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Blue Max - league 10455 final status.
This league is finished, and the winner is... Mongoose

This league is for 8 players: Blue Max league with 4 players in each game, Scenario: Late War Slugfest. 10x10 Board, Advanced rules no pilot killed chits, move timeout in 5 days.
Created: 2years 112days ago by corbell.

In this league 32 games out of 32 are finished,
every player is subscribed to 16 among them
with a limit of 5 days before it is played automatically.
final league #10455 score
RankcountryNameScoreGame PointsPlayed

The Game points column contains the sum of points scored in all finished game by each player. It is used to break ties when two or more players have the same score.
List of games for this league
IDMoveActionPlayers ListLast move elapsed time
Your name is always listed in Red. Bold is for players that have to move, Strike is for eliminated players, Italic is for retired players. [Bracketed] names are for players automoved by the site engine.
So, if you see ... it's time to move!
756182 11Game ended Christie, MostlyHarmless, dcr66, arktos2years 103days
756183 11Game ended corbell, Christie, dcr66, Mongoose2years 102days
756184 17Game ended corbell, dcr66, Christie, Spinal-Tap2years 101days
756185 12Game ended arktos, MostlyHarmless, Mongoose, Christie2years 97days
756186 21Game ended [corbell], Spinal-Tap, higheagle, Christie2years 76days
756187 20Game ended dcr66, [corbell], higheagle, MostlyHarmless2years 73days
756188 30Game ended dcr66, higheagle, [corbell], arktos2years 62days
756189 16Game ended Christie, Spinal-Tap, MostlyHarmless, corbell2years 95days
756190 24Game ended dcr66, arktos, Mongoose, [corbell]2years 83days
756191 19Game ended [higheagle], dcr66, Mongoose, Spinal-Tap2years 81days
756192 18Game ended [higheagle], Mongoose, dcr66, Christie2years 81days
756193 12Game ended corbell, arktos, Spinal-Tap, dcr662years 105days
756194 29Game ended higheagle, Christie, MostlyHarmless, dcr662years 77days
756195 16Game ended Mongoose, [higheagle], MostlyHarmless, arktos2years 81days
756196 14Game ended Mongoose, MostlyHarmless, [higheagle], corbell2years 79days
756197 11Game ended dcr66, Christie, arktos, higheagle2years 95days
756198 27Game ended Mongoose, corbell, Spinal-Tap, higheagle2years 77days
756199 19Game ended MostlyHarmless, Mongoose, Spinal-Tap, Christie2years 90days
756200 30Game ended MostlyHarmless, Spinal-Tap, Mongoose, dcr662years 92days
756201 12Game ended [higheagle], corbell, Christie, Mongoose2years 81days
756202 22Game ended MostlyHarmless, dcr66, arktos, Mongoose2years 93days
756203 22Game ended Spinal-Tap, MostlyHarmless, arktos, corbell2years 95days
756204 9Game ended Spinal-Tap, arktos, MostlyHarmless, higheagle2years 90days
756205 23Game ended Mongoose, dcr66, corbell, MostlyHarmless2years 89days
756206 27Game ended Spinal-Tap, higheagle, Christie, MostlyHarmless2years 77days
756207 25Game ended arktos, Spinal-Tap, Christie, dcr662years 94days
756208 18Game ended arktos, Christie, Spinal-Tap, Mongoose2years 98days
756209 13Game ended MostlyHarmless, higheagle, dcr66, Spinal-Tap2years 84days
756210 14Game ended arktos, Mongoose, corbell, Spinal-Tap2years 101days
756211 21Game ended Christie, arktos, [corbell], higheagle2years 68days
756212 21Game ended Christie, [corbell], arktos, MostlyHarmless2years 82days
756213 21Game ended Spinal-Tap, Mongoose, higheagle, arktos2years 78days
Users messages
12/4/2015 10:45:04 AM - Christie wrote:
Reason Mongoose has this won

12/4/2015 10:59:40 AM - dcr66 wrote:
Craig wins by 20 points in this league.

12/4/2015 11:05:21 PM - Christie wrote:
Maybe not 20 points but he's made us all look like noobs

12/10/2015 9:38:51 PM - Christie wrote:
Okay, so it's more than 20 points. Ouch.

12/14/2015 2:15:35 AM - MostlyHarmless wrote:
Congratulations Mongoose!

12/23/2015 8:21:24 PM - Mongoose wrote:

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