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Cartagena - league 10434 final status.
This league is finished, and the winner is... Ludens

This league is for 8 players: Cartagena league with 2 players in each game. Jamaica (cards concealed), 4 tiles, 4 pawns, move timeout in 5 days.
Created: 1year 310days ago by HeavyMetalDrago.

In this league 56 games out of 56 are finished,
every player is subscribed to 14 among them
with a limit of 5 days before it is played automatically.
final league #10434 score
RankcountryNameScoreGame PointsPlayed

The Game points column contains the sum of points scored in all finished game by each player. It is used to break ties when two or more players have the same score.
List of games for this league
IDMoveActionPlayers ListLast move elapsed time
Your name is always listed in Red. Bold is for players that have to move, Strike is for eliminated players, Italic is for retired players. [Bracketed] names are for players automoved by the site engine.
So, if you see ... it's time to move!
755448 11Game endedChandlerB, Dominion1year 302days
755449 9Game endedChandlerB, [HeavyMetalDrago]1year 296days
755450 10Game endedChandlerB, illumbro1year 302days
755451 14Game endedChandlerB, Ludens1year 300days
755452 12Game endedChandlerB, pozze171year 301days
755453 15Game endedChandlerB, redpanda1year 300days
755454 19Game endedChandlerB, Tinkerbell1year 296days
755455 11Game endedDominion, ChandlerB1year 302days
755456 9Game endedDominion, [HeavyMetalDrago]1year 303days
755457 16Game endedDominion, illumbro1year 307days
755458 14Game endedDominion, Ludens1year 307days
755459 13Game endedDominion, pozze171year 302days
755460 12Game endedDominion, redpanda1year 302days
755461 11Game endedDominion, Tinkerbell1year 307days
755462 14Game ended[HeavyMetalDrago], ChandlerB1year 296days
755463 8Game ended[HeavyMetalDrago], Dominion1year 303days
755464 9Game ended[HeavyMetalDrago], illumbro1year 303days
755465 10Game ended[HeavyMetalDrago], Ludens1year 302days
755466 7Game ended[HeavyMetalDrago], pozze171year 302days
755467 12Game ended[HeavyMetalDrago], redpanda1year 302days
755468 10Game ended[HeavyMetalDrago], Tinkerbell1year 302days
755469 11Game endedillumbro, ChandlerB1year 302days
755470 16Game endedillumbro, Dominion1year 307days
755471 9Game endedillumbro, [HeavyMetalDrago]1year 303days
755472 14Game endedillumbro, Ludens1year 306days
755473 14Game endedillumbro, pozze171year 304days
755474 13Game endedillumbro, redpanda1year 298days
755475 13Game endedillumbro, Tinkerbell1year 307days
755476 14Game endedLudens, ChandlerB1year 300days
755477 15Game endedLudens, Dominion1year 307days
755478 9Game endedLudens, [HeavyMetalDrago]1year 302days
755479 17Game endedLudens, illumbro1year 305days
755480 13Game endedLudens, pozze171year 305days
755481 11Game endedLudens, redpanda1year 302days
755482 15Game endedLudens, Tinkerbell1year 308days
755483 13Game endedpozze17, ChandlerB1year 300days
755484 13Game endedpozze17, Dominion1year 302days
755485 10Game endedpozze17, [HeavyMetalDrago]1year 301days
755486 13Game endedpozze17, illumbro1year 304days
755487 13Game endedpozze17, Ludens1year 304days
755488 13Game endedpozze17, redpanda1year 302days
755489 16Game endedpozze17, Tinkerbell1year 306days
755490 16Game endedredpanda, ChandlerB1year 296days
755491 13Game endedredpanda, Dominion1year 302days
755492 11Game endedredpanda, [HeavyMetalDrago]1year 301days
755493 14Game endedredpanda, illumbro1year 298days
755494 13Game endedredpanda, Ludens1year 301days
755495 12Game endedredpanda, pozze171year 302days
755496 14Game endedredpanda, Tinkerbell1year 302days
755497 13Game endedTinkerbell, ChandlerB1year 301days
755498 14Game endedTinkerbell, Dominion1year 307days
755499 8Game endedTinkerbell, [HeavyMetalDrago]1year 302days
755500 15Game endedTinkerbell, illumbro1year 307days
755501 14Game endedTinkerbell, Ludens1year 308days
755502 15Game endedTinkerbell, pozze171year 306days
755503 13Game endedTinkerbell, redpanda1year 302days
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