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Cartagena in a nutshell

Here you find a very short description of the rules of this game. You can even read the complete English rule version , and a Spanish rules version, , or the complete French rules.

Basic Cards
The bottle card The knife card The key card The hat card The gun card The skull card
You start the game with 6 cards randomly drawn. Playing this cards you can advance one of your pawn on the map till the next corresponding sign without pawns on it.

Playing this card you move a pawn back till the next space on the map with 1 or 2 pawns on it, then draw 1 card for each pawn on it, without counting your just-arrived pawn. You can move back your pawn even from the sloop, if you want to.
Move back
Move back

Skip move
The skip card
Playing this card you skip one of your moves. Is not allowed to play this card during the first of your 3 moves.

Your pawns are pirates trying to escape from the fortress of Cartagena. To win you have to bring all your pirates aboard the sloop waiting to the end of the tortuous underground passage that connects the fortress to the port
The Pawns
Pirate or Pawn? Pirate or Pawn? Pirate or Pawn?
Pirate or Pawn? Pirate or Pawn? Pirate or Pawn?

Two different games
What you see of your opponents cards in Jamaica version
There are 2 different kind of games.
In the Jamaica version cards are concealed and you can not see your opponents cards. In the Tortuga version all cards are face up.

When all your pawns reach the sloop, you win and the game ends.
The End
Reach it to win

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