzerdunn, pozze171year 227days
752611 14Game endedyzerdunn, redpanda1year 227days
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