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Clash of Titans - 4 players

Another one of Falconfabs vicious ideas ^^
Planes in this scenario: 2 Halberstadt CL Iia and 2 Bristol F.2B.

Bristol F.2B

Bristol F.2B

Halberstadt CL Iia

Halberstadt CL Iia
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781150 ChandlerB, sdelcia, rshivy, giannicaramba45days 20h
776656 rvguegn, pavepilot, MessereSmith, chef62171days
775114 MessereSmith, Dodo1, [Clostermann], Luft_Stefano187days 10h
774387 [John_Clark], MessereSmith, catoblepa, Asmodeus188days 19h
774318 shermanguy, actionlucas, MessereSmith, chef62196days 15h
774753 galadang, Gladiatore, MessereSmith, Cuelebre215days 19h
773969 John_Clark, Dodo1, Clostermann, Luft_Stefano216days 11h
771420 shermanguy, MessereSmith, spaceghostx9, adoldog274days 2h
768736 [Tophans], scotireb, chef62, Bluestone28312days 8h
770668 Crixus, Leatherneck, MessereSmith, pavepilot313days 16h
769169 [11diego], Viridovix, cybrt54, CaptVimes345days 16h
768707 Viridovix, Mordermi, shermanguy, MessereSmith359days 8h
767996 shermanguy, TitaniumShadow, rel0094, CaptVimes1year 15days
767458 shermanguy, neelorath, MessereSmith, chef621year 25days
766922 Leatherneck, MessereSmith, bkbb214, Mordermi1year 44days
766821 Dodo1, bkbb214, DarknessEternal, chef621year 52days
766822 shermanguy, Dodo1, dwg, bkbb2141year 55days
766141 MessereSmith, Mordermi, shermanguy, bkbb2141year 66days
765960 shermanguy, alanfarmer, bkbb214, Xambro71year 85days
764992 MessereSmith, Mordermi, calducho76, chef621year 97days
764946 shermanguy, Redge, spaceghostx9, chef621year 108days
762710 Ajusul, aces_high, Wolfen, [Exaltofulgor]1year 143days
762990 shermanguy, ivanhawk, MessereSmith, SteveH1year 168days
762307 Exaltofulgor, aces_high, shermanguy, MessereSmith1year 183days
761283 MessereSmith, shermanguy, chef62, spaceghostx91year 206days
760710 RedBiscuit, newstew, shermanguy, chef621year 212days
761284 spaceghostx9, neelorath, MessereSmith, shermanguy1year 213days
760352 MessereSmith, dwg, chef62, cybrt541year 246days
760353 cybrt54, VFCBaxter, MessereSmith, chef621year 249days
760016 Schlen, rob123, Sam123456, Neutrino1231year 265days
758705 mjk1964, Frusinak, Olaf the Viking, spaceghostx91year 283days
758558 scotireb, cybrt54, BigJack, spaceghostx91year 284days
758126 Mordermi, spaceghostx9, shermanguy, MessereSmith1year 287days
757677 TXWard, Waffen, shermanguy, huscarl1271year 310days
757112 GregK, Mordermi, Vimes, chef621year 314days
755603 MessereSmith, spaceghostx9, shermanguy, Gardensnake1year 337days
756083 nachemi, VonTotenFlieger, BigJack, Smurfacus1year 344days
756289 Frusinak, Lonehawk, MessereSmith, spaceghostx91year 345days
754234 shermanguy, PJR20, TopoGun, MessereSmith2years 10days
751991 Spankh0us3, Azzarc, rolive1, BaronVonJ2years 12days
752943 Zagat, remora, Trasno, BLACKREDBARON2years 51days
752140 Lonehawk, TopoGun, gilloudelambesc, mvrichthofen2years 60days
750639 Fulsere, [Cesc0101], Giovasbwip, SuperPippo2years 71days
748610 gcallari, SuperPippo, Mastropergusa, Fulsere2years 122days
746928 Pandolo, TXWard, spaceghostx9, [Arrotino]2years 145days
747622 Fulsere, Giovasbwip, ecz67, SuperPippo2years 152days
744787 Fulsere, gcallari, Giovasbwip, SuperPippo2years 193days
745148 ecz67, Mastropergusa, Fulsere, Cesc01012years 196days
744157 gcallari, SuperPippo, Giovasbwip, Mastropergusa2years 206days
741536 malek, sajami, Mishima, chef622years 246days
740262 Jason82, mvrichthofen, il_doge, Gabriel Guerin2years 257days
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