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Viva il Re! - King Me!: Rules

Foreword: Here you find the English rules of this game. You can read the Italian version here (clicca qui per le regole in Italiano).

Viva il Re! - King Me!

A bluff and deduction game for 3-6 players.

The enlightened monarch Vladimiro Miritiro, tired of reigning, has decided to choose his successor among his subjects. The players are helping him in this decision, by advising their favourites and trying to crown one of them as the new King.

Object of the game
To help your favourites characters climb to the highest levels of the castle, and to try to crown one of them as the new king.

Each player start with the same number of NO vote cards, as follows:
3 players: 4 No each;
4 players: 3 No each;
5 players: 2 No each;
6 players: 2 No each.
The number of cards in each player's hand is kept secret during the game.

The game
The game is played in turns. The game is played in one or three rounds, depending from the type of game selected (currently only the single round version is available).
Note: In the board game, you always play three rounds.

Starting with the first player, each player on his turn chooses a character in the castle, and moves it up one floor. Characters always move up. It is not permitted to move a character down. You cannot have more than four characters on the same floor. If the next floor already has four characters on it, then that character may not be moved that turn.
Note: in the board game, players alternate in placing characters in the castle one after the other, on any floor, from 1 to 4. Here, all the characters are placed randomly on floors 0-3.

If the character is moved up from the Nobles floor, he reaches the throne, and he is nominated as the new King! All the players must immediately vote on that character (see The Election of the King). If the King is elected the round immediately ends, otherwise, the turn is over, and the game continues with the next player.

The Election of the King
When a character is moved up to the throne space, the players will vote whether or not that character should be crowned the new king. The player who moved the character onto the throne takes the crown and places it before him: the crown represents King Vladimiro coming to check the election results. Note: this is done automatically by the computer. Each player now must choose whether to support the nominee or not. Each player secretly chooses a vote card, and plays it face down in front of him. When all players have chosen, the cards are revealed at the same time.
If all votes are Yes, the kingdom has a new King and the round, and eventually the game, is over;
If there is at least one No vote, then character is not elected: on the contrary, he is eliminated from the round! (Remove him from the castle.)

Whoever has played a Yes vote takes their card back: it can be played any number of times. Whoever has played a No vote discards the card back into the box. Discarded cards cannot be counted or examined during the game. The number of cards in a player's hand is secret! The game continues normally with the following player, i.e. the one sitting to the left of the one with the crown.

End of the round and scoring
The round ends as soon as a new King is crowned.
All players now reveal their secret goals. Each player gains points based on the position of his favourite characters in the castle, and moves his scoring marker the appropriate number of spaces:
10 points for the King
5 points for each Noble
4 points for each Dignitary
3 points for each Officer
2 points for each Trader
1 point for each Craftsman
0 points for each Servant.
Note: every floor on the game board shows the points it gives at the end of the round. Eliminated characters score zero points!

New round
Each player discards his goal, and draws a new one. Each player takes all his vote cards back (including any "No" votes discarded into the box); place all 13 characters next to the board. The starting player is the one sitting to the left of the one with the crown.
Special Scoring Rule! In the third round, if a player scores exactly zero points, he gets 33 points instead, the highest possible score in one single round!

End of the game and victory
At the end of the three rounds, the player with the highest total is the winner.
In case of a tie, the winner among tied players is the one who has the most favourite characters still in the castle at the end of the third round.

Game Credits

Designer: Stefano Luperto
Publisher: daVinci Games

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