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Blue Max - league 11155 final status.
This league is finished, and the winner is... Spinal-Tap

This league is for 8 players: Blue Max league with 5 players in each game, Scenario: Triplanes and camels. 10x8 Board, Advanced rules no pilot killed chits, move timeout in 7 days.
Created: 1year 248days ago by higheagle.

In this league 40 games out of 40 are finished,
every player is subscribed to 25 among them
with a limit of 7 days before it is played automatically.
final league #11155 score
RankcountryNameScoreGame PointsPlayed

The Game points column contains the sum of points scored in all finished game by each player. It is used to break ties when two or more players have the same score.
List of games for this league
IDMoveActionPlayers ListLast move elapsed time
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780030 19Game ended dcr66, ERTYWERT, docmortand, higheagle, Jasmyne1year 218days
780031 31Game ended Jasmyne, dcr66, higheagle, atomzero, docmortand1year 224days
780032 22Game ended ERTYWERT, JustGary, dcr66, higheagle, atomzero1year 221days
780033 19Game ended docmortand, Jasmyne, atomzero, dcr66, Spinal-Tap1year 222days
780034 33Game ended ERTYWERT, Jasmyne, Spinal-Tap, docmortand, dcr661year 218days
780035 15Game ended docmortand, higheagle, ERTYWERT, Jasmyne, JustGary1year 223days
780036 29Game ended JustGary, docmortand, Jasmyne, dcr66, ERTYWERT1year 217days
780037 16Game ended higheagle, Spinal-Tap, docmortand, Jasmyne, dcr661year 221days
780038 21Game ended ERTYWERT, JustGary, dcr66, docmortand, atomzero1year 220days
780039 25Game ended higheagle, JustGary, atomzero, ERTYWERT, docmortand1year 217days
780040 21Game ended ERTYWERT, Jasmyne, higheagle, JustGary, Spinal-Tap1year 222days
780041 25Game ended Spinal-Tap, ERTYWERT, JustGary, docmortand, higheagle1year 217days
780042 26Game ended Jasmyne, atomzero, ERTYWERT, JustGary, docmortand1year 219days
780043 14Game ended higheagle, Spinal-Tap, docmortand, ERTYWERT, dcr661year 221days
780044 23Game ended Jasmyne, Spinal-Tap, dcr66, higheagle, ERTYWERT1year 218days
780045 18Game ended higheagle, JustGary, Jasmyne, Spinal-Tap, atomzero1year 225days
780046 15Game ended atomzero, higheagle, Spinal-Tap, ERTYWERT, Jasmyne1year 224days
780047 29Game ended JustGary, dcr66, higheagle, Spinal-Tap, ERTYWERT1year 219days
780048 19Game ended Jasmyne, atomzero, ERTYWERT, higheagle, docmortand1year 220days
780049 18Game ended JustGary, atomzero, docmortand, Jasmyne, higheagle1year 221days
780050 17Game ended Jasmyne, Spinal-Tap, JustGary, atomzero, dcr661year 226days
780051 26Game ended dcr66, Jasmyne, atomzero, higheagle, JustGary1year 218days
780052 16Game ended Spinal-Tap, docmortand, Jasmyne, atomzero, higheagle1year 220days
780053 19Game ended JustGary, dcr66, higheagle, Jasmyne, ERTYWERT1year 220days
780054 17Game ended Spinal-Tap, dcr66, ERTYWERT, JustGary, Jasmyne1year 226days
780055 15Game ended JustGary, atomzero, Spinal-Tap, dcr66, docmortand1year 223days
780056 19Game ended docmortand, JustGary, dcr66, Jasmyne, Spinal-Tap1year 222days
780057 21Game ended atomzero, ERTYWERT, JustGary, dcr66, Jasmyne1year 223days
780058 22Game ended Spinal-Tap, docmortand, Jasmyne, JustGary, higheagle1year 218days
780059 24Game ended atomzero, docmortand, higheagle, Spinal-Tap, JustGary1year 218days
780060 11Game ended Spinal-Tap, dcr66, atomzero, docmortand, ERTYWERT1year 227days
780061 18Game ended ERTYWERT, Spinal-Tap, docmortand, JustGary, atomzero1year 228days
780062 29Game ended dcr66, higheagle, Spinal-Tap, docmortand, JustGary1year 209days
780063 23Game ended atomzero, ERTYWERT, JustGary, Spinal-Tap, Jasmyne1year 224days
780064 19Game ended dcr66, ERTYWERT, Jasmyne, atomzero, Spinal-Tap1year 224days
780065 18Game ended atomzero, docmortand, dcr66, ERTYWERT, higheagle1year 220days
780066 20Game ended higheagle, atomzero, ERTYWERT, Spinal-Tap, dcr661year 225days
780067 15Game ended docmortand, Jasmyne, atomzero, ERTYWERT, Spinal-Tap1year 225days
780068 14Game ended dcr66, higheagle, Spinal-Tap, atomzero, JustGary1year 225days
780069 12Game ended docmortand, higheagle, JustGary, dcr66, atomzero1year 222days
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