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Clash of Titans - 4 players

Another one of Falconfabs vicious ideas ^^
Planes in this scenario: 2 Halberstadt CL Iia and 2 Bristol F.2B.

Bristol F.2B

Bristol F.2B

Halberstadt CL Iia

Halberstadt CL Iia
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797850 shermanguy, rshivy, sdelcia, cybrt54109days 9h
796672 krukmal, rg257, spaceghostx9, rshivy146days 1h
796673 rshivy, Dodo1, krukmal, ivanhawk155days 7h
796121 Minhtraoho, Sooap, bkbb214, Dominion180days 9h
795659 cloudybear, cybrt54, shermanguy, WILDWIND184days 3h
790595 diplomacydave, rshivy, cybrt54, Seahawker344days 10h
784756 Seahawker, Dodo1, sdelcia, wiggervoss1year 129days
784556 sdelcia, Blackronin, kanitxus, bkbb2141year 130days
783611 sdelcia, Dodo1, shermanguy, Electro1year 154days
781150 ChandlerB, sdelcia, rshivy, giannicaramba1year 224days
776656 rvguegn, pavepilot, MessereSmith, chef621year 350days
775114 MessereSmith, Dodo1, [Clostermann], Luft_Stefano2years 1day
774387 [John_Clark], MessereSmith, catoblepa, Asmodeus2years 2days
774318 shermanguy, actionlucas, MessereSmith, chef622years 10days
774753 galadang, Gladiatore, MessereSmith, Cuelebre2years 29days
773969 John_Clark, Dodo1, Clostermann, Luft_Stefano2years 30days
771420 shermanguy, MessereSmith, spaceghostx9, adoldog2years 88days
768736 [Tophans], scotireb, chef62, Bluestone282years 126days
770668 Crixus, Leatherneck, MessereSmith, pavepilot2years 127days
769169 [11diego], Viridovix, cybrt54, CaptVimes2years 159days
768707 Viridovix, Mordermi, shermanguy, MessereSmith2years 173days
767996 shermanguy, TitaniumShadow, rel0094, CaptVimes2years 194days
767458 shermanguy, neelorath, MessereSmith, chef622years 204days
766922 Leatherneck, MessereSmith, bkbb214, Mordermi2years 223days
766821 Dodo1, bkbb214, DarknessEternal, chef622years 231days
766822 shermanguy, Dodo1, dwg, bkbb2142years 234days
766141 MessereSmith, Mordermi, shermanguy, bkbb2142years 245days
765960 shermanguy, alanfarmer, bkbb214, Xambro72years 264days
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